April Crafternoon

April’s Crafternoon was Easter themed, and probably our most labor intensive project yet, we made Bunka Dolls. Bunka Dolls were famous between Taishô (1912-1926) and early Shôwa Period (1927-1937). The doll’s body and clothes are completely made from fabrics, and the faces are painted.
We used the instructions found here. Ahead of time I had sewed up the bodies and arms which get attached later. This made it easy to focus on the faces, hair, and clothing. Which still ended up being very time consuming, but still fun to sit and work on. We used iron hem tape for edges and hand stitched or glued whatever we could.
Since it was Easter theme everyone brought an Easter basket for the white elephant swap. I’m kicking myself for not getting a photo of them! You can see most of my basket’s contents here.
I made a ridiculous coconut bunny cake (I think the ears on top look like Zingers!) and everyone brought snacks to share. Isn’t Molly’s cheese tray so cute with those vintage Easter picks!!
I didn’t get a photo of all the finished dolls because a few people had to leave before their dolls were done-but there are four above. Two still have the disappearing ink on their faces so just ignore that bit.
All in all it was a crazy ambitious crafternoon, and so the next one will be a really simple project with supplies I already have on hand :)

Animal Crossing Birthday Invites

animal crossing invites : mypapercrane.com
March is approaching and that means it’s almost time to celebrate B’s 11th birthday! He got a 3DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf for Christmas (which has been so much fun because now we can play together!) One night recently he said “I think I want to have an Animal Crossing themed party, we could design outfits and print out the little QR codes to include in the goodie bags” Yep, super exciting! So we have been having lots of fun planning out all the details.
For the invites we decided on bell bags. These are the little sacks of money you have in the game, we included some chocolate coins (bells) and then the invite which is printed on a leaf (card stock) also from the game. I even found an Animal Crossing font to use for all the info.
If you’d like to make your own, I have some easy instructions below!
You’ll need:
-Invite & Star Pdf
-Jute or Burlap Bags, I got mine at Hobby Lobby $3.99 for a 3-pack. You can purchase larger quantities online like 4×6 pack of 50 if you plan on having a big party!
-red cord
-inkjet printable iron on transfers for the stars
-needle with a large eye for threading the string through bags
-Chocolate Gold Coins

First cut the existing string off of the bag, and remove. Bell bags in animal crossing have red string. Next follow the instructions on your iron on transfers to print your stars. Cut out and position on the bag and iron in place. Since the bags are woven I found it helped after ironing while the transfer was still warm (not hot) to gently press into the bag with my finger. You might want to wear a glove or use a potholder to help press down.

Now thread your needle with a length of string about 8-10 inches long. Weave the needle in and out going around the entire bag and bringing both ends out on the same side. Tie these in a knot. Now do the same thing with another length of string only make sure the ends come out on the opposite side. This way when you pull both string knots the bag will close smoothly.

Print out your invites, tuck them into the bags with a few chocolate bells and your ready to mail them out! We will be shipping ours out in small padded envelopes this weekend.
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Bead People DIY

bead people DIY
bead people DIY mypapercrane.com
bead people DIY mypapercrane.com
bead people DIY mypapercrane.com

For our crafternoon Jessee generously provided all the flower beads, but if you search “stackable plastic flower beads” on eBay or Etsy there are a lot of places to choose from. We drew the faces on our wooden beads for heads (which were found at any craft supply store) but you can also find some really cute beads with faces already printed on them too. Or paint some on. Just remember that your wire needs to be thin enough to go back through your larger hand and feet beads, without being so thin that it easily slips back through once trimmed up. All of this of course depends on the size beads you use too. Our wire was some times a huge pain to try and push back through the beads a second time, but it did work-even if a little rough on our fingers.

Sublime Stitching


*****Updated! Thanks to everyone who entered, I contacted the winner via email.
To celebrate the launch of a new stitch-able tote that I designed for Sublime Stitching, we are having a giveaway! Want to win a tote? Just leave me a comment saying what you’d use your telephone date tote to carry. The contest will run until Feb 8th.
Don’t want to wait, you can get your tote here on Sublime Stitching.
Some info on the bag from Sublime Stitching:Hello? Oh, hello cutie! Heidi Kenney created this wrap-around design exclusively for Sublime Stitching. Our Most Awesome Tote bag, with a double-sided print appearing on the front and back. A large, easy-to-stitch design that you can show off coming or going!
100% cotton tote 13″ x 15″ x 6″ (33.02 cm x 38.1 cm x 15.24 cm) with expandable sides
wash-out ink
includes the PDF with two full COLOR guides


Before Christmas we sat down to decorate “gingerbread” houses, Since we never eat our houses I cheat and use hot glue to assemble them ahead of time. Then you cover the glue with frosting and it looks just as good, but you don’t have the waiting time you do using icing.
This year we also used the squeeze-cheese can type of icing that comes with a few different tips. We were all surprised at how well it worked for holding on the candy! Once stuck on, we didn’t even have to hold the heavy pieces in place or anything. I’d use them again for sure.