Easter Sunday we had a great day at home. Tom had the day off of course. We slept in, then had brunch with liege waffles. Then we spent the afternoon outside cleaning up the yard and garden for planting. We also planted some new lilac bushes, it was perfect yard work weather. We tried to teach Sirius to play fetch with a frisbee. He didn’t care about the frisbee no matter how hard we tried, he just likes big sticks.
Of course there were also Easter baskets, too much candy, and some lazy movie watching on the couch in the evening. We didn’t make a big traditional Easter meal either, in fact we made a big cheesy pizza pie instead. It was perfect! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!

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6 Responses to Easter

  1. Persephone says:

    That sounds perfect! We don’t eat meat so traditional Easter dinners aren’t really happening around here. I made a bunch of finger foods and we had an all-app dinner instead.

  2. Amanda R says:

    That sounds like a perfect Easter. We had beautiful weather in Georgia and spent the day outside.

  3. I love Easter season when everything starts blooming and plants are put back into the ground. We’ve been doing a lot of yard work lately, too.

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Jessica, me too! By the really hot times of Summer I am over it all haha, but this time of year gets me so excited to garden and plant!

  5. Heidi Kenney says:

    Amanda, sounds great that you got to spend time outside too! :)

  6. Heidi Kenney says:

    Persephone, We usually spend Easter at Tom’s parents and they do a big traditional meal (which is really not our thing) but they were traveling abroad this year-so we got to spend it at home. I love the idea of an all app dinner too-sounds great to me!