December’s Plush Of The Month Club

Here I thought I was done with photos from December when I realized I never even shared December’s plush of the month club. For these boxes I decided to make a bunch of sad fruitcakes. Everyone knows fruitcake has a bad rep, and I thought it would be fun to play on that. These little fruitcakes are even dressed up with white icing and festive cherry but that cannot stop their tears. I thought as an add-in a tissue cozy might be nice, so I resized and made a few adjustments to my holiday fabric and had 8 yards printed with Spoonflower. I bought mini tissues in bulk to put inside because a tissue cozy without tissues meant you wouldn’t be able to use it right away. That’s like getting a new toy and no batteries!
I created a recipe card for a faux fruitcake that is made with gumdrops in place of the dried fruit. Its one of those kooky old recipes that I thought would be fun to include. I know a lot of kids get my boxes and I didn’t think they’d want a traditional soaked in rum fruitcake recipe to bake.
As for the candy I added in some peppermint puffs. They are the kind that melt away in your mouth a favorite in my household.

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