August Crafternoon

For August’s crafternoon we did jewelry making from a mixture of shrinky dinks and iron ons. The food was breakfast themed, and unfortunately I didn’t take very many photos at all! I made three kinds of quiche, and banana bread but there was all kinds of fun things that people brought. Raspberry danish, bread pudding made out of donuts, donuts from Diablo Doughnuts in Baltimore, coffee cake, and mimosas.


This Summer I have been getting back into spinning yarn. I used to spin and sell yarn over a decade ago, but took many years off. My poor wheel sat in the attic gathering dust, and it felt so great to get it out and start spinning again very regularly. I heard about a swap called Fibreshare and knew it would be just the thing to help keep my spinning mojo going.
Above you can see the sneak peek I shared when I shipped out my partner’s package. With Fibreshare you can choose your interest (I picked spinning, though knitting would of been great too!)
My partner said she loved earth colors, and really wanted to spin with silk cocoons but could not find any. I found some for her on Etsy, and gathered some earth tone fibers at a fiber fest I attended, and found a few items from my stash. I sent the newest issue of Ply spinning magazine, and sewed up a little project bag using on of my favorite sheep-themed fabrics.
Here you can see the beautiful parcel I received! So many lovely things, I have already spun up yarn from a bunch of the fiber, and the chocolate and tea are long gone! I can’t wait until fibreshare offers another swap, I’ll be sure to sign up again.

DCMQG swap

My friend Jessee and I joined the DC Modern Quilt Guild and signed up for one of their swaps right away. I made this travel sewing bag by starting with a design to make a makers tote (love this pattern) but then I made a few changes. I made a quilted front pocket, made the tote a bit longer, and added the zipper along the top edge. I added gummi bears since my partner said they were her favorite, and a few other small goodies which I didn’t photograph.

The swap had some questions to fill out explaining things you liked, and my partner said “bright + saturated colors, neon, linen, chambray, metallic. i like everything from the florals in flower sugar to the minimalism of carolyn friendlander. have fun!” so I wanted to combine chambray and bright colorful fabrics with a little bit of neon. I had to order the chambray and the pink dot because I knew I wanted to use both of those, but the rest of the colorful stuff actually came from my stash. I even had a little bit of neon from the Cotton & Steel fabrics, so it worked out really well.