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So you’ll have to use your imagination for now to see the face, but here is the life sized tree stump. The best part was shopping for the differen’t textured fabrics. The hardest part was how heavy the fabrics got when sewing them together.

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To give you a better idea of the size of the stump that’s B in the background (he is almost 3 years old) and he is laying his hand on top. It took 40oz of fiberfill to stuff it, and I decided to change something once it was stuffed and had to take all the fiberfill out at one point and let it sit on our huge dining room table. The table looked like a snowhill. I know it took great restraint for both boys to keep from grabbing that huge pile and rolling around (hell, it took great restraint for me!)

The same day I stuffed it my 25lb fiberfill order arrived. A super heavy box, but not as huge as I imagined it would be. Once opened though the 5 lb bags of fiberfill puff out and grow. They look like giant snowballs captured in plastic bags. I will try and take a photo later, because I am sure your dying to see what 25 lbs of fiberfill look like.

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Again, forcing you to use your imagination for the faces, but here are a few cake slices for the Gallery 1988 show.

There are superheros among us!

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Much of my everyday life is filled with this tiny superhero. He traipses about the house in Buzz Lightyear pajamas and homemade spiderman cape (yeah yeah, so spiderman doesn’t have a cape, but after Halloween Spiderman fabric was around .50 a yard, and a cape is much easier to create then a body suit!) His get-up is usually accompanied with a black eye mask purchased from the craft store. When we go out his Buzz Lightyear pajama top can sometimes be found hidden under another shirt, and the mask he has usually pushed up onto the top of his head. Its hard to remember what it was like living in a world where you can fight crime, use the potty, and then take a nap…but its fun to try by watching him.

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I have some new yarn, but I won’t be updating it today (far too much rain and grey for good pictures, sorry)

I did update the toaster purses though, thankfully I took photos of those yesterday. I might have one more purse to add later this week, and then that is it for a little while.

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I have started to also take photos of things that inspire me locally. I drive by this amazing window nearly once a day (its on the way to the post office) I am going to create a folder over on flickr for the images once I get a bunch taken.

I have also been listening to pod-casts lately while I sew, or cut things out. There are some funny crafty ones like Crafty Chica, Cast-On (which had a great interview with Kerrie from Magknits.com), FiberCast, and Crafty Pod (which has a lot of really great interviews).

We went to see Hoodwinked this weekend, such a very cute movie! And, there were lots of really great looking kid movies as trailers…exciting!

Feast Your Eyes

“Feast Your Eyes”
(SCENE) Metrospace Lansing MI opening night Saturday Jan 28 (6-10pm) show runs through March 5th
“Feast Your Eyes” explores artwork that incorporates food subject matter that relates to the contents, importance, and production of food in our culture.

303 Abbott Road, East Lansing, 319-6832

The opening night reception includes a special interactive cooking preformace, live experimental electronic band, + free food. All ages welcome, and food themed costumes are encouraged.

I have a couple of food themed collages in the show, all of my breads, and a big blue cake. I really wish I could go..sounds like lots of fun! Anyone in the area stop by and take lots of photos!