The holidays between October and the end of December are my favorite times for thrift shopping. There is always a funny mix of Christmas & a little last bit of Halloween to be found around the middle of November. I always welcome Halloween goods no matter what time of year, so these little finds are extra sweet when the thrift shops declare them 75% off to make room for the next holiday.

Thrifted Quilt

I’ve had some quilt luck at the thrift shops lately, but I actually almost didn’t buy this beauty when I saw it at the thrift shop for $5 (I know, not sure what was wrong with me!) It was wrapped up and taped, so I couldn’t open it up, and so I stood there debating it until my sister told me that I needed to buy it, and I am so glad I did. It has beautiful hand stitching, and is so big and cozy. It has easily become one of my most favorite quilts to snuggle on the couch with. Life Lesson–when you see a handmade quilt for $5-you always buy it. always.

Thrifting Thursday – The Jacks

Today, lets talk about the jack-o-lanterns! To me there is no other item that bring thoughts of Halloween to mind like the jack-o-lantern! Personally I have a great big loving spot in my heart for orange plastic jack treat buckets. My favorites go on display in little stacks.
These two are almost twins and are not as good for stacking so they are on display elsewhere in the house (I’ll have a little Halloween decorated house tour soon!)
Then of course I have the glass or ceramic jacks. Started far left is a candle I found thrifting, the next one was a gift from my friend Tracy, and the last two were thrift finds. I like that most of these guys look like they were made in paint your own pottery type of places.
And then of course we have the paper pulp jacks! You can see some nice reproduction ones up in the top photos. We don’t actually own any original ones because sadly they are usually pretty pricey and I’ve yet to find any in a thrift shop. However I am really in love with the designs by Season’s Gone By. Sadly from what I can tell, they are no longer creating reproductions. They were a business based in PA and I’ve been able to find one or two articles about them. However their website is gone and their phone number is disconnected. Such a shame too as they offered really amazing reproductions at really reasonable prices. We found this one at a local antique shop. I read that they started writing on the bottom because people were removing the tags and trying to sell them as vintage….personally I am not a stickler about an item being vintage, I just adore the look of vintage things, so reproductions are fine by me.