Octobers Plush Of The Month Club

Here is a look at my Plush Of The Month process. For October’s Halloween themed box I made zombie/monster toasts that came with a specially designed cereal box. Each cereal box had some Halloween treats, and as a bonus there was a scratch off ticket with five lucky people winning a special Halloween treat bag!
Each one was wrapped in orange tissue paper, tied with a black and white striped string and topped with a handmade “you’re my kind of ghoul” button.
At times cutting out and assembling 100 tiny cereal boxes was a bit daunting, but I broke it up over a couple of nights so it didn’t seem so crazy. The plush took a little over a week to dye the felt, cut, sew, turn, stuff, and sew some more…but I was really happy with these extra special monsters that will not be made again.
The scratch off tickets were the last items I made using this technique. The hardest part about making the boxes each month is waiting to share! I’m currently in production of November boxes, and can’t wait to share. As always you can find info for joining the club on my website under the POMclub tab.

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4 Responses to Octobers Plush Of The Month Club

  1. I love the Zombie Toast! What a fun idea

  2. Colleen Cardoso says:

    Darn it!!!!! I didn’t check my email and I missed out on a Plush of the Month subscription. Please keep my email address for next time!!!!!!

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Colleen, Oh no! Hope you can get in soon! :)

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    thanks so much heidi :)