December’s Plush Of The Month

plush of the month club
plush of the month club
plush of the month club
plush of the month club
I was really excited about December’s Plush Of The Month Club! I wanted to create something seasonal but also something for everyone regardless of what they may celebrate during the month of December. I thought about my plush candles which I have only ever briefly made in the past, first for a gallery show, and then a few to sell. I thought they were perfect because December marks the longest night (Winter Solstice) and what better to a candle then to cheer up those long winter nights, even in plush form.
I did get it in my head that I wanted to include candy & stickers inside these vintage style stockings.
I’ll share January’s POM boxes with you in a few weeks once all the overseas boxes have been delivered.

December Crafternoon


December Crafternoon is always one of my favorites. The house is decorated, I get to make fun little party gifts, and there are loads of Christmas cookies. For the craft I wanted something super simple and with very little supplies, so I had everyone pick up a couple of packs of Sculpey polymer clay and we just made ornaments. I didn’t even get photos of any of the ornaments this time, but it was pretty laid back which I think is perfect way to end the year.
A few nights before Crafternoon I made The Splendid Table’s buttermints. They were so easy to make and taste so great that I think I am going to make it a yearly tradition to make up a big batch of them (Tom’s mom does this with fudge and we really look forward to getting a tin of fudge each Christmas from her) I packaged the buttermints up into little jars and tied some snowmen I printed out on. I originally had plans to make the snowmen into ornaments by pasting the cut out on wood and using my scroll saw, but I kept breaking off the hat brims and finally gave up on that idea.
For the white elephant we did something different that I think worked out quite well! We did a stocking exchange and I decided to wrap my gifts like parcels (need to remember to wrap more gifts this way next Christmas, so much fun!!) and then I had to sew a huge ridiculous Santa stocking to fit the boxes inside. Ahead of time I made up little cards that said things like “swap stockings with the person whose birthday is closest to Christmas”. Then when we were ready to do the stocking swap I had everyone start by picking up a stocking that did not belong to them. Then we went around the circle each person drawing a card and doing what it instructed. I made about twice as many cards as there were people so the stockings would travel around a bunch. It worked out so well, and everyone ended up with a stocking that was not theirs. I figured if someone at the end had theirs I would have them draw one of the cards we already used to swap it out, but it wasn’t needed.

Winter Wonderland

Despite the holidays being the busiest time of the year, I did set aside time to make special fabrics. First I made a blow mold and matching vintage stocking set, and then I made one with some silly winter time friends. I even got a chance to sew myself a Bruce tote to hold all my tape, scissors, gift labels etc. and it worked perfectly! I didn’t mind leaving it out somewhere because it looked fun and festive, and I never found myself hunting around for gift wrap supplies.
You can find these designs over at Spoonflower available on fabric, gift wrap, and even wall paper if you have a special Christmas room that needs a makeover.