Halloween Quilt

I’ve been working on my Halloween quilts (this is one I started two Summers ago!) a bit this month. I wanted to finish both of them before the end of July, and now I’m pushing it a bit by saying before the end of August ;) The days just get away from me in the Summer with so many activities going on. In any case I am hoping they are both finished before Halloween this year, that is at least a goal that seems quite manageable.
This quilt is a big hodgepodge, no set pattern and I’m adding sections of gray fabric wherever I need. I don’t mind the randomness of it, and since technically speaking it was one of the first quilt I ever started, I’m okay with any weirdness.

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2 Responses to Halloween Quilt

  1. heidistitches says:

    This is truly a work of art! Love it!

  2. Heidi Kenney says:

    thanks so much Heidistitches, I have since quilted the whole thing. Now I just need to trim and add the bias tape!