January’s Plush Of The Month Club

plush of the month club
plush of the month club
plush of the month club
For January’s club boxes I was thinking about “time”, about changing to a new year, father time, and maybe even the phrase “father Timex” crossed my mind. I decided to make plush watches that could really snap around a wrist, or even be displayed on one of those plastic watch displays. Each box came with some candy, and a paper cuckoo clock to put together (in keeping with the whole time theme) It was so cute to see all the photos popping up on instagram with kids & adults sporting their plush watch friends.
I just finished wrapping all the February POMs in tissue paper and can’t wait to see what people think. The hardest part about the club for me is keeping everything a secret!

Letterboxing 2015

This weekend we decided it was warm enough to finally go letterboxing. I know I’ve posted about it in the past, but for anyone unfamiliar Letterboxing is growing hobby that combines elements of hiking, treasure hunting and creative expression into an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes by following clues that are posted on the Internet, and then record their discovery in their personal journal with the help of a rubber stamp that’s part of the letterbox. In addition, letterboxers have their own personal stamps which they use to stamp into the letterbox’s log book.
We had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon so we decided to stay in our town. The first stamp was in a park that is only a couple of years old, very open with only a few small trees and so it was very cold when the wind blew. The second letterbox was in another much older park in the woods and it was much nicer to hike & hunt for with the trees as a barrier from the wind. Below are a few helpful websites should you like to get started.