Mug Rugs

Recently I decided to sew myself some new mug rugs. I like using these under a cup of coffee, or as potholders. I just sandwich a few squares of felt between two fabrics I love and quilt it. This time I made sure to sew mitered corners, though I’m still learning, so you can see the strawberry one is a bit messed up. I find when I stitch the back side down by hand rather then machine I do a much better job. I even made myself a few Halloween ones because it’s never too early.

Thrifted Chairs

When B and I went on our PA Adventure to pick up the auction goodies we happened upon these beautiful chairs at a thrift shop. We hadn’t even planned to stop in the thrift shop, but I noticed it when we pulled over to get gas, and we still had half an hour to kill before we could go to the auction house. The chairs were only $5 each and in such dreamy colors. Now we have 4 different old school chairs around our dining room table.


Thomas and I had a nice Thursday in Leesburg & Lucketts VA recently. We found this adorable pie shop when we were searching for coffee, and of course we had to stop in for some pie! Then we had to stop in The Old Lucketts Store, to peruse the vintage treasure. We found an amazing glass front cabinet that would of been perfect for a space in our house, but it ended up that it was double sided. With glass front doors on both sides. It seemed such a shame to buy it and push it up against a wall, so we left it behind for someone who needed a double sided cabinet to find.