October Crafternoon

October’s crafternoon was yesterday afternoon and is always a favorite of mine! I asked that everyone come in costume (if they could) and we had a costume contest with voting ballots and prizes for 3 people. It was so much fun! I didn’t get photos of everyone’s costumes but I dressed as a middle age man (sort of looked like Saturday Night Live’s Pat but with a mustache) I found everything for my costume at thrifts. From my Cosby sweater to my elastic waist jeans. We also had a Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service, a mushroom, a lumpy space princess, Megan Draper, Courtney Love, a cupcake, a deer, a Walmart associate, a tardis, and a cat.
Jessee made her jack o lantern macarons, and everyone brought potluck goodies! The craft was sort of scattered this month, sort of a make halloween themed accessory but without any real direction, and made me realize I need to plan something a bit more carefully next month. I was supposed to even have shrinky dinks for jewelry, and forgot all about it. But besides that I think it was still a fun time! We did our white elephant gift swap (but Halloween themed), the costume contest, and enjoyed all the crazy good food. I can’t believe the next crafternoon I am planning is Thanksgiving!! Where has this year gone to?

Halloween Mixer 2013

It’s finally time for my Halloween mixer! I made up mixed cd’s for today’s crafternoon. I used a vintage Halloween book for the cd cover, and just changed the text.

Halloween Mix 2013 from mypapercrane on 8tracks Radio.

Above is the embedded playlist for you to play. If for any reason you can’t play it here-you can go play it on 8tracks here.
You can also check out my previous years mixes here.


My sister and I still try to meet up 3-4 times a month for a thrift & coffee date. Here are some pics from two of those times. The little Hummel doll is in sad shape, but he was just too cute to leave in the bins armless (his head is about to fall off too) The thrift shops have started putting out Christmas items, which is just a reminder of how quick it’s going to creep up on us all.


New York City was a blast!
We stayed at Metro Apartments which were awesome, and we would stay at again in a heartbeat. The location was a really quick walk to Time’s Square, and the place was lovely with a living room/kitchen/dining room area, bedroom, and bathroom.
Food stuff…
We had crepes and coffee one afternoon, pomme frites, treats to go from Milk Bar but we both ate the cereal milk soft serve there, dinner at Soy And Sake, we also ate dinner at a place across from Rockefeller center where we had pimento cheese fritters as an appetizer , but I can’t recall the name.
Since Blythecon was all day Sunday we had about a day and a half to explore the city. On Saturday we checked into our hotel at 3pm and were able to walk and hit a lot of things from our list, and then take a cab back to the hotel at the end of the night since we ended the evening near Central Park.
Nintendo World- We were disappointed they didn’t have any Animal Crossing merchandise, but very happy with both had our DS’s with us, so we got lots of new houses in the Happy Home Showcase. Plus we got to see that couple in the amazing Animal Crossing costume!
Sanrio- I wish they had more stickers, and stationary type items…although I did get to squish a penny in their machine.
Toy Tokyo- could of spent quite a bit of money here!
Kinokuniya-This is where we probably spent the most time, in the basement level pouring over the japanese craft books & magazines. It was pure heaven!
We had a lot more items on our list that we just couldn’t get to because of either time or location…
Tinsel Trading Company- We were both so excited to go here, but when we arrived after walking all over (as it was one of our last stops before dinner) we were so sad to see they had moved locations. Next time for sure!
Mimi And Coco- We didn’t make it here because we didn’t have any other plans on the lower east side, but someday!
Pearl River Mart-again just didn’t have any other stops planned near this one, but it’s supposed to be three stories, so I’m sure it would be a lot of fun.
We took the train back home late Monday afternoon, and it was a smooth ride with lots of Animal Crossing to keep us busy. So many houses to explore!
Now that I am back home again, and as far as I know my traveling for 2013 is over, I am ready to just be home for a good long while. I finally finished decorating the inside of the house for Halloween and have a big Halloween party coming up quick. I still have some Halloween goodies to share on the blog, so I’ll be posting those soon as this month just seems to be flying by!

Blythecon NYC

Blythecon was this past weekend in NYC, and it was really fun to be in one place with some many other Blythe lovers, and dolls at one time. Molly and I took the train up Saturday morning and then before the con on Sunday we met up with Jessee for breakfast & to wait in line. Comicon was going on the same weekend and we were bummed we didn’t buy tickets for Saturday soon enough (they were all sold out when we finally decided to go).

As you can see Molly brought Charlotte, and Jesse made a dress to match her doll’s dress with fabric she designed, it was so cute! I brought Frankie because my poor other doll is still mid-re-root, and very much neglected. When everyone first got into the venue, the shopping area was very crowded and crazy. Despite it all I managed to spend way too much money. I did get a beautiful hand painted cameo necklace by Mab Graves, so not everything I bought was for my gals.
Once done shopping there was some talking & meeting new people, but the con ran from 10am-8pm and so there was a lot of time we weren’t sure what to do. There was a table filled with door prizes including a bunch of dolls that was going to start at 6:30 and you needed to be there to win, so we mostly sat around waiting for 6:30 to roll around haha. Molly ended up winning a really cute outfit, I won a little vial with glitter which I wasn’t sure what it was, but I believe it might be a pull charm? When I won the girl who handed it to me said she didn’t know what it was either, so it’s a little bit of a mystery. Once you won you could leave, and so we headed out because we were very hungry and ready for dinner at that point. There were a couple of demos that happened during Blythecon, but they were each limited to the first ten people who sent an email once the announcement was posted on Facebook. So 40 people out of 350 meant there were a lot of people who wouldn’t be able to watch a demo.
It was a very interesting experience, and I think I would attend another one in the future for sure. Depending on the area of the world they are in, the people who organize the blythecons are all different. I know some of the past ones were even in hotels, which I think I would prefer. I am looking forward to finding out more about Blythecon 2014 which will take place in Seattle, and hopefully by then my other gal will have some proper hair.