July’s Plush Of The Month Club Boxes

Plush Of The Month Club for June was all about the cookies! I have had it in my mind for a long time that I wanted to make plush chocolate chip cookies. I did so much research trying to find beads that looked like chips, and usually what I found were very tiny, but I didn’t want to make tiny cookies. I even looked into making beads out of something like polymer clay, or even changing the idea to a different kind of cookie. I sewed a bunch of proto-types trying to figure out something that felt right, but in the end I found some bronze chip shaped beads thanks to help from my friend Jessee, and I was able to stick to my original plan of chocolate chip cookies. I felt that the bronze color still helped them look like chocolate chips, but decided to also come up with a silly little story about the chips for anyone who might feel they were not quite as authentic as they would like them to be.

I drew a vintage style cookie jar and screen printed it onto tote bags with a fun hot pink ink. I created the little mini comic, and cut and folded each one by hand. This was my first time making a single sided one page style zine, and I loved the way you make one cut, a few folds and you have a cute little booklet! As for the sweet treat these boxes contained a package of chocolate chip cookies from a company called Linden’s that has been making and selling cookies since 1928. I was first attracted to them because they have such a vintage feel to the packaging, but then I read that the cookies are still made from the original recipe, and were apparently cookies that lots of school have been selling for decades. I thought this might bring a bit of fun nostalgia to some POM members and I’ve actually had a few people contact me saying they were the cookies they used to buy at school. All in all it was such a fun box to put together and I hope made the members happy cookie monsters.