2014 in (about) 12 photos


Another year has come and gone and I always like to reflect back on the year with a blog post highlighting about twelve photos, which is really hard to narrow it down to. You can see 2013 and 2012 here.
In 2014:
-I hosted 9 crafternoons (same as last year, only two months without!)
-there was an animal crossing birthday party
-roadtrips, but mostly all within Pennsylvania
-Molly and I hit the mother load on two different occasions with cake toppers, and spun cotton toppers
-I made a bunch of fabrics including the kitty loaf which was a middle of the night idea
-we started letterboxing again
-we grew a bunch of pumpkins in our garden and got to carve them all on Halloween
-I made some little things out of clay (need to make more!)
-I became obsessed with cute bugs with faces
-launched the Plush of The Month Club
-celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary
-went to two lego/brick fairs
-grew a million tomatoes
-saw an alpaca give birth
and so much more! This was the first year I decided not to do any craft shows, but did ride along with Molly to help her sell at her very first one. Looking back at my goals last year to “make more, travel more, try new things, and read 50 books” Well I did make lots this year (POM club helped with that), there was barely any traveling, and I can’t even think about any new things I may have tried. So kind of a bust there, haha. As for the books I started off really strong and finished about 16 books before Summer, but then nothing.
I’ve decided to still set goals for this year and aim this time for 25 books in a year. I’ve also like to get back into a regular routine of working out on my elliptical, and doing a lot more cooking. I’d like to finally create a handmade vinyl toy that I’ve been mulling over for the last couple of years. I even made a mold, but then of course had changes I wanted to make to it. I’d like to spend more time working on terrariums as I really enjoy the hand sewing aspect of those, and create more complete fabric collections for Spoonflower instead of one off fabrics here and there. It will be nice to look back next year and see how my list pans out.

POM November

Just a quick rewind to the boxes of Plush Of The Month Club that shipped out November 1st…..turkey-free plush turkey legs and little bags filled with candy. As you can see I didn’t get very good photos in November, but I have way better ones to share of December’s box!


Early in December I took a weekend road trip with Molly to Pittsburgh. She was going to be selling her adorable goods at her very first craft show Handmade Arcade. It was so much fun to get to go along and be her helper, and she did so great! She even wants to do more now, which is always a great sign.
We took Route 30 to Pittsburgh which is the fun scenic way. The weather was pretty rainy and dreary but we got to stop at thrift and antique shops along the way. We even stopped into the Pie Shoppe Bakery for some amazing donuts.
We started the drive home right after the show, but ended up stopping in at a hotel for the night about an hour outside the city. It worked out really well because Sunday the weather was beautiful and we stumbled upon Green Gables which was offering Sunday brunch and a free photo with Santa. We also hit up a few more antique malls and I’ll have to get photos of the fun things I found. A few were Christmas gifts, and a few for myself. You can see the fun salt and pepper shakers I found on our way to Pittsburgh above. Can’t wait for our next road trip!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! I know my blog has been pretty quiet through out the whole holiday season, but I am hoping to play catch up over the next few weeks.
I came down with pneumonia right after Halloween, and it really knocked me out much more then I expected. Besides making sure I was caught up with my normal work stuff (POM, license design stuff, etc.) there just wasn’t a lot of time left for blogging.
Here are a few peeks from our home this holiday season. We did our normal white tree, and real tree. This year’s real tree was extra skinny to fit into a space without moving furniture around, and it worked out well!
I’ve been enjoying these few days after Christmas to clean up my computer which was loaded down with three years worth of photos. I ordered prints, made a slideshow dvd, and now I am looking forward to starting a new year (and promising myself to be a bit better with photo organization, but we will see ;)