18 Responses to working

  1. Rachel says:


  2. Missy says:

    I think my heart just stopped! ;)

    I love you, Heidi!

    Your posts are the dream whip on my day! <3

  3. Cadry says:

    Such fun! I love the way you see the world, Heidi!

  4. Heather says:

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday!!! I hope it’s an awesomtastic day!!

    (And your studio is amazing. I could spend forever in there!)

  5. Helen says:

    I love your work space, looks like lots of exciting things happening in there

  6. Melanie says:

    Can I live here? I’ll sleep on the floor. Or in a shelf. *Sigh*

  7. Heidi Kenney says:

    Melanie, I’ll make room for you :)

  8. Heidi Kenney says:

    thanks so much Helen–organized chaos ;)

  9. Heidi Kenney says:

    Heather, thanks so much :) :)

  10. Heidi Kenney says:

    Cadry, aw shucks..thank you!!

  11. Heidi Kenney says:

    Missy, I miss seeing you on Flickr! I am never on there anymore since the big update-blah! Do you have an instagram account?

  12. Heidi Kenney says:

    Thank you Rachel! :)

  13. Heidi Kenney says:

    Thanks so much Kristy :)

  14. Beth says:

    Your room makes me smile! I would love to walk into a room like this and start a project

  15. Such happiness! I have your pizza brother! :)

  16. Heidi Kenney says:

    thanks so much Beth :)