I have been slowly working on a quilt. I know I have made quilts in the past, but they were usually a hodgepodge of fabrics with no real pattern used. I decided this time to use 12 inch foundation piecing blocks to make up my quilt front. I used a combination of patterns I found at Wombat Quilts, and Sew What Sherlock.
I ended up including a 24 inch box in there and really liked how it looked. I’ve finished sewing it together and even quilted it at this point. I will be sure and get it outside to get some photos of the whole thing very soon! One of my favorite features was a suggestion by my friend Jessee. I was talking to her about the backing fabric and its need to be pieced from two pieces of fabric due to size and she suggested adding a line of blocks to the back so there wasn’t just a seam. I made a bunch of 8 inch blocks and I love the effect. I have already started on my next quilt with Halloween fabrics.

Art & Disney

When we were at Disney in April I knew I wanted to make sure and check out Mary Blair’s beautiful tile mural in the Contemporary Resort. Seven stories high the mural consists of 18,000 hand-painted tiles!! Below are a couple of photos I took at The Polynesian of concept art by Mary Blair.


New Friends

I already posted about these guys on Instagram…but thought I’d share here. I’ve been working on a little story with these characters and have been drawing them for a few months, but decided to bring them to life with some clay, fabric, and paint. I’m not finished, but they are fun to work on now and again when I have some time. There is Cry-Baby Ghost…he doesn’t talk, just lots and lots of tears as he is always getting hurt (or thinking he has some new illness), then there is Cobweb the spider. She’s a needle work expert. Knitting and crochet are her passions, no surprise with all those arms. Then there is Granny the head of the house who keeps everything running smoothly. Then there are the cookie people always causing mischief of some kind or another.

Just Two Words: Sewing & Diamond

I am a bit behind on posting my Just Two Words Projects, so here is one from a couple of weeks ago. Jessee chose sewing and I picked diamond. We decided to make a simple mug design that week because we each had a lot going on. I admit I wasn’t super into this design and changed things a bunch of times before throwing in the towel and settling for this one. Still its always a fun challenge to see what we can each get done.