October Crafternoon

October’s crafternoon was yesterday afternoon and is always a favorite of mine! I asked that everyone come in costume (if they could) and we had a costume contest with voting ballots and prizes for 3 people. It was so much fun! I didn’t get photos of everyone’s costumes but I dressed as a middle age man (sort of looked like Saturday Night Live’s Pat but with a mustache) I found everything for my costume at thrifts. From my Cosby sweater to my elastic waist jeans. We also had a Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service, a mushroom, a lumpy space princess, Megan Draper, Courtney Love, a cupcake, a deer, a Walmart associate, a tardis, and a cat.
Jessee made her jack o lantern macarons, and everyone brought potluck goodies! The craft was sort of scattered this month, sort of a make halloween themed accessory but without any real direction, and made me realize I need to plan something a bit more carefully next month. I was supposed to even have shrinky dinks for jewelry, and forgot all about it. But besides that I think it was still a fun time! We did our white elephant gift swap (but Halloween themed), the costume contest, and enjoyed all the crazy good food. I can’t believe the next crafternoon I am planning is Thanksgiving!! Where has this year gone to?