Pittsburgh recap

This past Saturday was Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh. That morning my friend Katie and I loaded up our boys (I was down to just my three year old since my eleven year old was spending the weekend with his cousins) So we got both little boys up around 6am and headed toward Pittsburgh.

We arrived with only about an hour to set up and it had started to rain. So I pulled around front, loaded up a dolly (thank goodness Construction Junction had these) and we took everything in to the table. I then had to go back out and move my car to the back parking lot. They wanted to keep the main lot open for people coming to shop, which makes sense. The bad part was the whole place has a fence around it which meant I had to walk the whole way back in the rain, with only a sweathsirt on. We should have brought some umbrellas I suppose.

I felt very much like a raggamuffin after my rainy morning and then developed a throbbing headache as the day went on. For some reason the same thing happened to me the year before last at Handmade Arcade, I think its a mixture of lack of sleep, and getting ready haha. I apologize to anyone who tried to talk to me, im sure I was quite drowsy.

There was a really big crowd of people waiting to be let in, before the event opened. And a pretty big crowd the entire time. I as always really enjoyed it being inside Construction Junction and plan to make another trip out there as soon as possible. I have even more photos from the day on my Flickr account. Thanks to Katie who took all the photos because I had forgotten my camera in the car!

I just did a big shop update this afternoon. I am not sure yet what my plans are with the holidays and my webshop. We are under contract with our dream house (woohoo) and might be closing on it at the end of November. Of course this means moving, Thanksgiving, and getting ready for my trip to LA kind of all at once. So…I still have not decided how all that will work out. I do plan to post a big list of links of places you can buy my goods at as well. So even if you cant get it from my shop, you should be able to order it from somewhere. I will work on putting that together this weekend sometime. Meanwhile I have to take a trip to the post office now and then a trip to pick up boxes!

Dot Dot Dash

Everything is just about ready for the show. Today is packing, tagging, and other odds and ends. One of the hanging appliques is “hi” based off my “hi” plushies I would actually really love to make more letter plush, out of my huge fabric stash, all different colors and patterns. Then at a show people could dig through a big box of plush letters and make their own words.


Two super thick copies of the Dot Dot Dash book arrived yesterday. Not only is the book very thick and filled to the brim with toy goodness, it was also extremly generous of the publisher to send two copies!

Now I need to go and mail packages, answer email, and get everything in order for this weekend’s trip to Pittsburgh…see you again on Monday.


Last night I got everything ready to gocco print some little girls onto fabric. I thought I would then stuff and make little dolls of them, like the nurse dolls from before. Of course my gocco was on the shelf, but the top of it is no where to be found. The funny thing is last time I used it I remember thinking how I wanted to make sure to keep the two peices together on the shelf so it would be easy to use next time……So, it looks like the girls will not be made until next week. I am guessing the top of the gocco was put into a box and moved up into the attic sometime over the past few months.

One thing I am sure to have finished to bring with me this weekend, is these little wall hangings. I decided since all of the old ones have sold, that it was time to make some new ones. I even have a really big one of toasts with a toaster too.

Loads of other things are going on behind the scenes, stuff I will talk about soon! I always love November and December, the holidays, the hustle and bustle of it all!

Stove Ornaments that I covet for my own tree. I found out about these last year from Hillary’s post.

Refrigerator that we are considering buying if we can save all of our pennies for!

Readers in Taiwan?

I am trying to find out if anyone who reads my blog happens to live in Taiwan. I am trying to get a copy of a magazine called Bang, which had an article about me and my website (with lots of photos) I’d be happy to pay for a copy and shipping, and send you a happy little treat!