August Crafternoon

For this month’s crafternoon we did gelli monoprinting. Some people made homemade.
disposable gelatin plates and some of us bought a reusable Gelli Printing Plate . I thought the whole process was so much fun, but I didn’t love my results. Since I have a reusable plate I am going to experiment with it a bit more before I throw in the towel. You can find a great video explaining the process I used with a reference image here.
For food we did a “make your own grilled cheese” bar with 5 kinds of cheeses, 3 breads, and a myriad of toppings from dill mustard to pesto. My friend Lesley made a delicious tomato soup and blueberry scones, and my friend Heather (not to be confused with my sister Heather) made the peach pastries you can see above. So many yummy things to eat.

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