Where to find books…

Another place I like to look for books is the Dollar Tree. Again, this is in no way sponsored, just wanted to share a few places I find books. Where I live we have a quite a few Dollar Trees in out town and surrounding areas. Whenever I am in one I make a point to go through all the books. I’ve found some really great books over the years. Some of the stores have smaller selections of books, but I usually come away with at least one new hardback book for just $1.

You can even buy bulk activity and kid books on their website here, some with only a 4 count minimum (and they offer free shipping to stores) this is nice if you want books for party favors etc.
This trip I bought the two books pictured at the top. Babayaga seemed like a fun magical story, and I had read most of Susan Kaysen’s other books so I was happy to stumble upon one I have not read.

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