A look back at December

December seemed to really fly by this year, and since I did not blog at all during December I thought I’d share a few photos from the month. We made tons of snowflakes and strung them across the dining room with fishing line. There were gingerbread houses, and my son has really gotten into baking this past year so he made tons of cookies and packaged them up for his Christmas gifts. There was some stitching, and a few handmade gifts. I always have grand plans to make so many things, but I usually end up running out of time. We had a low key New Years Eve, stayed home and watched old & new family movies which is what we have done the past few years. My favorite kind of tradition.

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4 Responses to A look back at December

  1. Kya says:

    I love all the photos and it’s great to have an update. :) I hope you have a great 2016!

  2. Amanda R says:

    what a beautiful December! I had an awful depression hit this past December and did not do Christmas like I normally do (I’m a Christmas nut). I told my husband to brace himself for Christmas 2016… I’m going all out. Happy new year!

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Amanda, I am so sorry to hear that you were suffering through an awful depression in December, I really hope you are feeling so much better now! I look forward to hearing about your decorations in 2016!!

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    thanks so much Kya, I hope your 2016 is off to an awesome start!