Stage Props

Back when we were looking for play stoves, I had forgotten I had placed a bid on this one. It is so cute though, so I’m glad I won the auction. It is a bit short for the kids to play with, and they have their stove top already…but it sure does make a great prop for photos! it is also very cute to just have sitting around.

I made this little tree awhile ago, but never got around to taking a photo of it. Its not my most favorite thing, which I think is because its a little too 2-D for me. but, its not his fault…

Last night dinner out was lovely, but ran a little late. We have been thinking about adopting a hamster, or other rodent and went to see them the other day. they have the cutest looking pair of rats. it said a lot of good things about the rats. How they live longer then hamsters, are friendly etc. So I’m not sure what we are going to do, still considering it. We were going to go last night (and I would try and convince the kids the rats rule) but the place was closed by the time we were finished with dinner…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone has a fun day! Tom and I went to the Visionary Art Musuem in Baltimore for the Post Secret exhibit. While the secrets were fun, I have to admit my most favorite thing about the trip was seeing Paul Spooner’s amazing automata!!

I first learned about Paul Spooner about five years ago when I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of his amazing (and sadly out of print) books I used to put together these amazing paper replicas of his art while on the phone with card members. A giant paper head stuck out from the top of my cubicle, and my fingers were constantly coated in dryed glue. The thing about his books is, not only are they filled with projects for you to make, they have all sorts of other little things. stories, random little drawings. I loved them.

I kept search in used bookstores for his other book, and soon not only found a copy, but another copy of the first book (which I immediatly purchased) Reading his books got me pretty excited about automata, and I looked for more. It was amazing to see his actual work in real life, and push a button and have them move! Paul’s book were something my husband and I shared during the begining of our relationship, so what better way to spend Valentine’s day then playing with Paul’s toys!

We ate lunch out at our favorite Chinese place too! My lips still burn from the spicey goodness!! Tonight its dinner out with the kids and perhaps even a little pet adoption, more on that later!