April Crafternoon

April’s Crafternoon was Easter themed, and probably our most labor intensive project yet, we made Bunka Dolls. Bunka Dolls were famous between Taishô (1912-1926) and early Shôwa Period (1927-1937). The doll’s body and clothes are completely made from fabrics, and the faces are painted.
We used the instructions found here. Ahead of time I had sewed up the bodies and arms which get attached later. This made it easy to focus on the faces, hair, and clothing. Which still ended up being very time consuming, but still fun to sit and work on. We used iron hem tape for edges and hand stitched or glued whatever we could.
Since it was Easter theme everyone brought an Easter basket for the white elephant swap. I’m kicking myself for not getting a photo of them! You can see most of my basket’s contents here.
I made a ridiculous coconut bunny cake (I think the ears on top look like Zingers!) and everyone brought snacks to share. Isn’t Molly’s cheese tray so cute with those vintage Easter picks!!
I didn’t get a photo of all the finished dolls because a few people had to leave before their dolls were done-but there are four above. Two still have the disappearing ink on their faces so just ignore that bit.
All in all it was a crazy ambitious crafternoon, and so the next one will be a really simple project with supplies I already have on hand :)

Bead People DIY

bead people DIY
bead people DIY mypapercrane.com
bead people DIY mypapercrane.com
bead people DIY mypapercrane.com

For our crafternoon Jessee generously provided all the flower beads, but if you search “stackable plastic flower beads” on eBay or Etsy there are a lot of places to choose from. We drew the faces on our wooden beads for heads (which were found at any craft supply store) but you can also find some really cute beads with faces already printed on them too. Or paint some on. Just remember that your wire needs to be thin enough to go back through your larger hand and feet beads, without being so thin that it easily slips back through once trimmed up. All of this of course depends on the size beads you use too. Our wire was some times a huge pain to try and push back through the beads a second time, but it did work-even if a little rough on our fingers.

February Crafternoon

Yesterday was February’s Crafternoon, you might have noticed that I skipped having one in January. It was nice to take a month off after the holidays to unwind and not think about parties.
We made little dolls out of beads, and munched on a variety of scones. I wish I had taken photos of everything everyone made, but when I am in the middle of it all I often forget to grab my camera.
They were so much fun though and I’ll post a DIY tomorrow with the people I made (I went a little nuts and made 8 of them)
For a snack I made three kinds of scones… cheddar chive scones, these were great-so moist and fluffy, I think would make excellent biscuits. Chocolate walnut espresso scones, those were just “ok” a bit too dry and not memorable enough to ever make again. But the real star and the one that everyone seemed to rave about were gluten-free white chocolate lemon almond scones. I loosely followed this recipe here but for the “gluten free flour blend” I used 2 cups of gluten free bisquick, used the zest of a whole lemon, left out the cranberries and mixed the white chips into the dough instead of melting them on top, and tossed in about 1/2 cup of almond slices. They were slightly prone to fall apart while still hot, but as they cooled they held their shape really well. We only have 3 gals who follow a GF diet, but everyone seemed to like these. Some people liked them topped with lime curd & whipped cream, but they were really good plain too. I’d make them again for sure!


Here are the last two crafternoon things I’ve created, the houses are from templates I found here and here.
The felt ornament I just made up to look like a little elf, but just kept forgetting to take a photo. I still hope to get a chance to sew some more before Christmas arrives, I think they’d be fun to attach to the tops of gifts.

December Crafternoon

This month’s Crafternoon was on a Friday evening, because let’s face it December is one busy month, and this was the only practical day for me to squeeze one in. The bad side about it being in the evening was there is just no way for me to get any decent photos. Most of what I took came out blurry or too dark to use. Our craft was making Putz style houses, and I wish I got a photo of all the houses together they were so cute. I’ll get some photos of my houses and last month’s craft soon as I realized I never posted a photo of that either!
The little snowman favors you see above were a thrift find and I filled the little cups with wrapped candy so everyone could take their own little snowman home.
We did a secret Santa swap instead of the white elephant gift, and had a Christmas cookie swap.
I’ll leave you with a photo of the dark side of crafternoon, or as I like to refer to it– the craftermath!! This is the worst part of an evening based crafternoon because it some times ends up running really late into the night (1:30am for this one) and there is no one who wants to clean at that time of night, its just off to bed at that point. Luckily Katie was spending the night and Thomas is always a great helper too and we got it cleaned up the next morning instead. Paper crafts can be messy stuff!
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