Easter Boxes

I love beautiful packaging, the top box I found a few years ago at an antique shop. The box below is something I bought at the grocery store last week. I love how The Professor’s box is so adorable and has a great vintage look. Lots of the Palmer chocolate has really cute packaging. Their foil wrapped bunnies are also charming with pastel colors, and that old fashion look to them.
Here are a few more current candy companies based out of Pennsylvania that still have vintage style packaging.
Zitners: Their butter krak eggs are delicious, and their bunny mascot is the cutest.
Lerro- was started in 1800, and have really cute boxes for their decorated eggs.
Peeps are also a Pennsylvania company, check out some of their old packaging from 1953 here. I wish they still made whatever the sprinkled things in the middle are, they look quite colorful.
If you know of any other candy companies that still offer classic packaging and graphics I’d love to hear about them!