Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! I know my blog has been pretty quiet through out the whole holiday season, but I am hoping to play catch up over the next few weeks.
I came down with pneumonia right after Halloween, and it really knocked me out much more then I expected. Besides making sure I was caught up with my normal work stuff (POM, license design stuff, etc.) there just wasn’t a lot of time left for blogging.
Here are a few peeks from our home this holiday season. We did our normal white tree, and real tree. This year’s real tree was extra skinny to fit into a space without moving furniture around, and it worked out well!
I’ve been enjoying these few days after Christmas to clean up my computer which was loaded down with three years worth of photos. I ordered prints, made a slideshow dvd, and now I am looking forward to starting a new year (and promising myself to be a bit better with photo organization, but we will see ;)

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6 Responses to Happy Holidays!

  1. Rose says:

    Is there a story behind those adorable cardboard houses?

  2. sian says:

    oh! hope you are beginning to feel better! i always love the way you decorate. hope you had a great christmas.x

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Thanks so much Sian, I feel so much better now! Nothing to make you appreciate feeling good like a long sickness ;)

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Rose, they are vintage little houses called Putz houses. I actually won a box of them on ebay a couple of years ago. They each have a little spot for a light in the back. We use them to decorate a little snowman village, but Martha Stewart actually had a gorgeous wreath with them on it, on her Christmas magazine issue this year. There are actually all sorts of little tutorials to make them too if you search Putz house DIY. We made them last crafternoon around Christmas time too, lots of fun! :)

  5. Rose Howard says:

    Wow thanks Heidi! I did some googling and they’re fabulous! I might have to make some. :D

  6. Heidi Kenney says:

    Rose, oh good!! They are fun and very addictive :)