February’s Plush Of The Month Club




February’s Plush Of The Month Club boxes came with a box of three plush valentines chocolates, two hand cut valentines and some little red tootsie rolls.
The month of January involved a lot of sewing, 450 little chocolates in total. I watched the whole series of Gilmore Girls during the month as I cut, sewed, stuffed, hand sewed, added faces, and packaged these babies up. But I loved how they turned out and seemed to get a great response. I just finished up March’s plush and as always cannot wait until I can share!
You can find more info on my club here.

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8 Responses to February’s Plush Of The Month Club

  1. Caylie says:

    Copperboom! That’s a LOT of tiny plush you made. Good job Heidi, and the best excuse is that you had to watch Gilmore Girls, because you were sewing 450 tiny chocolates. Lorelai would love that.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Lucky POM members! Sooo cute! Sooo much work! Happy belated valentine’s day :) I recently saw a book with vintage valentines at BAM and thought of you! Hope that one came your way somehow!

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Jennifer, thanks for the sweet comments :) Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you too! If you are hinting that you sent a book OMG! I have not received anything but I really need to check in with my post office box, but geez you are the sweetest for thinking of me. I have been a terrible pen pal, hopefully I can remedy that soon

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Caylie, Haha I think you are totally right! I actually went out and bought mallowmars one day because I couldn’t take Lorelai talking about them all the time haha

  5. Clay says:

    This is so amazing! I wish I was a part of the club!!!

  6. Heidi Kenney says:

    Thanks Clay, I add new openings each month :)

  7. Kya says:

    They are so adorable! :D An unbelievable number of sewn items but they are just so cute! ^_^

  8. Heidi Kenney says:

    Thanks Kya, I sometimes am able to get myself into a good rhythm while I’m sewing mass quantities. One of the hardest parts is just hand sewing all the plush closed, my fingers get very sore haha.