January Plush Of The Month Club

Plush Of The Month club boxes for January were I hope an unexpected plush for members. When I was thinking about what to make I kept thinking of snow, and cold, and then I thought it would be funny to make snow-cones. Something you usually think about in the middle of Summer, but also snow related-so also fitting for January. I first created the fabric for the cones based off that iconic paper snow-cone wrapper you usually think of, but with a POMclub twist. I had the wrappers printed with Spoonflower, and set to work sewing them up and creating big stacks of cones. I felt like I was getting ready to open for business.
I bought loads of little mittens, added faces and filled each one with an assortment of candy to ship out with the boxes. I also created mini card sets featuring 3 little snow-cones and tiny matching envelopes. This was one of my favorite boxes to work on, except for the furry blue fabric. I’ve used that fabric many times before and I never seem to learn my lesson on what a mess it is to work with. For weeks after, no matter how much I clean I am still coming across blue fuzzy balls from it!