Regional Candy Swap


I have been down and out with some sort of stomach flu, but wanted to get some photos from the candy swap posted. I have been getting emails and links from swappers-so it looks like almost everyone has received theirs now. My amazing package came from Iris Yadira Rivera who lives in Puerto Rico. You can see she went completely overboard, what an amazing assortment of fun candy! I haven’t been able to try any of it yet, because I wanted to get photos first, and then I got sick. But I am looking forward to it!
You can see some of the other swaps here:
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If yours is not listed above, please leave a comment and I’ll add it! :) But for now I am back to laying around drinking ginger tea and some plain rice….exciting time!

I’ve been working on some silly new fabric patterns, trying to add loads of crazy little things going on in each. I realized when I’ve been sewing lately that some of my favorite fabrics to use have all kinds of things happening, so I wanted to try it in my fabric. I’ve ordered proofs and will post again when they come in. I do have a new set of library inspired fabrics already up for sale over at Spoonflower, but I never posted photos!
The middle one is just in the beginning stages, but will be all about baking.

Animal Crossing Birthday Invites

animal crossing invites :
March is approaching and that means it’s almost time to celebrate B’s 11th birthday! He got a 3DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf for Christmas (which has been so much fun because now we can play together!) One night recently he said “I think I want to have an Animal Crossing themed party, we could design outfits and print out the little QR codes to include in the goodie bags” Yep, super exciting! So we have been having lots of fun planning out all the details.
For the invites we decided on bell bags. These are the little sacks of money you have in the game, we included some chocolate coins (bells) and then the invite which is printed on a leaf (card stock) also from the game. I even found an Animal Crossing font to use for all the info.
If you’d like to make your own, I have some easy instructions below!
You’ll need:
-Invite & Star Pdf
-Jute or Burlap Bags, I got mine at Hobby Lobby $3.99 for a 3-pack. You can purchase larger quantities online like 4×6 pack of 50 if you plan on having a big party!
-red cord
-inkjet printable iron on transfers for the stars
-needle with a large eye for threading the string through bags
-Chocolate Gold Coins

First cut the existing string off of the bag, and remove. Bell bags in animal crossing have red string. Next follow the instructions on your iron on transfers to print your stars. Cut out and position on the bag and iron in place. Since the bags are woven I found it helped after ironing while the transfer was still warm (not hot) to gently press into the bag with my finger. You might want to wear a glove or use a potholder to help press down.

Now thread your needle with a length of string about 8-10 inches long. Weave the needle in and out going around the entire bag and bringing both ends out on the same side. Tie these in a knot. Now do the same thing with another length of string only make sure the ends come out on the opposite side. This way when you pull both string knots the bag will close smoothly.

Print out your invites, tuck them into the bags with a few chocolate bells and your ready to mail them out! We will be shipping ours out in small padded envelopes this weekend.
**the amazon links on this blog entry are amazon affiliate links and I will earn a small percentage of amazon credit if you make a purchase using them :) My book shelf thanks you!

Regional Candy Swap

With the snow day after snow day around here, I thought it might be fun to host a regional candy swap. Brighten up your mail box and maybe fall in love with a candy you’ve never even heard of! Please read all the instructions before signing up!
For now this swap will be limited to people living in the USA (just to see how it goes with shipping & tracking) But eventually I think it would be fun to try an international swap.
1. I will match you up with a partner in a different part of the USA. You will be sending & receiving from the same person. Do not sign up if you will not be able to send for any reason. Only sign up if you are completely sure you will fulfill your end of the swap. We wouldn’t want anyone left out. I will close the sign up form once I reach twenty people, just to keep it manageable this time around.
2. For now you must have a website or active blog to sign up. This is just so there is some accountability. I ask that everyone make a post with what they receive and I’ll compile links to all the posts on another blog entry. It will be fun to see what people send and receive!
3. Okay for the swap, you must be willing to buy at least $15 worth of regional,fun, or unusual candy package it up and mail with delivery confirmation. You don’t have to send priority mail, but your package must have a tracking number. Try to think about candy that can usually only be found in the area you live.

I will send you an email in a couple of days with your partner’s state and email-then you contact one another for addresses, and discuses any allergies or dietary restrictions. Packages must be mailed out by March 1st, and tracking number emailed to your partner by March 1st.

Okay this round is closed!