the week alphabet

A. My boys had their cousin spend the night last night, so this morning I picked up three adorable snowmen dounts at the grocery store. Although I was careful as I could be, placed them into the front seat and everything… one quick turn and the box slide onto its side!

B. Thrifted vintage fabric, its a terry cloth style. I love the little happy flowers!

C. Found little baskets of peeps ($1.00 for all) at this funny little craft supply store that my mom and I visited. The little shop must only stay in business thanks to word of mouth because its is really far back on a country road. They have a great supply of pom-poms there, and you can always find odd little goodies like these chicks.

D. Dug out a bag of Barbie skirts this week when looking for my staple gun in the attic. I had originally bought these skirts to sew onto the bottom of a skirt of my own. I think instead I might just frame them all together.

E. Two little ducks (for the upcoming Easter baskets) these were also found at the little craft supply shop and were .10 each.

F. Paper flowers, I love these because tonight we are picking up supplies to make tissue paper flowers! We are all eager for spring, and I think making our own flowers for now will have to suffice.

G. Teapot found while thrifting with Thomas on his day off. It was $3 and too cute to resist its charms. I am trying to be very very selective when it comes to teapots, but sometimes its hard.

H. Thrifted airplane screen that I gave Tom, found it fo $1.00 and now it hangs near his workspace upstairs.

I. Last but not least my work bounty (wha? I dont just drive around and thrift all day long?) While that would be fun, haha sadly it is not the case. Three baskets of finished goodies means three wholesale orders down, and three left to go!

pin the tail

For awhile now I have been thinking about constructing something to hold my ever growing collection of pins. Every night when I take them off, I never know exactly where to stick them. Our bedroom is still the epitome of minimalism (a bed, stack of books, + pink lamp) So I did not have a place to lay them down. The bathroom which also seems a sensible place just didn’t have a spot either.

So rather then find a container that I would have to dig through I decided to use cork board + fabric to create a special home for all my well loved pins. I decided on a house shape since I figured the shapes would be easiest to cut. I based them on my little flat houses. They were a great project to use up some of the fabrics I have been hoarding, and I plan to post a tutorial for this on Monday (so check back!)

Here it is hanging in its new home, the upstairs bathroom. This of course is “pre-pin”. Now I have the task of rummaging through my coats, sweatshirts, and sweaters to find all those pins that were left on over time!

Here are also a few more blogs I have enjoyed as of late…

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Laurence Tureaud

On Wednesday Thomas and I drove all over. We made out way out to neighboring towns, explored thrift shops, and flea markets. Admist the bins of tupperware, barbies, and (my personal favorite) used underware with the waistband stretched out…we found a true treasure!

Handmade Mister T (remember those “soft” cabbage patch kits you could buy?) I love the fact that someone was so moved by their love of Mister T the recreated him in cabbage patch form. He has great gold necklaces, a camo jumpsuit, moccasins, feather/gold earrings, beard, and of course a yarn mohawk. What could be better then finding a Mister T doll? Well finding a Mister T doll that costs you .27 with tax. It was a good day indeed!

Then last night my mom spent the night with the boys so Tom and I went out to see the movie 23. I have to say it, I was quite dissapointed. Of course Tom also bought me an amazing present that I have been pining over for awhile now. Which I think well makes up for the movie being a bummer. Can you spot the new edition to my kitchen??

I don’t feel horrible for getting it, because a portion of the proceeds goes towards Breast Cancer research, and my old handheld died a few days ago. I was using it to make those cookies from my previous post and smoke began to come out of the top. I think I killed the motor from overuse…

Linky Linkerson

links today for your clicking enjoyment! Things that I have been enjoying lately + you might too!

The above cookies, which I used to fill the back of the truck (don’t worry inside a little plastic container due to all the powdered sugar goodness) I rolled half the dough in white ball sprinkle instead of powdered sugar just for something a little fun.

A blog about pom-poms, makes me want to dig out the pom pom makers and have a party.

Tigermilkshake love love love the illos

Mipa Lee’s flickr account, beautiful! I especially love the character illustration folder.

Cotton swab holder that I have been coveting since Christmastime.

Shim and Sons blog, such beautiful use of fabric!

Plush-a-holic blog, fellow plush maker/collector, love the eyes!

XT decor mag blog, loads of decorating eye candy

We Love Crafts online magazine, so nicely done…issue one is out now!

Pluckyfluff’s blog, did you know the amazing yarn queen now has a blog? She is documenting the process of putting together her second book, looks like its going to be amazing!

Art Star now has all the plush/paintings/etc that did not sell online for sale. There are still teapots, and mugs, etc. etc..

little red trucks

Sorry to have been quiet over here. It seems whenever I get rolling with the daily updates again, something steps in and its silence again for a few days. This past weekend my husband was involved in an auto accident. Thankfully + most importantly he is fine.

It was snowy icy day and he had started his drive to work. When coming up over the crest of a hill on our road he saw a car, sideways in his lane barreling toward him. Of course he swerved to avoid being hit, to the shoulder of the road. The bad part was this shoulder had a hill of snow and ice. When his passenger side tire hit the hill, it pushed the whole truck over on its side.

So my dear husband was sideways and had to crawl out of the passenger side window. As he climbed out the other driver hurried away from the scene, and that just really dissapoints me…. Anyhow he was totally fine, and that is all that really matters. His truck however had a lot of damage, and will be in the shop for almost a month being fixed to new……so, I made him this plush truck to keep him company meanwhile. Sure he can’t drive it, and heck it doesn’t even have headlights! But…you can fill the back with cookies, and seriously isn’t that all that matters sometimes?