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Dyeing Yarn

I’ve been thinking more and more about doing some crafternoon projects that center on yarn. I know a lot of the ladies are interested in learning to knit or crochet. I thought I’d take it one step further and have everyone dye their own yarn first.
I wanted to try out dyeing yarn before crafternoon to get a good feel of it. I plan to make a few more test trials with some changes to see if the results are different, but here is what I did.
I took 100% wool yarn in a hank, tied off in a few places. I soaked my yarn in warm water, then gently squeezed most of it out. I then placed it down inside a cardboard box (outside) and sprayed the yarn with some vinegar. I flipped it over several times while spraying. Then I used a mixture of unsweetened kool-aid, and food coloring. I just would squeeze some in a color at a time, and then go back and add more. I flipped my yarn a few times, but tried not to mess with it too much for fear of the colors really running together.
Once I was satisfied with the coverage, I gently rinsed my yarn until the water was clear. I was so happy with how it turned out, even though it knitted up with a bit more brown then I expected. It was so much fun to knit with. I can’t wait to see what sort of results I can get with my next skien.

DIY Sumertime cherry necklace

This necklace was inspired by one my friend Rebecca made. She’s a big bakelite fan and didn’t want to pay a bunch of a bakelite cherry necklace, so she took matters into her own hands and made her own version using red bakelite beads. So when I was at Michael’s craft store and noticed glass leaf beads, I thought I’d have to make my own version of a cherry necklace, and with Rebecca’s blessing I wanted to post this DIY in case you wanted to make your own.
What you’ll need:
-red beads for your cherries
-leaf beads
-some sort of beads for the stems (I really wanted green tube shaped beads but couldn’t find any) however these clear ones actually came with the glass leaves and I think still worked as well
-a necklace (you could make your own with findings and a chain, I just bought a pre-made one at Michael’s, and I find a shorter necklace works best for the cherries.
-head pins (I went with the longest size they had 3inches to make sure I had enough length. These look almost like a pin for sewing work with one flat end.
-jump rings (I already had some of these at home from other projects)
-some sort of jewelry tools for bending the ends of the head pins & opening closing jump rings. I had these on hand from previous crafternoons.

1. First your going to assemble all your cherries as follows….Onto the head pin with the flat part at the bottom to keep your cherry on the pin. A Cherry bead, a stem bead, a leaf bead.
2. Use your jewelry tool to bend the top of the head pin downward like the photo above, and then just twist it around itself to form a little circle from the head pin, then cut off the extra metal as close to the twist as possible.
3. Once all your cherries are made you can add them individually to your necklace with jump rings, or add two together to each jump ring. You could even make a bunch of necklaces for gifts that each just have one set of cherries.

Let’s Make Cat Donuts

Please excuse yet another break in my ten year story (actually I checked and saw my part two never posted! I’ll have that up tomorrow) but I made these cat donuts for crafternoon and wanted to share! I’ve seen cat donuts like this that you can buy in Japan, and have wanted to make them for so long. I searched for instructions but couldn’t find anything…so I thought I’d experiment and hope for the best. After a few bumps, they worked out really well and were pretty easy to do.

Here are the basic supplies…
peanut butter melts When I was thinking about what kind of frosting could work for these donuts I knew I wanted something that would coat the top in a nice thick layer. Then the chocolate melts came to mind and I thought they would work great. When I got to the store and saw they had a peanut butter flavor, it was the perfect color and flavor. You could also do chocolate, or pastel cats.
whole almonds If you make these for some one with a nut allergy you will obviously need to sub the peanut butter melts with another flavor, and the almonds for something else like the melts cut into a triangle shape? I haven’t had a chance to experiment with this part but I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas that would work. ETA–Seanna Lea commented that candy corn might work for the ears and I think that’s a great idea! I’m going to give it a try next time I make them.
plain cake donuts I went with plain cake donuts because they are nice and dense
1. First you want to melt your candy melts into a deep small dish. Follow the instructions on the melts. I found that two bags coated about 20 donuts.
2. Dip an almond into the candy melts and press into the donut, for the ears. Stick these into the freezer for a few seconds to harden the almond in place. At first I had tried just pushing the almond into the donut, but lost a couple of ears this way when I turned over and dipped the donuts. It’s worth the extra step to secure them in place.
3. Once the almonds are secure dip donuts down into the peanut butter melts, then turn back over and let sit on parchment paper until the coating is dry. This actually went pretty smoothly and easily. Just make sure you bowl is deep enough to easily dip the donuts with almonds sticking out of them.
4. Once they are completely dry you can use various icing to raw faces on your cats. You could use candy eyes, or just pipe little faces on. I used premixed/precolored frostings for these.