25th Annual Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fabric Fair

Last Wednesday it was the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fabric Fair. As soon as my son was dropped off at school we headed over and ended up in line about 30 minutes before the doors opened. I would say at this point there was probably 25-30 people in line ahead of us and that was pretty good! I thought there would be a lot more, but I think the cold rainy day may have kept a few people from coming early.
Since I had just recently cleaned out the whole studio I tried to be very thoughtful & restrained about my purchases.
I got this bag of cut hexies and the fabrics are just beautiful! It looks like they might make tiny 1 inch hexagons.
I got a clip in type embroidery “hoop”. I already own one of these, but this was a larger size. Some cross stitch and linen fabrics.
Really cute Campbell Kids embroidery transfers.

Only a little bit of fabric this year. I actually didn’t see much fabric I liked this year. I am not sure if my tastes have changed, or I just missed the cute stuff.
This adorable applique project.

And probably my most favorite find this bunka doll! I already have one larger size doll that I found awhile ago at a antique shop, but in all my days of antique & thrift store shopping these are the only two I have ever seen. This gal was $1!!

The fabric fair runs for four days, and after the big initial rush of the first opening morning I’ve found that the following days are very relaxed, no crowds and some times you even have the whole yarn room to yourself. I did go back a few times to look slowly through the items like the button bins, and the room of playpens which hold all the yarn. I ended up with 7 skeins of yarn (various wools, and alpacas) for $7! I can only imagine some of the amazing yarn that was there on day one!
As always I look forward to the Fabric Fair each year, the best kind of treasure hunting I know!

Happy Hexies

When creating my quilt for the show at the Fuller Craft Museum I designed a fabric of rainbow squares with my illustrations. These were created so that once cut up I could create hexagons using the english paper piecing method. A few people expressed interest in getting that fabric when I posted a peek of my hexagon making on instagram, so I decided to create a whole new fabric to offer for sale on Spoonflower. The fabric for the show quilt fit on a fat quarter and I wanted to challenge myself to fill one yard of fabric with 168 different characters. While some illustrations are similar (there are a few gnomes but they are each wearing different colored clothing and hats) each illustration is different. You can now find the fabric at Spoonflower here.
Spoonflower is also currently offering 15-20% off fabric through until 10am EDT Monday May 9th!

Upcoming Show-CounterCraft: Voices Of The Indie Craft Community

CounterCraft: Voices of the Indie Craft Community
Fuller Craft Museum
455 Oak Street, Brockton, MA 02301
May 7, 2016 – July 10, 2016
This exhibition will showcase the boundless imagination of the makers and designers in the DIY culture and the principles upon which it has developed. The “indie craft” movement encourages makers to express their unique viewpoint on the world through one-of-a-kind objects created with elevated technical skill, new or traditional craft techniques, and a modern design aesthetic. This exhibition is curated by Faythe Levine, a multi-media artist and curator with deep ties to the Indie Craft Movement. Faythe directed the documentary, Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design (2009) and authored the book by the same name. This exhibition was made possible by generous support from the Gretchen Keyworth Exhibitions Fund. Be sure to attend the reception on Saturday, May 7, 2:00 – 5:00 pm with a panel discussion led by Faythe Levine and a screening of her documentary “Handmade Nation.”
The exhibition features the following artists:
Elaine Bay
Ginger Brooks Takahashi
Tracy Bull
Liz Collins
Betsy Greer
Heidi Kenney
Xander Marro
New Craft Artists in Action (NCAA)
Erin M. Riley
Caitlin Rose Sweet