my fabric design process

Someone on Instagram said they’d like to see a post on the way I design fabric. Since I love seeing other the way people work and a look behind the scenes I thought maybe you would like to see how I do things too. When Spoonflower first began and I realized I could design my own fabrics I was really excited. I don’t have any formal education when it comes to art/design, or computer programs at all. Never one to let that stop me (at this point I had a basic knowledge of photoshop from using it for a few years). I started making fabric designs from cut paper which I then would scan and move around the best I could in Photoshop. Thankfully Spoonflower offered repeats on their website and it made the process easy if you had one single image you wanted repeated across the fabric. Over the last few years I’ve learned a lot more about all the amazing things you can do in Photoshop by trial and error. There are probably easier ways to do some things, and like I said no formal education here, so remember my way may not be the best way…but here ya go!
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My 13th Blog-birthday giveaway! (closed)

I have been blogging now for 13 years! It’s so crazy to think about how much blogging has changed in the last few years. I have thought about stopping my blog more then once. I keep coming back to it because I really do love sharing little parts of my life in this format. I love how quick and easy Instagram is, but sometimes I need to show more then one photo, sometimes I have a DIY I want to share, and sometimes it just feels right to sit down and type something out on my laptop. Besides the sharing I love being able to look back at my blog and see what was going on in my creative life years ago.
Since I’ve reached my 13th blog-birthday I thought I’d do a little giveaway to celebrate! I have 13 little wrapped gift packages made up of various things from my creative career. What you see above is just a little peek of some things I gathered up rather quickly. I’ve got plush (handmade and licensed), stickers, cards, charms, keychains, fabric…all sorts of random goodies. I’m going to give away 7 here, and 6 over on instagram. All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post (or the one I post on instagram) telling me something about yourself.
I’ll use the random number generator to pick the winners on April 30th.
Hi guys, the winners are below! If you see your name please contact me at with your mailing address…
I forgot there is a plug-in on wordpress that allows you to put in the # of winners and will pick for you, so thats what I did for the blog comments..

I blocked out parts of your email for privacy sake.
As for instagram I was going to print out all the comments but it said it would be 12 pages! Instead I copy and pasted all the comments into a website called Random Name picker. You usually would just put it names but that would take way too much time. I put in the whole comments and figured if it picked a comment (instead of username) I could just look up and see who it was written by. Luckily it only did that once and I already knew who the comment was from because its someone I know in real life! I know a few of my real life friends were saying today that they didn’t enter because it would look unfair, but this really was randomly generated and I think it would be unfair if I didn’t give her a prize :) Anyhow winners are below and again please send me an email with your mailing address!

April Crafternoon

Crafternoon for the month of April was a combination of baked potato bar feast & a craft attempting to sew a bunch of tank-dresses. I baked up a bunch of potatoes and then just had as many toppings as I could think of spread out along the table. It was one of the easiest ways I have ever fed a crowd. As for the dresses you can find all kinds of tutorials for them online just by searching “fast tank dress”. You sew a gathered skirt from fabric to elastic, and then sew a tank top onto it. After sewing our skirts I think most people decided to just keep it as a skirt and that way you could wear any tank top with it, and achieve the same look. Jessee went ahead and made her dress ahead of time which was very helpful as she could then assist everyone. The skirt sewing portion went pretty smoothly. Mine ended up on the large size (I can pull the skirt outward and easily fit another person in there with me) but you can’t really tell when I have it on. It does tend to slid down slowly over the day though, so I am going to try and alter it to not have so much stretch.
A lot of the ladies do not enjoy sewing, so I loved that everyone was such a great sport! You can see there was such a variety of fabrics, and lots of trying on the skirts over whatever we were wearing. I used the beautiful Trefle Cucito Double Guaze fabric by Kokka for my skirt, and I am so pleased that I ended up having a bunch leftover so I can play around with it.
I found the silly PA Dutch napkins at a thrift shop recently. It was an unopened package for 25¢, and too funny not to pick up for crafternoon.
The last photo is the items I stitched up for the white elephant gift exchange. I love this free drawstring bag pattern as a go-to for a quick way to wrap up a gift.
Next month we are going to be working on some faux food and I have been so excited planning for it!