I bought this adorable kewpie coloring book from the 60’s a few weeks ago. It is in perfect condition! I thought the illustrations would make some really adorable embroidery patterns when traced. I’ve started knitting & crocheting in the evening instead of needlework, but I know I’ll go back to it soon. I always switch back and forth between projects to keep myself interested.

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3 Responses to Kewpie

  1. Kim Campbell says:

    It’s always amazing to find a pristine coloring book! Are you opening new spots in September for plush of the month?

  2. rae says:

    gosh that coloring book is so cute! i didn’t realize how much i loved kewpies until this year! i’m in love with that little mermaid one on the cover!

  3. emme says:

    I think you and I might have something in common
    Check out my tags #adollheadaday
    I love my kewpies (They aren’t picures on insta yet, I just got a dog…..)