Seen & Purchased at the Thrift Shop

First I’ll start off with some things I saw at the thrift and antique shops but did not buy. First up this strange sign? It was a very heavy cardboard but it wasn’t clear exactly what it might be selling. I loved the colors and thought it would make an unsual Thanksgiving decoration but it was around $25.
I loved this little Ice Man tin, another great inanimate object with a face! This Mrs. Claus was cute but I already have one like it make from an old dishwashing liquid bottle.
Along the same lines as the Ice Man tin, I loved this Annalee flower for its face & the fact that it was an Annalee doll (and one made in Meredith New Hampshire) but the price was a bit high so it stayed behind. Lastly this cute lemonade pitcher, which was really cheap (I think 25¢) but I don’t need anymore pitchers so I took a photo instead.
I did end up finding some fun Halloween ghost salt and pepper shakers, a embroidered panel, and some deer at one thrift shop each item priced under $1.