February Crafternoon

Yesterday was February’s Crafternoon, you might have noticed that I skipped having one in January. It was nice to take a month off after the holidays to unwind and not think about parties.
We made little dolls out of beads, and munched on a variety of scones. I wish I had taken photos of everything everyone made, but when I am in the middle of it all I often forget to grab my camera.
They were so much fun though and I’ll post a DIY tomorrow with the people I made (I went a little nuts and made 8 of them)
For a snack I made three kinds of scones… cheddar chive scones, these were great-so moist and fluffy, I think would make excellent biscuits. Chocolate walnut espresso scones, those were just “ok” a bit too dry and not memorable enough to ever make again. But the real star and the one that everyone seemed to rave about were gluten-free white chocolate lemon almond scones. I loosely followed this recipe here but for the “gluten free flour blend” I used 2 cups of gluten free bisquick, used the zest of a whole lemon, left out the cranberries and mixed the white chips into the dough instead of melting them on top, and tossed in about 1/2 cup of almond slices. They were slightly prone to fall apart while still hot, but as they cooled they held their shape really well. We only have 3 gals who follow a GF diet, but everyone seemed to like these. Some people liked them topped with lime curd & whipped cream, but they were really good plain too. I’d make them again for sure!

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6 Responses to February Crafternoon

  1. Dawn says:

    Too much fun! those little dolls remind me of sprites or fairies. Putting me further in the mood for a good ‘ol spring day!!
    Picture perfect spread.

  2. Frances B says:

    I just stumbled across your blog! Lovely! The dolls are absolutely darling!!!

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Thanks so much Frances, they were lots of fun to make, I already want to make more!

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Amanda, yeah haha scone party central over here! There were none of the lemon left afterwards and only a small few of the cheddar chive….the chocolate however, a big plateful haha

  5. Heidi Kenney says:

    Dawn, I agree they totally are like little fairies, we just got another snow here yesterday and are expecting even more later this week….its nice to have a little reminder of Spring :)