Collections: vintage style boxes & packaging

I have a small collection of boxes from companies that use beautiful vintage imagery and thought I would share some of that today. Lets begin with The Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen..

I first heard about Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen on Rae’s blog Say It Ain’t So. Rae lives in TN and has a great eye for all things quirky and cute. Her and her husband go on little adventures to fun places, things that are right up my alley. She posted photos from the candy kitchen a few years ago and I was in love! I started thinking about the company again recently and decided to look into it a bit more. I was excited when I saw they are now selling their candy online, so I ordered a bunch of stuff for Easter baskets knowing my family would happily eat the candy and let me keep the boxes. A gift for everyone ;) Everything arrived quickly, and just look at the beautiful packaging!

The next company is The Cactus Candy Company. I got my box as a gift from a friend who lives in Arizona. Not only is the packaging adorable with that little smiling cactus, but the candy is delicious. Made from the syrup of prickly pears the candy is a soft chewy jelly like candy. I’ve actually found the best price for it to be on amazon (on the company’s website its $7.95 for a 1/2 lb box plus $13.95 shipping) but on Amazon a 1/2 pound box is 11.99 and free Prime shipping

Superdawg is a drive-in located in the Chicago area. We’ve visited twice because the building itself is so cute with hotdog people. You can buy souvenirs online at their website like a resin sculpture of the hotdog couple. I have that and the cute soft plush, but I also asked them for an empty hotdog box during our visit because it’s adorable and I wanted to save one.

I’ll leave you with a few more companies that have cute vintage style packaging. Accouterments makes the silly gum you see packaged like cocktail weenies and baked beans. I couldn’t find a website for the company but it looks like they sell all kinds of novelty goods. I’m pretty sure we picked these up at one of our trips to Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum.
Then there is Heidl brand chocolate. As you can see by some of their Easter chocolate it came packaged in a pretty tin, and each bar has such a sweet vintage style illustration on the front. They seem to offer a “NOSTALGIA” line for each season, and I love it.
And lastly some beautiful BlueQ soap, I like to order all kinds of goodies from BlueQ around the holidays because they have such unique fun things, and they make great little gifts. Their soap and lip balm always have such beautiful (and funny) packaging.
Please note that the Amazon link above is an Amazon affiliate link and if you purchase something using it I will receive a small Amazon credit.

Sockflow-sock subscription

The folks over at Sockflow (a sock subscription program) asked me if I’d like to review a shipment, and since I love socks I was more then happy to try it out. Sockflow mostly features socks from South-Korea, but they are part of a norwegian company called Havfruen Vannaerobic AS. Their website says they offer subscriptions that give you either 1 to 3 pairs of socks each month. Subscriptions begin at $10 a month with free shipping. You can choose from Kawaii, stylish, wool, or dress socks. From their website: Each month you will receive different surprise socks. It will be a nice variety of colors and patterns, all to make you happy! It will also be a nice chance to experience brands you never even heard of before. You can rest assure that each month will be a nice surprise for you.
Two pairs os socks arrived packaged in a pretty purple shipping envelope. Inside was this little puppy bag with two pairs of socks. I was kind of surprised that both socks featured the little bunny fella, but didn’t mind since he is so cute and perfect for Easter. I was worried that the socks might be too small, as I have big feet (size 11) Even though the socks appeared small, they had great stretch and fit my feet without feeling tight at all. I was really pleased with that! They are very nice high quality socks too, not too thin. I’ve already worn each pair and washed them with out any issues of fading or feeling uncomfortable.
All in all I think its a really great idea for a subscription if you too are someone who loves socks. You know I have a special place in my heart for “of the month” clubs and socks!

I was sent a free trial subscription box in return for my review, but all opinions expressed here are my own. I’m really picky about what I’ll review for my blog, and only want to share with you things that I think are pretty neat!

March Plush Of The Month Club boxes


March boxes were Easter themed since Easter falls on March 27th this year. I had the idea that I wanted to make chocolate rabbits all boxes up like an Easter treat, and I hope that really came across in the finished product. The rabbits themselves were sewn up from a vinyl brown fabric which my machine handled like a pro. I thought the dark color and shiny material would help give it that chocolate look. Turning and hand sewing the vinyl openings closed on the other hand was a bit more difficult. I had to take two days off after hand sewing them shut because even with a thimble my fingers became so sore. I even had to switch to knitting at night instead of my usual quilt/hand sewing! I think i’ll be avoiding vinyl sewing for a bit. Once they were sewn and “candy” felt eyes added, a bow tied around each neck…they really started to look like chocolate bunnies to me.
To make sure the boxes were the correct shape I worked up a few mock-ups which you can see above. I wanted to make sure the plastic window openings would be large enough to see the bunnies inside. When designing the whole package on this one, I meant for the plush to stay in the box. I have noticed a few people online debating about wether they wanted to remove the plush or not. Since the boxes are a big part of the overall design-I say leave them in. The boxes were a labor of love, not machine assembled boxes like you might buy something from the store in.
Once the boxes, and paper craft add-ins were all printed up I set to work cutting them all apart.
The two paper craft add-ins were a bunny box, and silly carrot box. I thought they might be fun to fold up and add into a Easter basket with a few pieces of candy inside.
The boxes had a lot of cutting, folding, adding plastic windows, and gluing shut. But to see my rows of finished rabbits lining up was very satisfying!
As always the boxes came with some candy. I ordered some egg cartons that were designed to “break” in half, filled each half with some Easter grass, 2 chocolate bunnies, sixlets, napoleon sours, and smarties.