Crafty Bastards 2013

Crafty Bastards was this past weekend and I wanted to share a few before prep photos before I talk about the show. I love behind the scenes glimpses into the whole “getting ready” process. This was my tenth time selling at Crafty Bastard’s (can you believe its been going on for ten years!!)
The vintage suitcase set up has been working really well for me at shows for the past couple of years, but I don’t just pack up vintage suitcases and carry them. I have two sets of these 3 piece nesting luggage sets and the vintage suitcases get filled with my products and then put inside the big roller suitcases, 2 vintage suitcases per roller case. Now I’m not being paid to say this (though I will get amazon credits if you purchase through the amazon link), and I bought these roller suitcases years ago when I was trying to find something to travel to shows with…but these are the best suitcases I have ever used. I’ve already traveled with them for years at shows, and all the wheels are good as new, they take the abuse of airlines, and I would buy them again. Once my suitcases are in I end up with 4 roller suitcases that hold everything. if I have someone helping me at a show, it means we can park the car, each grab 2 roller suitcases and head to our spot. I also would never buy another suitcase that just has two wheels after using the ones with four, it makes a huge difference. I know thats a whole lot of talk about suitcases, but when I was searching for something for shows I wish I would of known what to buy right off the bat. Over the years I’ve used plastic totes, huge duffle bags, and even big trash bags some times for really big plush. These items can be pretty funny when you are staying in a hotel too, we had a concierge once point to our plastic totes and say “I have some luggage like that in my attic”.

This year Crafty Bastard’s was two days, which is new. I know it probably worked out really well for shoppers, and felt less crowded then a lot of years, but I prefer the one day show for myself as a vendor. I think next year I would just request to sell one day instead of both, and see how it compares (if they decide to do it two days again). My friend Molly came to help me this year, and we decided to stay in a hotel near the venue rather then drive home and drive back the following day. We walked to a nearby pub to get dinner where they had hushpuppies & baked mac and cheese. Perfect after-show comfort food.

This year there were a lot of yummy food trucks at Crafty Bastards, we had empanadas, cupcakes, and even orange floats at one point during the weekend. Vacation food!! This is what you have to do to keep your energy level up during a two day show, right? This last photo was taken on the first day before CB opened for their twitter account. The gal taking photos was taking them of the tables and I was joking (but not joking) and said “oh yeah please just post a photo of the tables on twitter” and Molly was like “yeah and I don’t need to be in a photo”, and then before she left my tent she turned her phone to me and said “thumbs up!” and snapped this photo, which cracks me up because I look like a muppet’s character with angry eyebrows giving the world’s oddest thumb’s up…meanwhile Molly is kind of scooting away to make sure she is out of the photo. I obviously love having my photo taken ;) All in all it was a fun weekend, great weather, amazing shoppers (so many thanks to the lovely ladies who brought me presents!!!! Goodness what a treat!) and great company. I do have leftover stock and I am finally opening my shop back up for online sales. I need to take photographs this week, but will make a post & instagram post before the sale.

Getting Closer!

This Friday is The Golden Years show in Florida! In case you missed it I am traveling to the show for opening night, and the following day will be hosting a yummy meet & greet at Tate’s. If you are anywhere near Ft. Lauderhill FL I’d love to meet you. I am bringing some special treats for the first 25 people at each event, I’ll share more details about those tomorrow…
Oh and don’t forget to check out the online preview on Wednesday for first dibs on the artwork, I’ve seen a few of the pieces and they look amazing!
You can also sign up to say you are coming to the opening via the facebook event page here.

I’ll be coming to Florida!

golden years flyer
I was really excited to be asked by Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, FL to curate this show. I’ll be there for opening night on Friday June 28th 7-10pm and then for a Yummy Meet & Greet on Saturday June 29th 3-4pm. Please come out and see all the amazing new work inspired by cherished classic Golden Book stories! I can’t wait to share some sneak peeks of the stuff I have been working on for this show soon!

Opening tonight!
On April 19 myplasticheart will celebrate the opening of Hanna-Barbarians, a group show featuring the work of over 20 artists from the U.S. and abroad. The show’s name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to its theme, with all artists creating pieces using elements from their favorite cartoons. This is a chance for these artists to showcase those cartoons that have influenced them throughout their careers, sometimes being critical elements in their development and interest in the arts. The show is curated by the Studio Miners, Evoker & Team Sweet, who find joy in documenting the wonderfully exciting world of artists, collectors and creatives of all kinds. This theme particularly appealed to the Studio Miners because in their travels and studio visits, they were always fascinated to see what imagery other artists surrounded themselves with to stimulate creativity.
I went slightly off topic making my piece called “another saturday morning” With my idea of Franken Berry sitting in his underwear watching Saturday morning cartoons. I am still fascinated with the old cereal cartoons that would come on Saturday mornings in between all my favorite cartoons. Here is a sneak peek below..If you make it to the show, I’d love to see photos of everything! I bet it’s going to be amazing!