Goodbye December…

December is one of my most favorite months of the whole year, and I am usually quite sad when it’s over. I’d say January/February is my least favorite time of the year, not that I hate those months…it’s just the excitement of December is over. The things I love most about January is the feeling of a fresh start and feeling relived to put down the Christmas cookies and have a nice salad detox. My mother-in-law also gives us way too much fudge every year, I am so thankfully there is no fudge in January!!
I love all the million of things going on in December, and the excitement. We went to The Maryland Theater to see The Nutcracker this year, it was really beautiful. We went to a new-to-us tree farm to cut down our tree this year, and had a great sunny day for it. We failed a little with our advent calendar, but that some times happens. When Christmas started getting real close and the kids were out of school, we all just sort of forgot about it..whoops!
This month’s crafternoon was a fun holiday themed extravaganza, and I had fun all month long thrift shopping with my sister. I’m really gonna miss finding vintage Christmas goods as most of the thrift shops around us do not put out holiday items year round. One shop even told me they were glad I was buying the vintage glass ornaments because they throw them after after Christmas (kind of killed me a bit).
I got some really lovely thoughtful gifts from my sweet friends and family. Thomas found that huge Annalee Mr. & Mrs. Claus for me and since we had to take his car to my sister’s on Christmas Eve he snuck them into my car to keep them hidden for the night. Sean made that cute little print next to the couple (he really needs an etsy shop I think)
I had really good intentions of taking photos of the handmade stuff I made for gifts, but I never got a chance. Just scarves, hats, blankets, a quilt, pj pants (the great old standby!!), some baby blankets, a few little plush items, a camera bag, and a bunch of Blythe clothing. Every year I tell my self I’ll start earlier on the handmade gifts…but it just never works out that way. Still, next year will be different right?

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4 Responses to Goodbye December…

  1. Persephone says:

    I got my daughter one of the Blythe Littlest Pet Shop sets so she can have a doll “like Mom”. She’s not ready for the responsibility of a real one just yet.
    I can’t believe the thrift stores just throw stuff away! :(

  2. Colleen says:

    Jealous of the mr and mrs but I found my own outdoor lighted Santa and Noel candle-1971 made in USA with no foreign looking face both for only $10! I also found the coolest music box with plastic figures, bottlebrush tree and real snow falling. I’ll have to blog when I get home to NC.

  3. Heidi Kenney says:

    Colleen, got to love amazing Christmas finds!! :) Cant wait to see photos

  4. Heidi Kenney says:

    Persephone, Aw thats such a great idea! And im with you the idea that stuff gets thrown out it super sad, especially beautiful xmas stuff!