Collections: vintage style boxes & packaging

I have a small collection of boxes from companies that use beautiful vintage imagery and thought I would share some of that today. Lets begin with The Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen..

I first heard about Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen on Rae’s blog Say It Ain’t So. Rae lives in TN and has a great eye for all things quirky and cute. Her and her husband go on little adventures to fun places, things that are right up my alley. She posted photos from the candy kitchen a few years ago and I was in love! I started thinking about the company again recently and decided to look into it a bit more. I was excited when I saw they are now selling their candy online, so I ordered a bunch of stuff for Easter baskets knowing my family would happily eat the candy and let me keep the boxes. A gift for everyone ;) Everything arrived quickly, and just look at the beautiful packaging!

The next company is The Cactus Candy Company. I got my box as a gift from a friend who lives in Arizona. Not only is the packaging adorable with that little smiling cactus, but the candy is delicious. Made from the syrup of prickly pears the candy is a soft chewy jelly like candy. I’ve actually found the best price for it to be on amazon (on the company’s website its $7.95 for a 1/2 lb box plus $13.95 shipping) but on Amazon a 1/2 pound box is 11.99 and free Prime shipping

Superdawg is a drive-in located in the Chicago area. We’ve visited twice because the building itself is so cute with hotdog people. You can buy souvenirs online at their website like a resin sculpture of the hotdog couple. I have that and the cute soft plush, but I also asked them for an empty hotdog box during our visit because it’s adorable and I wanted to save one.

I’ll leave you with a few more companies that have cute vintage style packaging. Accouterments makes the silly gum you see packaged like cocktail weenies and baked beans. I couldn’t find a website for the company but it looks like they sell all kinds of novelty goods. I’m pretty sure we picked these up at one of our trips to Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum.
Then there is Heidl brand chocolate. As you can see by some of their Easter chocolate it came packaged in a pretty tin, and each bar has such a sweet vintage style illustration on the front. They seem to offer a “NOSTALGIA” line for each season, and I love it.
And lastly some beautiful BlueQ soap, I like to order all kinds of goodies from BlueQ around the holidays because they have such unique fun things, and they make great little gifts. Their soap and lip balm always have such beautiful (and funny) packaging.
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