An assortment of things

Want to know the most beautiful miniseries I’ve seen in quite some time? Over The Garden Wall. Everything about it is completely charming! From the songs, story, animation, and characters. I am so in love and really hope it is released to DVD someday so we can watch it over and over again.
And in a totally unrelated direction….
The Staircase– Tom and I both were enthralled while listening to the Serial podcast and when season one was over we may have suffered from a bit of withdrawal. I read somewhere online that people who liked the podcast would be interested in this documentary series. It’s available to watch online, and there is even a follow up called The Staircase part 2: The Last Stand. We watched all of it over the course of a week.

Since I watch a lot of Netflix & Hulu when I sew, or when Tom and I are working in the studio together I would love to hear about anything new you’ve seen. Last month I watched the entire series of The Gilmore Girls (for my third time) while working on February’s Plush Of The Month club, and then Firefly this week while I worked on sample plush for possible production, so all recommendations are welcome!