turning 37


Last month I turned 37! Its so funny as I inch closer and closer to 40 how little it bothers me. I think it has a lot to do with how you feel, and I really do not feel old (not that I think 37 is old, but I think a lot of people start tossing out the word old the close you get to 40) Age is relative and I feel great, and young!
My birthday fell on a Tuesday and Tom took off work to spend it with me. We went out to breakfast to a local place I love called Christine’s. There was some amazing cake in the evening. Three small cakes to be exact, german chocolate, carrot cake, and chocolate peanut butter from a local bakery/fresh produce shop called Paul’s. An amazing new record, all the fall bath and body works, adventure time mug!
I also got to celebrate my birthday two other days, one with Molly and one with Heather. Molly took my out to brunch and then gave me all these crazy thoughtful gifts (look at that vintage bee!) Then the day after my birthday I met up with my sister for a lunch date and as always she wraps her gifts so beautifully. She got me a bunch of the Harajuku Girls perfumes that are hard to find. They all smell nice, but mostly its the adorably shaped bottles that get me.

The Great Pumpkin

Every time I see pumpkins when we are out and about I get even more excited to plan a pumpkin patch for next Spring. I have already decided I will keep the vegetable garden small and really focus on a proper pumpkin patch. I’m going to try and grow as many varieties as I can, and see what does best. I have started ordering seed catalogs, but would love to know if there a company you love?

garden report Sept/Oct

Here are some photos of garden harvest from September and October. Tomatoes are still abundant, I am thinking five plants was a bit much as I keep having to give away buckets full. I know I could can some sauce, but I don’t really have a day (or experience) to dedicate to it right now. The pumpkins are doing well, I had some new ones start growing at the beginning of October, so I keep on checking on those fellas each day. The sunflowers have all been picked over by the birds, but the flowers still look so pretty in their withered state. We only grew one tiny watermelon. It was adorable, and smelled great when we cut it open. But as you can see it was mostly filled with seeds. All in all I’d say I am still very happy with my little garden.


Just a few bits of treasure that I found at the thrifts in the last couple of months. I haven’t seen a lot of great Halloween stuff like in past years, but every now and again there is a great Halloween find! I love vintage Halloween treat buckets, these beauties were only 50¢ each! Such a steal! The pile of cute kids books as the top were also a great deal $1 for the lot.