Ceramics update

As you can see, I have a very obsessive personality. This was two different firings of bisque, but I got it all together to motivate myself to get to decorating! If I was just glazing each piece it would go a lot faster, but of course I want to draw and paint on it all!

I love making Halloween decorations, but did not like the “felt tip” underglaze pens I used to outline the bowls. First of all they come in a bottle with a tiny tip. But it’s really akward to draw with because your holding a bottle, so I didn’t feel like I had a lot of control. The lines came out very thick and seemed to bleed a lot during firing. I think I’ll save them for things like dot like accents.

I’ve been making more pendants for decorating, and small coffee spoons. I first tried to make a coffee spoon mold. Last Christmas I carved tom a tiny coffee spoon from wood and he has used it to stir his cream into his coffee all year long. I thought I’d make a mold of it, but it got a little annoying to get the freshly pressed spoon out of the mold, so instead I started hand building spoons. Nothing quite as relaxing as listening to some music and building a bunch of different little spoons out of clay. I did end up breaking two when I moved them to be fired (greenware can be so delicate!) One I set down a little too roughly, and the second broke just from my bumping the batt it was resting on. Hopefully over time I get a little bit gentler when I handle things.