Dinner Ghosts + Candy Sticks

Huge candy for your viewing pleasure. These are for another show thats coming up, I have some photos below that can show you just how big they are. I used a great thin vinyl to wrap them with.

Last night we had a small dinner party and I finally got to meet the lovely Kristen Davenport. If you remember she redesigned my website to the beauty it is today. She lives in Texas and is dating our friend Victor who works with my husband. Now get this….they did not meet through us! Such a small world, they meet online and then one day Victor gives her a link to my website saying she would like it, and she replies…yes, I made that site. haha…small world indeed! She is lovely + sweet + has the world’s cutest dimples!

Sean + Amanda came too. I made a veggie tofu/spinach lasanga and cupcakes for dessert. I was so excited about the cupcakes because I had read online if you mix 1 can of soda with 1 box of cake mix…you can bake it and it will turn out. I got excited and bought a can of diet rootbeer, and a box of white cake mix. My intention was to make rootbeer float cupcakes. I made a fluffy white whipped cream-like frosting, and crushed rootbeer barrels to sprinkle on top. (you can see them in the photo with Kristen + Victor)

The cupcakes were still good, but stuck in the wrappers a little bit…however they didn’t taste much like rootbeer. I think next time I would add a bit of rootbeer concentrate as well. We also roasted some marshmellows and Tom’s took on a little face! Sadly the photo didn’t come out so well, but you get the idea.

Banana who?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Banana split!
Banana split who?
Banana split so ice creamed!

This is one of the plushies for an art show coming up May 1st (dont worry I will post all the info on the news section tomorrow) While it is not a “classic” banana split, and does not have any whipped cream, I think it still gets the point across.

Sorry this post is a short one, but I am in the sewing mood and need to take advantage of that!

the week alphabet

woah I have been gone for quite a few days and I am very sorry. Things seem to just speed up in the Spring and the days fly by, and before I know it, it has been a week without a post! So lets play catch up a bit and try this again.

A. Mushroom shelf paper I found thrifting this week with Tom. This stuff is slightly plasticy, but came two rolls for .25. I think it will make a fun reusable wrapping paper. The thrift shop still had about ten rolls, so if your local and want to pick some up email me.

B. Spent Saturday night in Frederick at the opening of A Thousand Words. Tatto Artists Interpretations of Folklore. Thomas made a painting based on “rat king“, which I liked a lot…but it sold. A really nice show, got to see lots of old friends that I don’t see often enough, and of course hang out with people I see all the time but still love dearly like Sean + Amanda.

C. Amazing full sized sheet found thrifting this morning with my sister Heather. I have doubts that it is even supposed to be a sheet, but it is large enough to be a flat sheet.

D. I had a get together at my house this afternoon and made tons of food for it. This was the table before the guests arrived. My house was filled with 10 children under the age of 5, and only one of them was a girl. This is really the way it is in my group of friends, almost everyone seemed to birth boys!

E. More mushroom shelf paper, found at the same shop. This one feels exactly like wrapping paper and I might go back to buy the other roll I left behind.

F. The one photo I managed to take at said get-together this afternoon. Blurry with a kid-like-ghostie dancing through the middle!

This week also consisted of…large used book sales with my mom, sewing almost 80 slices of various bread, getting to see my younger sister and my 7 month old neice, another late night wafflehouse date with thomas, finishing two plush for an upcoming show, preparing to lay a brick patio with tom, and a partridge in a pear tree!

Skate or Die

The plush skateboard I have been working on and off on for the past few weeks is finally finished. This is for the Sk8 or Die show at Young Blood Gallery (Atlanta GA) coming up in May.

They basically send out 100 blank boards to 100 artists for the show. I did not actually use my board in my finished skateboard, but it was used as a pattern. (Don’t worry the gallery gave me the “ok” to sew plush) The fun part was finding material that looked like grip tape, and metal buttons that look a lot like screws. The construction was a little bit of a challenge and this is actually board #2, I scrapped the first one because it just wasn’t looking very good.

I debated for a long time about embroidering a design/or characters onto the bottom of the board, but in the end decided for a plainer “design” so the face would belong on the actual skateboard…instead of characters in the design. Does this make sense?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Earth day. We spent our at Caledonia State Park, picnicing + skipping stones.

ticky tacky

Last night the kids and I made up a batch of meringues. We added vanilla, food coloring, and some sprinkles to the top. I love the way they bake for over an hour, and end up crunchy and dry. The kids loved the way they hold peaks and look like whipped cream.

I’ve started reading The Giant’s House by Elizabeth McCracken this morning having just finished my last book, and I am in love. So sentences in the book give me pause. Time to soak it all in. I love the way she writes. I actually read a book of her short stories almost five years ago and had to order a copy because I could not find it anywhere. Meanwhile I picked up her other book (Giant) to read. I have been looking for her short stories book for a long time now, because it was something I had originally read through the library. I remembered reading a book of stories where one was about a tattooed lady. She had married a tattoo artist almost three times her senior, and many things about it stuck with me.

Now looking back (and being married to a tattoo artist) I wanted to find and re-read the book. Every time we have gone through our bookshelves I would check the short stories for this one book, to no avail. I finally realized it must have been a library book and have tried to google what I knew to find out the title..something. For some reason last week I must have googled the magic words, and lo and behold its called Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry.

Meanwhile…a little bit from The Giant’s House..

Books are a bad family— there are those you love, and those you are indifferent to; idiots and mad cousins who you would banish except others enjoy their company; wrongheaded but fascinating eccentrics and dreamy geniuses; orphaned grandchildren; and endless brother-in-law simply taking up sapce who you wish you could send straight to hell. Except you can’t, for the most part. You must house them and make them comfortable and worry about them when they go on trips and there is never enough room.