Seen At The Antique Mall

This time in things seen & not purchased at the antique mail…First up some beautiful papers that looked like book end pages, but each one had a different floral design and illustration of a girl in the center. They were really nice but the seller wanted $5 each, even the tag didn’t explain what they came from.
I always stop and check kid’s records, mostly looking for funny holiday stuff for my mixed cds, but I have never seen this one about Katie Kangaroo.
Lastly I saw this candy tin and it looked like it could be my friend Molly as a kid (she also happens to love goats and even has a cute tattoo of one) Of course I had to text hr a photo asking why she never told me about her younger life as a candy tin model. Without missing a beat she told me how it was a painful part of her past when ma and pa lost the farm and she had to sell off her beloved goats thus ending her career as candy tin model.
This trip to a new to us antique mall was good for browsing, but nothing stood out enough to make any purchases.