Kawaii Box review

I love a good surprise of the month club. The whole exciting concept of getting surprises in the mail each month is what prompted me to make the Plush Of The Month club (1st month boxes shipped out today!) So last month when my friend Molly said she had signed up for a Kawaii box of the month, I was intrigued. I actually signed myself up, but unknowingly signed up to a different club. I was pretty disappointed with that other club’s first box, as it only contained a few items and it cost me more.
However the lovely folks at Kawaii Box sent me a June box to review (and I’m sold! I signed up for a subscription) Each month for $18.90 you get a surprise box of 10-12 hand picked cute items. Take a look at the goodies that were in this month’s box…

I love the little squishy bear bread the best. I also loved that you could bag all the items in that cute bag, and voila you’d have a really nice gift. Do you belong to any subscription based clubs? I love nothing more then a surprise in the mail each month. I also have a membership to Ipsy, but that will require a whole post of it’s own someday soon!