Treetopia Blog Hop

My friend Jennifer Perkins and the folks at Treetopia have teamed up to do a Halloween Treetopia Blog Hop. As you know I am crazy about Halloween decorating and was very excited when they asked me to be a part of the hop. Treetopia sent me one of their 6 foot black trees to decorate for the occasion. I have always wanted a Halloween tree and I was so excited about decorating it that it took me several days to narrow down all the ideas I had. I found these foam gourds and pumpkins and decided to paint them & turn them into ornaments. I’ll have a blog post walking you through how easy they are to make on Thursday. The Halloween garland I actually found at a local antique mall, but I’ve seen various types of garland in stores so you could recreate the look quite easily.
Treetopia is giving away prizes all week long on their various social media channels, check out their blog, instagram, Twitter and Facebook. for a chance to win a Halloween tree of your own. You can follow along on the blog hop to see how everyone decorated their tree with the links below.
Cathie Fillian
Jennifer Perkins
Vanessa Brady
Heather Thoming
I am almost completely finished decorating my house for Halloween and will get some photos of the whole spooky thing soon.

July Crafternoon


You may have noticed a lack of crafternoon posts on the blog, when previously they were blogged about every month. Before the Summer started I decided to take a break from hosting and asked the crafternoon ladies to pick a month and host at their house (on a voluntary basis of course!). While it’s been really nice to take a break, I missed our monthly get togethers and I think it was a lot harder then anticipated for everyone. We had a March & April crafternoon, but then no crafternoons until the end of July (photos above) The last photo is the white elephant gift I put together with a little nun bag I stitched up. Jessee hosted a sewing crafternoon at her house. I made gluten free lemon scones and a coconut bread that I never got a photo of. I think I was actually the only person who sewed anything, but I love working on my english paper piecing while hanging out with such wonderful company!

Our crafternoon family had a very sudden loss at the beginning of July when our friend Crystal and her young daughter passed away unexpectedly in an accident at their home. I think it made us all realize how much our little rag-tag group of crafternooners means to each of us. We all met up soon after and held a midcentury potluck in her honor, something Crystal would of really loved. There was even pickle dip because she absolutely loved pickles. The loss of Crystal has made me want to double my effort in getting crafternoon going again. These monthly meet-ups are some times the only time I get to see most of these wonderful ladies and I don’t want to let months slip by before connecting with them. So far we have a September crafternoon scheduled at my friend Jillian’s, and then October here at my house. I am really excited about getting the crafternoon gang back together each month.