Making Envelopes

One of the things that got me excited to send out some snail mail this month was this envelope maker I picked up on sale. The Envelope Punch Board is actually a bit cheaper on Amazon then I found it at Michaels ($11.99 with prime shipping on Amazon and $19.99 at Michaels) but either way its not too expensive for such a handy tool.
It comes with a list of measurements printed on the board itself so you won’t lose it. The measurements are in inches, but it also came with a sticker for centimeters that you could put on the board instead.
The measurements show you what size to cut your paper for the envelope, depending on what size card you want to go inside it. I have been having so much fun making all sorts of envelopes! The board also has a corner rounder and slot to store the scoring tool which I appreciate.

I’ve been thinking about printing more of my own patterns onto paper so I can use them to make envelopes.

As you can see I make a huge mess when I am working on snail mail. Besides making my own envelopes, some of my favorite things to send out are the fortune teller fish and paper balloons. Both are flat and work great for sending a little something extra. If you have anything you love to use for letter writing (some sort of tool, a great pen?) I’d love to hear about it!
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