Yarn Dyeing

A few months a fellow guild member gifted me a bunch of wool yarn she no longer wanted. It was 100% wool in a range of solid colors, and as nice as solid colors can be I wanted to over dye some of it with a rainbow of colors because I just find it so much more fun to knit. I am working on a sweater right now using a combo of hand dyed and a solid color yarn, and the solid color area is just so dull to work on, and I just can’t wait to be back knitting up random colors.

Books & where to find them…

This Summer has been filled with a lot of reading. Since I am not getting up early like during the school year I tend to stay up later in bed reading books. We use the PA library system for a lot of books, but tend to only borrow them electronically. I’m the worst at returning library books on time so this system works best for me.
Some times though I just want a physical book, and I was talking with a friend about some of my favorite places to buy books inexpensively and she hadn’t thought of two of the places I mentioned for books so it got me thinking that it might be something I should share on the blog. This is in no way sponsored, I just love books and hope someone finds it helpful.
I’ll divide it up into a few different posts so as not to overwhelm you with book photos. Today I thought I’d talk about Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. If you’ve never been inside an Ollie’s you might not even realize they have books. According to their website they currently have 249 stores, so if you are not sure if you have one nearby check their store locator.
Here’s the thing about Ollie’s, it is a bargain outlet. There will be Easter candy in the middle of the Summer, you might stumble upon a bunch of “as seen on tv” junk, but they have books! Lots and lots of books.
I took a short trip to one of the three Ollie’s in my area to give you a small glimpse. During this trip the most expensive single book I saw was $6.99 (and that’s not typical) most books are in the range of $2.99-$4.99.
I tend to always start off in the non-fiction books, cookbooks, craft books etc. I have gotten so many cook books at Ollies over the years. This particular Ollies doesn’t seem to have as many craft books as the one I usually frequent, but still worth a look!
They always seem to have a nice selection of gluten free, and vegetarian cookbooks too.

They have lots of kid’s books, this box set of Neal Shusterman books was only $7.99 such a bargain for all the hardcover books in one of my favorite young adult series.

Of course there is the adult fiction section as well. I spend most of my time there going over and over all the books. If you have never checked out an Ollies and are a book lover I hope you’ll find something wonderful! I’ll return again next week with another store for bargain books.


Katie and I took the boys to Awesomecon at the end of June. Katie drove and I kept thinking it was outside DC (something like BrickFair) but nope it was at the Walter E Washington convention center near the national mall. We decided to go on Friday since we thought it might be a little less crowded. It was fun to see how many people dressed up, the costumes were my favorite part! We did some shopping, people watching, and checked out the little Stan Lee Museum they had set up. There was even free cold brew coffee as you came into the event. The boys seemed to have an awesome time, and it really wasn’t an overwhelming crowd on Friday compared to some photos I’ve seen from Saturday.