I feel like I’ve been so out of it with blog posts, and email correspondence. I am so behind on my email replies, please forgive me for that, and don’t think I am ignoring your kind words…because I promise I am not. I do read each and every email, and love them! It is just when it comes to replies I get so behind :(

Now that everything for my show has hopefully arrived safe and sound (fingers crossed) in Chicago I can relax a little. Working on stuff for the show has kept my weekdays pretty filled. I did have some time today to finish up some new Spring plush, and an order of fabric should arrive tomorrow. If so there will be a shop update on Sunday and orders will ship Mon and Tues..but then I will close up the shop until after Easter.

Plus I am working on a little something to give out at my show, think of it as a goodie bag? I can never throw a party without giving the guests something to take home, and well….I think of a show kind of the same way. :) Meanwhile here is a kangaroo family that caught my eye last time I stopped at the thrift shops. He is mended in one area, but was super cheap, and very cute. The funny part is both of the coin slots direct the coins to the same place. Since I just finished our taxes recently it seems even more appropriate. Oh the joys of self-employment and mountains of receipts!

sock bunny

My little guy has been dropping hints that he is hoping to find another sock friend in his Easter basket this year (like last year’s sock elephant) I decided to make him a sock bunny, but I wanted it to look like the traditional sock monkey…it was easy to make a few small changes, and bunny it is. I made the little chart above with cut paper and photoshop to explain how I cut the socks. The eyes and noses are buttons and the whiskers are simply thin brown ribbon.

Socks should be turned inside out. Use the chart above as a guide. The first sock will simply be sewn on the dotted lines, leave the space between the legs open as this is where you will turn the body right side out.

Once the two legs are sewn, carefully cut the legs apart stopping right in the crotch area. Use this hole to turn your bunny right side out and stuff him. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Use a piece of string to tie his neck tightly.

With the next sock cut the ears and arms portions off and sew them just like you did the legs. This time when you cut them apart you will have two loose arms and two loose ears. Turn them all right side out.

Stuff just the arms, leave the ears unstuffed for a good floppy bunny look. Hand stitch each appendage and ear closed. Then stitch them in place on your sock rabbit body.

Next cut out the mouth portion and hand stitch it onto the face, before you sew it all the way on leave a small opening so you can stuff it with polfil, then stitch closed.

Now you can add a pom pom tail, some button eyes, ribbon whiskers and a button nose. :)

little furry fellas..

I promise really really soon I’m gonna have a little something more to offer you then my show and tell pattern making, real soon! This one is not really finished, I am going to add squirrels and rabbits to it as well. I made the little pine needles and pine cones from paper for another project and had to scan them in and make a pattern, I just had to. :)
Today I packaged up three big boxes to head to Chicago for the show…and tomorrow I have one more box to pack and ship. Then I am focusing on Easter! I have a few things I need to sew for Easter gifts, and hopefully I’ll be able to post some fun stuff. :) :) Soon soon