more animal crossing!

Just one last post about the party as promised! A few resources and downloads for you too!
-One of the take home gifts (as well as music that was played during the party) was a mixed cd of music from Animal Crossing New Leaf. Mimibun on instagram tipped me off to KHinsider, They have music you can download from Animal Crossing New Leaf so I picked some of our favorites and created the mixed cd.
-For the stickers I printed the characters cut them out and ran them through my Xyron to create stickers.
-There are so many great websites out there with QR codes for the game, so we just found some of our favorites and had them printed on card stock.
-For the tablecloth I created a background repeat that looks like the grass on the game, then I overlaid the same characters I used for the stickers from the game over top and had it printed with Spoonflower. Now that the party is over I can use the fabric to sew fun bags, DS cases etc for fun!
-You can see the fish I used for the game. You need heavy duty magnets to hook to them (the paper clips didn’t work well, but a magnet on the fishing pole and one on the fish work great!) As you can see my info about the fish didn’t really match up with images of fish, but luckily no one cared and it was just a fun game.
You can download the stickers, cd cover, fish, and fish puns here
-I found the Animal Crossing font Fink Heavy here

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6 Responses to more animal crossing!

  1. toolieoolie says:

    as a lover of themes, this party looks amazing! i admire your ability to DIY and craft such great looking pieces.

  2. Heidi says:

    Everything looks so amazing! I showed my daughter and now she’s desperate to have an Animal Crossing party too.
    Thanks for all the details and the pdf. Thet will be really handy.
    Are you able to share where you got the cookie cutters from? They are so sweet :)

  3. meltayser says:

    Oh my goodness, your Animal Crossing party = perfection. Absolutely brilliant! My favourite part is the balloon presents – so simple, yet so smart. My son has requested a AC or Pikmin party for his next birthday so these tips may come in very handy. Thank you!

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Meltayer, oh gosh a Pikmin party would be so much fun!! :) So glad you liked the party :)

  5. Heidi Kenney says:

    Hello fellow Heidi :)
    I asked a person on Etsy to make the cutters from images I sent him (my son’s character is the little boy cutter) But they were expensive and the cutters themselves are sort of a pain to work with-so I can’t recommend it, but looks like an amazing set for $20

  6. Heidi Kenney says:

    thanks so much toolieoolie :) I do love a theme party!