March Plush Of The Month Club

I was quite pleased to check shipping notifications and see that even all of the overseas packages were delivered by March 12th. That is the fastest that POMboxes have ever arrived. For March I wanted something that would be a small nod to Saint Patrick’s Day, but also something cheerful & colorful. At first I was going to do rainbows with faces with small clouds at the bottom, but after making them a few different ways I just did not like the way they were looking. So I changed directions and decided on a happy cloud/rainbow combination. I added a loop to the top so they can be hung from the ceiling, or flat against a wall to brighten up a room. I sent little black plastic “pots of gold” with each box with a mixture of bubble gum & chocolate coins inside. Then I wrapped them all in a rainbow of tissue paper, topped each one with a sun pin. I have to say that March’s Plush Of The Month Club was the most colorful one yet.

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4 Responses to March Plush Of The Month Club

  1. LIz says:

    I had completely forgotten I ordered this and it ended up arriving on my birthday.

    It was such a nice (expected but forgotten) surprise to myself.

    I loved it!

  2. Kya says:

    They look so fantastic! The plusies are perfect and the badges very cool. I have always wanted to get a badge-maker to play with. xD

    Can’t wait until you open spots again. I am determined to get in quick this time!

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Kya, I got the badge maker years ago but I we’ve used it so many times! We’ve made little buttons for party favors, little buttons to wear to a movie opening, etc. If you get one I think you’ll have lots of fun!

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Liz, Oh I love that!! So happy you loved it :) And Happy belated Birthday!