Just Two Words: Folk and House

I’m playing catch up with my Just Two words project since I was gone. Jessee and I took a week off since I was away on vacation, but before I left our words were folk & house, and we decided to make bedding. I picked folk because I knew I wanted to do something inspired by folk art, mostly Scandinavian Folk Art. I had so much fun drawing images for this challenge. I drew pages upon pages of flowers.

I had such a fun time with this one, and have a bunch of fabrics for Spoonflower in the works based on these designs. I’ll be sure and post once I have those done and available for sale. You can see Jessee’s amazing collection here, I love her bedding so much! I love her twist with Amish folk art & Scandinavian, its just so good!

The Sunshine State

If you follow me on instagram you know that we recently took a family vacation to Orlando Florida. Thomas’s parents are Disney Vacation Club members and in an effort to have a big family vacation every couple of years they save up points and book a Disney resort for their kids families, and then we just need to get ourselves to Florida. I’m totally grateful for their generosity, and we always have such a great time. This time they booked us villas in the Wilderness Lodge. I was most excited that there was a big tub in the villa. I took full advantage of it, haha! While in Florida we all went to Magic Kingdom together, had two big family dinners and really enjoyed ourselves. I have a few more photos to share, but I’ll try not to overload you with vacation photos. The weather was really great the whole time and the one rainy morning Tom, B, and I went exploring around the area (Wizard head stores?) We found a Krispy Kreme too, and since we don’t have any around the area we live, its always exciting to stop in and watch the donuts get their glaze coating.