Our Bedroom

It’s been so long since I’ve posted any photos of our house, so I figured today I would share our bedroom. I love looking back at old house photos. We changed up our closet doors recently to some wood ones. I ended up staining them much too lightly, so I finally bought some new stain to try again. Luckily I’m not too worried about going over light stain with dark. We actually have a new bed from the last time I posted photos too. We used to have an Ikea platform bed, but then maybe about a year ago we bought a tall bed that I sometimes feel like I need a step stool to get into. I love it though, the mattress is a memory foam and I don’t think I could ever sleep on anything else now. A bit of the artwork has been moved around. And last time we went through and cleaned out clothing for donating for decided we did not need the white dresser that was in here (which I then gave to my sister). So hello from our bedroom! I figured it’s been some time since I posted my photo online and I recently got a haircut that feels perfect and lighter for the beautiful weather we have been having!

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2 Responses to Our Bedroom

  1. Chris =] says:

    I spy the Doctor… Geronimo!

  2. Heidi Kenney says:

    good eye Chris :)