Yesterday was filled with sewing, packing orders, and mailing (like most days).

Then consisted of (not exactly in order photo-wise) -a trip to the farmer’s market with Amanda, -a cookout with Thomas involving some pretty amzing BBQ vegan-ribs, -and fawning like a mother over the tomatos and peppers that I actually grew! (prior to this summer I would have sworn myself to have a brown thumb.) I feel so proud to have finally embraced working with plants. This summer I have grown flowers from seed, nurtured my sister’s sad brown daisies back to life, and rescued two lifeless hydrangas and turned them into blooming beautiful mini-bushes…woohoo just one more type of “sowing” to enjoy ;)

I attribute my newly discovered gardening nature to my dad and his side of the family. My dad has always grown things and spends a great deal of time working in his yard. For Father’s day + birthdays instead of ties or shaving kits my father gets seeds, and gardening tools. His father (who also knits and crochets in addition to gardening) has always had big fruit + vegetables gardens that sadly I never appreciated as much as I do now. Quite sad how that always seems to happen…

BBQ rewind

Yesterday was lots of fun, filled with family, too much food, and of course fireworks. Everyone came over around noon, and everyone brought food as well. Thomas’s parents and grandfather from Chicago came..they brought meat for the carnivores and his mother’s famous “pink stuff”.

My parent’s came bearing homemade macaroni salad, and my little neice (who is only 6 months old).

Sean, Amanda, and E came with a tray of chocolatly cupcake goodness, so as you can tell there was far too much food!

I didn’t get photos of all the food, because frankly I was too busy talking + eating myself, haha. The sunflower burgers turned out really delicious. I used a recipe I found here (I followed the recipe called Open-Faced Sunshine Burgers) The only thing I could not find was millet, so I added a half cup more quinoa, and a half cup more sunflower seeds to the recipe. They turned out pretty darn tasty!

The asparagus pesto pasta salad was from this blog, and was fun to make since I have never toasted pine nuts before, and got to use basil from my own plants.

The grilled peaches were just peaches we had halved and pitted. We then filled each pit-hole with a crumb topping mixture of brown sugar, butter, and spices. Once grilled it tasted like a mini peach cobbler.

The pineapple up-side-down cakelets are the same ones I made from Easter….and I guess that is about it, recipe wise.

After everyone left in the evening we took the kids and walked to the local highschool for the fireworks + town Jubilee. It actually got a bit breezy and cool in the evening, and by the time we walked back home afterwards it was close to 11pm! I did work on a little bit of embroidery while we waited for it to get dark in the park, but I will have to take some photos of those later + post.

BBQs + Family visits

Tomorrow (like a lot of people out there) we will be having a big family BBQ at our house. I am excited for two reasons…#1 I get to cook for lots of people, and his brings me great joy. #2 I get to “have a day off” and work on selfish projects through out the day.

This of course includes lots of embroidery. I picked up some new grey + brown linen, and floss for the occasion.

As for cooking the menu (on our end) includes:
♥ sunflower burgers
♥ grilled corn on the cob
♥ asparagus pesto pasta salad
♥ roasted vegetables
♥ grilled peaches
♥ pineapple upside down cakes
♥ sun tea



Today has been a day of errands and sewing work. Post office trips, picking up coffee beans, and one small stop at an Antique shop. Our household also tried lychee fruits for the first time this week. You can see them photographed above with some very sweet blackberries!

The lychees have this fun outer shell that peels off really easily (and looks like a little bathing cap when you peel it off one half at a time). The fruit itself is a milky white color, and looks a lot like an albino oversized grape. Sadly the poor lychee fruit was not very popular in our house. I cannot even say that I liked it myself. I am glad I tried them. They didn’t taste “badly” I am just not a fan of grape/cherries and tend to sway away from round little balls of fruit covered in skin…not my favorite fruit texture at all.

Someone asked where we had found the gooseberries from my previous post, and both of these fruits were found at a local grocery shop called Martins. They have a nice selection when it comes to fruits + veggies.

Anyhow back to the sewing work for now, while the kiddos are entertained with a table full of playdoh!


Many of you have probably already heard about the goodness that is Felt Club. If not you may be asking…”what is this Felt Club you talk about?” Well…Founded in May 2006, Felt Club is a craft fair featuring the best and brightest of the SoCal craft scene. Vendors show off a wide variety of handmade goods, including handbags and jewelry, baby gifts and paper products, clothing and housewares, one-of-a-kind plushies and original artwork. The offerings may vary, but what our vendors have in common is quality, originality, and fun.

Felt Club is the brain child of the talented (have you seen her crazy precise sewing work? seriously) Ms. Jenny Ryan (you might know her as Sew Darn Cute, and really… she is!) Her husband (also a major talent) Johnny Ryan designed the mascot Gluey for Felt Club. You can see his illustration above.

I had the great pleasure of bringing Gluey to plush life last week! Now that he has arrived in California and I’ve seen Jenny posting photos on Flickr, I think it is safe for me to post about!

Gluey was quite fun to make, and a pretty good house guest while he was here. Although he did have a bad habit of drinking milk out of the carton, and leaving the toilet seat up in the middle of the night..he will be missed.

I actually am planning on applying to the Winter Felt Club, and perhaps will get to see old Gluey again someday soon! If you live near LA you should check out the Summer Felt Club that is coming up soon. July 15th to be exact at the Ukrainian Cultural Center. Jenny is planning all kinds of amazing looking door prizes, and goodies for swag bags, wish I could be there!