April’s Plush Of The Month Club (part two)


Here’s a lot at some of the little extras that went along with April’s tooth themed box. I made a bunch of little gold teeth out of white sclupey that was then baked, and spray painted gold. And little sweet tooth treat bags filled with candy. One of my favorite things about POMclub is coming up with these little extra treats that really round out the experience, even if I get a little crazy ambitious some times.

Just Two Words Project: Dog & Camera

This week for the Just Two Words Project Jessee picked the word dog, and I picked the word camera. Of course we both were stumped at first about how we were going to combine them. We decided the finished object should be some sort of stationery.
I decided to concentrate on dogs right away and drew some dogs from photographs. I didn’t love any of them. I was pretty unexcited about having to draw dogs. I love dogs, just not drawing them. So I set aside the idea of drawing a dog for awhile.

The next day I decided to just draw some dogs from my head, and things got a little bit weird.

Finally I just decided to go with weird and here is what I ended up with.

I forgot to get a photo of my camera sketches, but there was only a few. I spent so much time on the dogs and when I finally decided I kept the camera bit minimal. I made two of the cards look like polaroid photos, and then of course I have the hot-dog who loves his polaroid. Once again a very fun way to challenge myself.