Salvation Army Fabric Fair (York Edition)

Back in our busy month of June we spent one Thursday in York Pa for the annual Salvation Army Fabric Fair. This show isn’t quite as crowded as the Chambersburg PA one, and its maybe a little bit smaller in terms of stuff, but it is always really fun to dig through all the piles of crafty goodness in search of treasure.
Besides fabric you can find sewing machines, yarn, sewing notions, and every kind of craft supply you could imagine.

I did buy those clown faces for Molly, and you can see all the stuff I found for myself in the bottom photo. Only a little fabric, a huge pile of zippers (at 50¢ a bundle you can’t beat that price), some knitting needles, fabric measuring tapes, yarn for dyeing, and yarn for spinning as core yarn, or something I might want to ply with.

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