Easter Sunday we had a great day at home. Tom had the day off of course. We slept in, then had brunch with liege waffles. Then we spent the afternoon outside cleaning up the yard and garden for planting. We also planted some new lilac bushes, it was perfect yard work weather. We tried to teach Sirius to play fetch with a frisbee. He didn’t care about the frisbee no matter how hard we tried, he just likes big sticks.
Of course there were also Easter baskets, too much candy, and some lazy movie watching on the couch in the evening. We didn’t make a big traditional Easter meal either, in fact we made a big cheesy pizza pie instead. It was perfect! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!


I’ve been working on some new really big terrarium scenes. Here is a little peek, I am almost out of green felts, so I’ve had to order more before I can get back to working on them.
My terrariums are completely hand sewn, so its the best time for catching up on movies and shows. It’s sometimes hard to watch stuff when I’m sewing on my machine, even with headphones. For machine sewing I like listening to podcasts or music best. I’ll do a post soon on movies and shows I’ve been into lately, and would love to hear any recommendations that you love.

Dyeing Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs on Thursday. B had a half day to start off his Spring break (which is just one day-Friday, because of all the snow days they’ve had)
This year we tried a few different things. We all really hate the smell of vinegar so in place of that acid I used lime juice I had on hand with the food dyes, and it worked great. Smelled really lovely too!
We used Paas Egg Color Snaps for the first time. They are really fun to snap, and can make interesting tie dye effect on eggs that are still wet from dyeing, but if you want to draw on your eggs with them the color comes out a little too fast and thick for that. I did draw the swirls on the egg above, but it did run a little as it dried. I found these sticks at the grocery store.
We used this Dudley’s Spin an Egg egg spinner and that was a big hit, I picked it up on a whim at Target. It comes with a gel that works really well, but we liked using plain food coloring in it. Thats how we got those radiant red eggs above.
The last new thing we tried this year was Dyable Craft Eggs which I stumbled upon at Walmart, and thought were kind of genius! They’d be great for anyone who had an egg allergy that prevented them from handling real eggs, someone who was vegan and didn’t want to use real eggs, or someone who wants to dye eggs to keep but doesn’t want to go through the trouble of blowing out the shells. They worked pretty well with the dyes but come out slightly more pastel. You do have to hold them down in the cups of dye because they want to float, but the texture of the egg feels really cool because whatever coating they have on them feels like a real shell.
This post is not sponsored in any way, just real things we bought and I thought I’d share. However the links I used above are amazon affiliate links, so if you buy something through my link I will get a small Amazon credit.

Blythe Party!

A few weekends ago my friend Jessee had a Blythe get-together at her house. She did a blog post about it with lots of great photos here.
It was lots of fun, and I worked on my reroot (which is taking me years!!) Of course my tiny crochet hook snapped off about half way through the party and so I didn’t get very much added to it. Some day I will have a rainbow haired Blythe, it just might take a few more years.
As much as I love planning out and hosting crafternoon each month, it is so much fun to be able to get myself ready & head to someone else’s house for a fun get together :)