the livingroom

Here’s a story about Jelly Man Kelly
He loves jelly the most
ah but most of all Jelly Man Kelly
loves jelly on toast

The livingroom with my favorite newish chair. We got it on sale at Ikea (I never even knew Ikea had sales) The only bad part about the sale was so many things were out of stock. The bookshelves are also all Ikea, but only one is new. The new bookshelf is over half empty and this gives me great a excuse to pay a few more visits to the Wonderbook shop in Hagerstown. If you are local run out to Wonderbook all their books are $1 right now and the places is still filled with so many amazing used books.

They opened up a new store location (hence the $1 sale) But the old shop is really still jam packed. When Katie come over we spent atleast two hours going through books and loading our shopping baskets. To be honest we could have stayed even longer, it was the little ones who were ready to leave.

I have been trying to spend a little time each night reading in bed. I finished Lost by Gergory Maguire (the Wicked guy) and now I am reading a memoir called My Sister Life. Each of these books are hardcover $1.00 finds.


Today besides my normal work related tasks, I am busy packaging up some overdue thank you mail. I have received some lovely unexpected mail throughout the last year at my po box. Unexpected packages are some times the most fun!

I’ve got to gather more goodies before these can be sorted, wrapped, and sent…but soon soon!


The first photo is our “spice” rack now set up in the new house. Of course it does not hold one ounce of spice, but I think it works best for toys anyway.

The bottom photo was the sight of our diningroom table this morning as Tom and the kids went through boxes of his old toys. We have been slowly moving over boxes from the old attic, and going through them all is like a treasure hunt.

On New Year’s Eve I made the peppermint yule log cake below (Jenny’s was cuter), we took a trip to Ikea, and then took the kids to see Night At The Musuem. We came back home and toasted in the new year…B was asleep before midnight rolled around though.

Then on New Years day we ran some errands, Sean + Amanda came over and we made faux chicken pot pie and two pies. One was pumpkin, the other a pumpkin-cheesecake-crumb topping-make-up-as-we-go sort of thing. We all ate too much food, played Uno with humongous cards, and welcomed in the new year quite nicely.

a last bit of holiday

The next two days will be my last little bit of holiday. Tomorrow we have plans with the kids all day long, small car trips, and festive fun at night. Today was spending a bit of holiday with Katie and swapping gifts, then making a lasagna dinner with Sean + Amanda, then back home to create Jenny’s yule log cake for tomorrow night.

Another stolen photo for my blog, this one from Sean (and Amanda’s blog) I hope you have a happy, laughter filled new years eve. I’ll be back with updates on January 1st, as well as a newly opened webshop!

You can finish the year off with three holiday songs from Sean + Amanda (weleavefossils) I think they plan to take the songs down after the new year begins, so hurry and get your taste of holiday covers now, good stuff. Every year for the past five? I think five, years they have made a fun Christmas cd for loved ones. It is a special treat we look forward to every year.

Buttered Toast

Back in October I was asked to take part in a group show coming up near Valentine’s day in Tokyo Japan. I am very excited and wish I could fly myself along with my plushies, but alas they will have to go in my place for now.

These are actually only two of the plush I am sending (and I will post more info on the show when it gets a little bit closer) I also have a butter knife, and toaster in the works too.

Tonight will be a big sewing night for me. New wholesale accounts, and also getting ready for my shop to reopen next week. I am kind of excited to dig back through my fabrics, and get to work again. We have some netflix’s that will be arriving just in time as well, plenty of good movies for the handsewing bits.