Ah skunked again.

So, again with Renegade preparations. I decided that it might be rather fun to have two or three little shoppers on my table. Something like this, or this. The first one has been started…a skunky boy. I need to make sure they are heavy on the bottoms and sturdy enough to stand. The plan for Skunky is that he will be pushing a little metal shopping cart filled with cupcakes.

Then I thought maybe a little blue bear kid with a lap full of cabbages, maybe a bunny with a grocery bag full of carrots. We shall see.

My little happy chap army is also ready! Now if I could just find a pink + white striped tent, with high peak in the middle and scalloped edging (and of course easy to set up) I think I would be all set!

A few things from the last couple of posts. Thanks for all the jam help! The jam itself set really well, its just it tasted sour. I think we figured out a lot of the berries are actually sour and thus the cause of the bad jam. I think we will try again later in the summer with good sweet berries. I also had a few questions about the jars. They are glass, and by Ball, and part of the new “Elite” collection, and quite lovely.

A few other things that have me excited..
♥ Seinfeld season 8 comes out soon, woohoo!
♥ the Hens+Chicks I picked up at a local nursey yesterday, hooray!
♥ it is almost Summer vacation, and this means day trips + local explorations…

Wednesdays are my Saturdays

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile might remember the “Sad Saps” I made back in 2005! Well I have finally come up with a newer version of these guys..called “Happy Chaps” and they of course are all smiles. Here they are above waiting to be stuffed and sewn shut.

I added little hangers to the top so they can hang around. A good excuse to use up vintage fabric and all this ribbon I have hoarded over the past couple of months. I think all of the guys ended up being made out of vintage fabrics!

Sorry for not posting yesterday like I had said I would. Since Tom is off on Wednesday, they tend to be our “weekend” around here (hence the title today). We did lots of yard + garden work, it was so nice. We also planted a beautiful Peony that my mom bought me. It brings me so much joy, haha its a bit crazy how happy flowers make me.

Then later on we made up a batch of pizza crust from Vegan With A Vengance. We made a regular cheese pizzza, and then some smaller ones loaded with all kinds of veggies. For dessert we used our ice cream maker (thanks again Jenny, love this thing) to make a batch of vegan pumpkin ice cream. I used this recipe that I found online except I substituted corn starch for the arrowroot because I didn’t have any on hand. I also used only 1 cup of soy creamer, and 2 cups of soy milk instead (otherwise we wouldnt of had creamer for morning coffee). It still turned out pretty darn delicious, thick and creamy. I made up a cookie sheet of pie crust to go with it, and served the frozen ice cream on cookie sized peices of crust while they were still warm. So good.

By the by I am not vegan, just trying to eat vegan whenever I can :)

the rule is…

jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today

No really, no jam today. While we carefully followed the recipe for strawberry jam, it came out a bit sour in taste. We will open and try jar #2 tomorrow….but I have a feeling the rule is going to apply then as well. Any expert jam makers out there have tips for us?

I’ve only ever made grape jelly before this, and that came out as a yummy grape syrup instead! Quite good on pancakes, but a little too runny for toast.

More tomorrow folks I promise, its too dark for good photographs tonight…sweet dreams!

Shiitakes + Strawberries

To celebrate the launch of Erick Scarecrow’s Shiitakes series, Esc-Toy Ltd. & Toyqube will be holding a D-I-Y Shiitake Parade June 2007. Erick sent me a shiitake to recreate into something for the show…you can see photos of the before shiitake here: www.toyqube.com/

I am fascinated with things that multiply. I am talking along the lines of Tribbles, Hens-and-chicks, and Friendship bread (which both disturbs and delights me, and yes I have made + eaten it). Thus inspiring my Shiitake to be something that represents “multiplying”!

The Shiitakes Parade will be held at Toyqube on 06/16/07 and all entries will be on display through 06/30/07 onsite and be available for purchase online.

Yesterday my sister came over and we took all the kids to pick strawberries at Baugher’s farm like last year. They have a fun little trolley train you ride down to the feilds, and it is always a nice time. Today we are creating a batch of strawberry jam with half of the berries.

Last night I made strawberry shortcakes from Vegan With A Vengance which I found when I bought the cupcake cookbook. I did also find Miranda July’s book and it was the only copy my local bookstore had! I finished it all in two nights, very very good reading!

the week alphabet

A. A giant bruised banana for an upcoming show. He is notquite finished yet. The peel you see on him now was just a test. His real peel will be speckled + bruised.

B. Pear-butt found the other night while picking up some fruits + veggies. Made the kids laugh out loud. Now all I need are some potato hearts and I will be set (see film below!)

C. Thomas and I around 4am waiting to board the plane to CA (in the background). Whenever we can we take reflective family photos. We have quite a stash now and the reason you have never really seen them before is they almost all contain the kids (and you know what freaks we are about posting the kids online and all ;) You can see a shot I took of the Bean and I on our last trip to Harrisburg here, but most of the photos look more like the airport one with warbly faces!

D. a “cake-face” this plush is for another art show. This one a collaboration with monster artist Paul Roberts. He sent out patterns of his monsters to various artists all over the world, and asked we do whatever we wanted with it.

E. Banana slug from Muir Woods. This fella was so big that at first glance I thought it was a snake!

F. Piles of pretty paper just asking to be made into some more collages…soon, soon.

That is all for today except I must really reccomend checking out the film The Gleaners and I(Glaneurs et la glaneuse, Les) Tom and I watched this earlier this week, and it was very lovely. I loved the way Agnes Varda skips around from gleaning fruits + vegetables, to things from dumpsters, to her own gleaning of information. See the potato hearts and think of me.

Today I am on the hunt for these two books…Vegan Cupcakes, and No One Belongs Here More Than You. ♥