In May my husband, youngest son and I took a trip to London England for a week. I had been dreading the overnight flight with an hour layover in Iceland, but in all honesty it really wasn’t that bad at all. We slept very little on the plane but still managed to make it through the first day with a short nap right before dinner.
We had really amazing weather the whole trip. Every day was sunny and in the 60’s. It was wonderful sweatshirt weather. I’m going to try and list some of the things we did below incase you ever want to take a trip to London, and find it helpful.
We stayed at Kip Hotel in Hackney Downs. It was super conveniently located right next to the London Overground Hackney Downs station. I know a few reviews online said they could hear the train, or that they booked a room that didn’t have windows. However we never heard the trains at all and booked a suite with windows, a small kitchen, and a couch. The hotel offers free espresso drinks any time of day or night, which I took full advantage of. We got a great deal for the room, and I’d stay there again.
When we arrived we added £30 onto an oyster card for each of this. This card allows you to use London Underground, Overground, buses, and some trains. They have a wonderful app that lets you put in your location and where you are heading, and it makes it so easy to get around using the London transit. Again highly recommend.
Before we went on the trip I was worried about getting around without data on my phone. I checked with Sprint and they offer low speed data and texting included with our plan, and for $25 for a week I could add overseas high speed data to any of our phones. I thought this was a great deal and we added it to my phone to make using the underground app easy, and help with anything we might need to look up even if we didn’t have wi-fi. And it worked perfectly.
Anyhow we had an amazing time, and were all so glad we finally made the trip. Below is a list of all the things we saw and did….
Paddington Bear Statue
Tesco This grocery store was in walking distance from our hotel and there is nothing as fun as visiting a grocery shop while traveling for inexpensive souvenirs like candy, a £4 Orla Keily reusable shopping bag, and food to try.
Kip Hotel
-Moomin shops (there are two) Camden Market and Covent Garden
Warner Bros Harry Potter Tour
MinaLima for Harry Potter fans!
Hardy’s Sweets
V&A Museum Of Childhood
Jack The Ripper Museum
Highgate Cemetery Tour we did the East & West admission
Walrus And Carpenter Pub
and of course all the normal touristy things like Buckingham Palace, The Eye, Westminster Abbey, Tower Of London, and Tower Bridge.


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Photos from December..

Here are a few photos from my phone all taken in December…
Here is a big wrinkly quilt I made my sister for Christmas, it’s not my finest work, there are a few areas I’d love to requilt…but I hope it will be used and once washed the things that bother me will hopefully be less noticeable.
I spent a lot of time in the ceramic studio. This fancy photo was taken in the studio bathroom, and I probably looked like this most days..messy hair.

I was very pleased to sell a lot in the ceramic studio shop this December. Selling online is great but it does mean photos and then packing up breakable items to ship. Selling in the studio shop is as easy as attaching a tag! The day I was working on the witches we had a bunch of carolers come in and sing. I’m sure they were thinking “what is this weirdo doing making ceramic witches days before Christmas!”
I found this gingerbread doll at an antique shop a few years ago and have never been able to find anything about it online, not even any other photos. I tried searching old cut and sew printed fabrics too because it looks like it might possibly be one, but no luck. This year I drew the gingerbread and printed two sizes with Spoonflower. I made the tiny ones into bean bags but want to turn them into ginger scented sachets before next year. I also found this silly Santa at the thrift shop and brought him home with me.
My husband bought me this rubber chicken coin purse for Christmas but gave it to me early, I use it to hold my meter change and whenever I get it out to feed the meter it makes me smile! I did so much baking in December. I made so many batches of these cinnamon scones, homemade bread followed by my first bread pudding later in the week with some of the leftover bread, and of course cookies galore.
We’ve been having some bitter cold around our area the past few days so I’ve been making lots of soups and stews for meals. Tomorrow I have plans to bake banana bread, throw some mugs, and finish up some plush ice cream cones for a Valentine shop update I’m planning for the end of January. I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start.