Garden Report

I am super proud of this year’s garden & the back yard really. Our previous dog Muffin would dig up anything and everything you tried to plant in the yard and run around with it like it was great fun. He even did it with rose bushes. Before he passed away we ended up putting in a little metal fenced garden to keep him out of the fruits and veggies at least, but didn’t plant much in the back besides a magnolia tree.
Sirius on the other hand could care less about plants, so this year I decided to take down the fenced garden and start something new.
One Thursday Tom and I went to Lowes so we could get a ceiling fan for him to install and lumber for me to build my raised garden beds. I already knew in my mind what I wanted to do, and it seemed like it would be quick but it took me the same amount of time to make a box as it did for him to install the fan. Now you’ll have to picture this but originally I built the box so it was “two boxes high”. Just invasion the boxes you see above stacked on top of one another. Once I started going out and getting garden soil to fill the thing (and thinking about how much nicer two big garden boxes might be) I took our handy Christmas tree saw out into the yard and sawed the whole thing in half. I was really just sawing those little pieces of wood in the four corners, but oh my gosh it was quite the workout. Now that I had two boxes I could spread out the soil between them, and I was very happy that I wasn’t going to need to make yet another trip out to get more. Besides the garden beds I moved some cement blocks we already had again the wall and filled them with a mix of herbs and sunflowers. I am hoping these being up against the wall will help cut down on weeds growing in there. I still need to get a few more cement blocks to go the whole way across.
I had been super eager to get all of our seedlings into the ground. We had so many pumpkins so I planted a few along each edge and the rest went into the yard along the fence line.
One day when I was picking up mulch to go around the garden I noticed Lowes had all these sad looking perennials on the discount cart for $3 each. The same ones that they were selling for $12.99. Some of them didn’t even look so bad! I bought nine of them and planted them along an ugly cement wall. Most of our yard is fence we had installed, but one portion of the back/side area meets up with a neighbors building. They’ve only been planted for a week or so, but they are doing wonderfully! Also I realized you can see my pathetic bruised toe that I knocked over a plastic shelf onto last winter. Who needs nail polish?
Besides the garden we have also planted this year wisteria along the back fence, two lilac bushes, a butterfly bush, and a little maple tree that we relocated as it was growing up by the fence. I’ll do a garden update in a few weeks to let you know how very over crowded the boxes are becoming and a check in on the sad-cart flowers.

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4 Responses to Garden Report

  1. Melanie says:

    Yay! I love your garden set up! I can’t wait to see what kinds of pumpkins you get!

    My fiance and I just got a house and we can’t wait to get started with a garden in the back yard! I’m talking herbs, lemon tree, avocado tree, orange tree, chili peppers…!! It’s extra awesome because right down the road from us there is a little fruit, veggies, and plant market that sells all kinds of plants and trees, and across the road from that is an even bigger nursery!

    The only thing is that I despise about gardening is mulch. I don’t care for the smell, and the previous owners of our house put mulch and plants in two unnecessary corners close to our pool, besides the rest of the yard. So when it storms, (as it does everyday in Florida right now), mulch and dirt go into the pool. (We have a net, but ya know..) They should have thought about that a bit more thoroughly… But! we plan to clear out those corners and put a skinny shed in one for pool stuff, and the other corner could probably fit a table with chairs and an umbrella!

    Sorry for the long comment! Happy gardening!


  2. Amanda R says:

    I think you may be the world’s most productive person; I’m constantly inspired by how you’ve embraced “doing” life. There’s always something celebrated, baked, crafted, etc…. It is a beautiful way to live life. Cheers!

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Amanda, aww that is so sweet, but I promise I am not the most productive person! Some times I feel pretty darn lazy!
    Thank you though for such sweet words :) :)

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Thanks! The plants have already gotten so very big! I cannot believe how big some of the pumpkin leaves are!
    That’s so exciting about your home!! A bummer about the mulch near a pool, that just seems crazy. But I love how you are planning. I wish we could grow some of that warmer weather fruit like orange trees, and avocados, that will be awesome!!