and all that jazz..

So as you can tell I have not been able to stick to my “once a day” updating as planned. I promise I am trying though. The studio is becoming more and more packed with plush everyday, which is a good sign. Even though I have a lot of wholesale orders I am working on, I try and make more then I need of each plush so I can set aside the extras for shows.

I have been wanting to do little reviews of some of the places I thrift shop and I finally took two photos to start doing that. Keep in mind these are only two out of the many many places I plan to write about. Most places will be MD + PA. I figure they will be good also for anyone planning to travel this way.

Downtown Hagerstown MD, while I don’t know the offical name of this shop we tend to call it the “Jesus thrift shop” when referring to it because of the big banners on the side of the building with paintings of Jesus that say “when know one else wants you, jesus does” Not sure about the hours, but they are closed Sundays.

I have gone to this shop many times and can usually find all sorts of hidden gems. This last trip was pretty blah. All clothing was half off, but the racks looked pretty empty. They do not have a “craft supply” section but you cna sometimes find textiles here and there. During this visit all books were fill a brown grocery bag for $1.00. We only ended up filling about half a bag, and she only charged us fity cents. I also found the record pictured above for a quarter. They have a nice big record, and furniture section.

Downtown Waynesboro PA This thrift shop is fairly new (less then 6 months or so old) The proceeds benefit the Angel Hill Animal Sanctuary so it is thrifting for a good cause. There is only roadside meter parking (and not many spaces out in front) I have only been here twice because of that (plus they seem to close early)
The first time I got some great stuff, and super cheap. Ended up spending under $1.00. I went again this past week and didn’t really find much of anything. Came away with a couple of books, and was still under $1.00. I did notice on my second visit that they had set up a small craft supply section, but didn’t find anything of interest.

Ok so thats about all for today! I’ll try and remember to bring my camera for my next thrifty trip too….

time to make the donuts

I know night time photos can sometimes suck (like these, sorry about that) But I finished and packed these all up last night and wanted to take a few photos while i still had them all together. This was actually only half of the donuts I was mailing. The other half were donuts I luckily already had made.

I had thought school started today (I swear when I had checked the website it said 25th, but this morning it certainly did say 28th) Not a huge deal, but I was looking forward to a quiet day for me and the 3 year old. I had bought some brand new playdoh and number flashcards in preparation for the first day alone together. I had planned a trip to our favorite used bookstore, and park. So instead I kept the playdoh and flashcards tucked away for Monday and we all went out together. We found some really grand books this trip too. I am thinking about making a folder on my flickr account so I can start scanning the covers of the vintage books I find.

Tofu puppies

Sometimes when I am sewing our 3 year old will come in and want to help. I just take the needle out of my second machine, leave it unplugged and he likes to play around with the presser foot and pretend he’s sewing too. My ten year old has never expressed much interest in sewing, and has only done so when I tried to talk it up a bit and get him excited. He once sewed a little plush booger doll, and once helped design and sew some of a little plush playhouse. Most of these sewing projects have ended when he declared it just too hard and asked me to sew the rest. I’ve tried to explain that like most things sewing takes lots of practice, but it just doesn’t seem like something he is in to..which is ok.

I was asked to take part in a plush show that is coming up in the start of September. I will post more about it once I know the exact date and times. It is in Baltimore though, so Thomas and I will be there! One of the things I made was these plush hot dogs. In my mind they are tofu-pups, but since they do not contain any meat at all I guess it doesn’t matter what you call them. Hotdogs are just one of those things I wouldn’t want to eat even if I wasn’t vegetarian.

I had wanted to make several of these little guys each with a various hotdog topping. Think pickle relish, chili, onions, etc. But due to time and a million and one other things going on..its ketchup and mustard for now. I will take some more photos of the other plush going to the show soon.

Today is all about finishing up donuts. Most of them will be flying out to Kidrobot stores for the donut keychain debut, the rest will be driving with me to Baltimore for the new Atomic Pop store that will be opening before ya know it! My fingers feel like hamburger right now from so much handsewing last night. I seriously sat for over three hours handsewing donuts closed, sprinkles on, etc. I used a bad needle for it and now I feel as though I could use a bandaid on several of my fingers!

Before I go I wanted to point out a few shows that are now accepting applications:
Handmade Arcade Nov 11th Pittsburgh PA (I applied) accepting aps until Sept 15th
Bazaar Bizarre Dec. (dates vary depending on location) Boston, LA, Cleveland, right now aps are up for the Boston show and are due by Sept 1st!

The Woods

This morning Tom and I took the kids to Cunningham Falls, Gambrill State Park, and Frederick’s watershed for some hiking on the various trails. One of the things we collected along the way was these beautiful leaves above. I call them “nature’s lace” they are eaten into this lacey design by bugs, and look oh so delicate.

We also went to see the birds at the bird sanctuary, and for the first time ever in person I saw a bald eagle. I have to say they are so very impressive. I would have never imagined how large of a bird they really are.

Since I got so many sweet comments saying you didn’t mind seeing the same plushies over and over…here ya go! By the way a big huge thanks to all the commenters lately, im so sorry I haven’t been able to make any replies yet…but it is on my to do list I promise!!