Halloween Pumpkin Gourd Wreath

You might remember my Halloween tutorial from last year, painted pumpkins and gourds. I turned those fellas into ornaments for my Halloween tree. This year I decided I wanted to make more, and turn them into a wreath for the front door.

I used a 16 inch doubles wire wreath that I found at Hobby Lobby, but I’ve seen similar ones at Michaels. They are wire, but have funny little sprigs of greenery (in this case the little pine parts were black, spooky good for Halloween) I painted a bunch of faux gourds and pumpkins, then twisted some wire and shoved it into the back of each (most of them it went in really easy, but a few I had to poke a small hole with a pencil to help the wire break through the “skin”) Then I put a little hot glue over the hole/around the wire to help keep it glued in place.

I started with my biggest pumpkins and wired and then glued them around my wreath, then I just went in and kept wiring/gluing until the whole thing was covered. Once I got a bunch in I even started gluing the gourds and pumpkins together where they touched. Since everything is wired in place, it helped it feel extra sturdy. If you are going to hang outside in an area that will see rain I would spray each pumpkin before making the wreath with a clear top coat.

Ocean City MD

We spent Labor Day weekend in Ocean City MD celebrating our friend’s 14th birthday. He and my son have been friends since birth (born only 6 months apart) and he said he wanted to spend his birthday at the beach with his best friend.
Saturday was rainy and windy, though things cleared up in the evening so we got to walk to dinner and walk on the beach. During the rain we opted for a used bookstore and the boys played game after game of laser tag. Sunday though was a beautiful day, We went to a place on the bay for a breakfast of omelets & crepes. Then we walked the entire length of the boardwalk, played skee ball, took some photobooth photos, got a fortune from Voltar, bought some t-shirts that change color in the sun, had some Fractured Prune (hot donuts), and watched a Harry Potter movie marathon that was going on whenever we were back in our room going to sleep.