Oh Lemon Meringue…

While browsing clothes at Goodwill I came across a shirt with really great texture. While I would never wear this puffy white shirt, I knew it would make a great meringue for pie. The above pie is the first experiment with the meringue, and I already know a few small changes I will be making for the next slice. The only bad thing is I will probably get about ten slices out of the entire shirt. Which I suppose isn’t necessarily bad, it just means more searching for whipped creamy meringuey fabrics.

The apple tree is finished for the food show, now onto working on some food sculptures to hang on the wall!

A few days ago I got out our digital video camera. We had stopped using it for awhile because it seemed like the battery could no longer hold a charge and we needed to buy a new one. Well, you know how that goes. It gets put off, forgotten about etc. Well I let it charge all day long and it works again perfectly! So its back to documenting our family for future veiwing pleasure. Last night Tom and I stayed up watching almost 4 hours of old footage. From our wedding to brand new baby stuff! Some things we never even remember recording! Plenty of me being a total goober (think dressing up in odd costumes, making faces, + you get the point) I have to say the camera was one of the best purchases.


Orange Juice, the kind that comes in a carton like milk. Or, you could look at it and think its milk (like tom did haha) It is like one of those “choose your own adventure” books!

Working working working! Trying to get a bunch of wholesale/and show stuff done so I can get the shop updated (which might not be for a couple of weeks sadly) I am working on some designs for t-shirts. If there was ever an image of mine you really enjoyed and would like to see on a shirt, let me know. I’ll probably start with just two designs.
In business news I finally started using Quicken this year to track my business finances…so far its been easy to figure out and use…just time consuming :)

The Donut of my eye!

Tom made this painting for me yesterday, and it really makes me think about all the creative people I have in my life. Sometimes I complain that I don’t know a lot of people who make stuff (who live nearby) But really when I really think about it, my everyday world is filled with creative folks! My lovely Sean + Amanda made me an amazing lamp for Christmas (just like the one I had been coveting over at their house) My friend Katie crocheted me a tiny little turtle, like the one her grandmother had made for her when she was a little girl.
Then there are my sisters and mom! My older sister used to spend hours making candles, and my younger sister has the patience to sit and work on crosstitch projects. My mom has sewn all of our life, and can still make these mind boggling tiny squared quilts with such precision! Our friend Brett makes huge amazing artwork by combining screening/paint/colored pencils/whatever! Much of which is covering our walls right this very minute.
It makes me really happy to have such creative people in my life. Though we all might have different mediums of choice, and different styles of expression..we each understand the need + desire to make something!

And for all you creative types online (who’s drug of choice is yarn) I am about to update 3 new skeins to the shop!