Adventures in Baltimore

Earlier this Summer my friend Jessee and I decided we wanted to join a quilt guild (this will require a whole post of it’s own!) First we decided to try out the Baltimore quilt guild because it seemed like it was going to be the easiest for us travel wise. Jessee is really familiar with Baltimore since she lived there for awhile and said she wouldn’t mind driving us. One day when we were going to be heading to Baltimore for a meeting, our friend Stevi told us about an estate sale her boss was having. We decided to head to the city early so we could stop there first.

The house was amazing! Four floors of all kinds of artwork, vintage goods, books, and more! One bathroom had walls covered in coins from floor to ceiling. I wish I could of taken better photos. We actually went on what was the last day of the sale, so I can’t even begin to imagine how it might have looked on day one. Afterwards we still had time before the quilt guild meeting so we headed to The PaperMoon Diner for lunch.

If you’ve never been The PaperMoon Diner it is a fun restaurant that is colorful, and covered with knick-knacks, and seemed so perfectly appropriate after the estate sale. I had eaten there before, but it had been a long time. All I remembered is they had a tasty crunchberry milkshake, and lots of fun things to look at.
Here is what I ended up buying at the sale. I have always wanted an old circus punk and the cat one was really calling my name. I kept texting photos of everything to Tom because I was overwhelmed and not sure what to buy, he agreed that he liked the cat punk the best, so that made it even easier to choose. Of course I kicked myself later for not buying a few of the dolls I really liked, but ended up sticking with doll heads instead.