moonlight maze

The friday before crafternoon my friend Katie and her little boy came up to spend the night, and so we could all head to the moonlight corn maze not too far from our house. We got peppermint mochas to take into the maze because it was a rather chilly night, but the maze ended up being filled with some of the craziest deepest mud. B even got his shoe stuck at one point and could not pull it out with his foot still in it (resulting in a few muddy steps taken just in a sock!) I was the only one in the group wearing boots so we didn’t end up doing too much of the maze (although this maze is over 6 miles long!) They did have a hay maze that the kid’s loved built inside a barn like area, so that kept them busy for the rest of the evening.

Paper Pumpkin DIY

Today I wanted to share a DIY with you that was inspired by a vintage die cut cardboard jack o’ lantern from 1940, that I loved, but it sold for $67. So I decided to sit down and try and recreate my own. As you can see my jacks are two different colors. I had the files printed two different days at Staples, with over a month of time in between, so it’s kind of funny how different the oranges are.
Please feel free to make a pumpkin or two for your holiday decorating. Just please remember this DIY is for your own personal use and may not be sold, or changed in any way.
1. First print out the jack o’ lantern there will be two pages.
2. I used my Xyron XM1255 to create a permanent adhesive on the backs, you can also use spray glue. Then attach your pumpkin sheets to card stock.
3. Use an x-acto knife to cut your pumpkin out. For the side pieces leave them as long as possible for now, it makes it easier to assemble.

4. Next attach the face pieces behind, my favorite kind of glue to use on paper projects is 3m Scotch Quick-dry Tacky Adhesive it really dries quick but gives you a lot more hold then something like a glue stick.

5. Once dry you are going to feed your side pieces through. The longest part sits against the bottom, and then you just carefully pull each long strip through the cut holes.
6. Next one by one you will trim the strip and glue it down to the pumpkin. Hold each strip end down until it dries (it will be quick with the scotch glue)

You can punch little holes near the top and add a string or wire handle, fill it with some tricks & treats and you are good to go! If you make one, please post a link-I’d love to see!

October Crafternoon

October’s crafternoon was yesterday afternoon and is always a favorite of mine! I asked that everyone come in costume (if they could) and we had a costume contest with voting ballots and prizes for 3 people. It was so much fun! I didn’t get photos of everyone’s costumes but I dressed as a middle age man (sort of looked like Saturday Night Live’s Pat but with a mustache) I found everything for my costume at thrifts. From my Cosby sweater to my elastic waist jeans. We also had a Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service, a mushroom, a lumpy space princess, Megan Draper, Courtney Love, a cupcake, a deer, a Walmart associate, a tardis, and a cat.
Jessee made her jack o lantern macarons, and everyone brought potluck goodies! The craft was sort of scattered this month, sort of a make halloween themed accessory but without any real direction, and made me realize I need to plan something a bit more carefully next month. I was supposed to even have shrinky dinks for jewelry, and forgot all about it. But besides that I think it was still a fun time! We did our white elephant gift swap (but Halloween themed), the costume contest, and enjoyed all the crazy good food. I can’t believe the next crafternoon I am planning is Thanksgiving!! Where has this year gone to?

Halloween Mixer 2013

It’s finally time for my Halloween mixer! I made up mixed cd’s for today’s crafternoon. I used a vintage Halloween book for the cd cover, and just changed the text.

Halloween Mix 2013 from mypapercrane on 8tracks Radio.

Above is the embedded playlist for you to play. If for any reason you can’t play it here-you can go play it on 8tracks here.
You can also check out my previous years mixes here.