my pajaki

I didn’t get any finished photos of my chandelier during crafternoon, but took a few photos the next day. I love how cheerful and festive they are! I am going to move mine up to the studio and hang it over my workspace. I am very tempted to make another even larger one some time soon.

August Crafternoon

For August’s crafternoon we made pajaki paper chandeliers. You can find some interesting history on the pajaki here, as well as links to instructions. I didn’t get photos of everyone’s creation, but it was so much fun to see how very different they all turned out! We used food color dyed coffee filters (these were so much fun to make ahead of time!), tissue paper, coffee stirrers, quilting thread, wire and paper.
We did white elephant as always, but this time there was just four of us with gifts so it went by very quickly!

Thrifted House

I bought this little Fisher Price house at the thrift shop, because that face was too cute to leave behind. The thing is, it is pretty dirty and I am at a loss on how to clean it. Most of the things that make it so adorable are basically paper stickers, so I am wary about using cleaners or anything that might get it wet. Any tips? I’d love to hear what you do to clean up vintage toys.

Mug Rugs

Recently I decided to sew myself some new mug rugs. I like using these under a cup of coffee, or as potholders. I just sandwich a few squares of felt between two fabrics I love and quilt it. This time I made sure to sew mitered corners, though I’m still learning, so you can see the strawberry one is a bit messed up. I find when I stitch the back side down by hand rather then machine I do a much better job. I even made myself a few Halloween ones because it’s never too early.