July Crafternoon – Weaving

July’s Crafternoon was all about weaving & dips! Weaving is probably pretty self explanatory. A lot of us bought looms from Target, and we used youtube videos to explain the best ways to weave, create hanging parts, make shapes, etc. I have not finished my weaving yet (seen above) and have kept mine pretty simple, but using lots of colors I love. The dip part of crafternoon went like this..Everyone brings a dip (savory or sweet) and I provide stuff to dip. It was really fun and the second time we’ve done a dip party like this.

As always we did a white elephant swap. I made this funny broad city tote bag (because lots of the ladies are fans of the show) by making a iron on from the map insert that comes with the DVD set of the show. I found the Milk Bar truffle mix and cute squirrel pen at Target! I’m slowly putting together a book-lover themed gift for the next white elephant gift. Some times gathering and making goodies for the swap is one of my favorite things to do.

June’s Plush Of The Month Club Boxes

This Summer is just flying by! Here is it already July and I haven’t posted about the June Plush Of The Month Club boxes. June’s box was a plush potted cactus, which came with an illustrated card, and some of my favorite prickly pear cactus candy.
My hope was that it would appeal to both green thumbs, and plant killers alike. It’s perfect if you love plants, but also works well if you can’t keep a plant alive, as this plush version will never wither away!