it is that time again…

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there’s no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles, that’s what you do

Its time for me to say thank you once again for all your support, love, comments and emails! I really appreciate it..really I do! I made up ten little goodie love bags and this time I am going to do things a little bit differently. If you would like to get a little mail love simply leave a comment with atleast your email address and please leave it here on my actual blog (or things are going to get confusing) For those folks who read this through livejournal you can visit here for the actual entry.

Then all the entries posted by midnight tonight (EST) will each count. Starting with the first comment, to the last they will be numbered (#1-whatever) then I will ask my kids to each pick 5 random numbers. They of course will have no idea who the numbers go to, and then tomorrow I will post a list of the ten people and send off the goodie love. Hope this doesn’t sound confusing…basically leave a comment with your email, haha.

**ETA: its midnight folks, and ive turned of the comments, thanks so much to everyone who left a comment! I will be having the kids pick #’s in the morning and will let you know then..xo

I also want to urge everyone to check out the preview for Handmade Nation. The amazing documentary about the rise of D.I.Y, art, craft, and design. Faythe Levine & Micaela O’herlihy are making a moive about the new wave of craft. They have spent so much time and effort on this amazing project, and I cannot wait to watch the finished film.

Please do whatever you can to show your love + support for this wonderful film, you can find out more info on their blog as well!

the weather hokey pokey!

I feel like I need to stop expecting the weather to be any such way. Sure it might be “spring” but we have been having snow flurries on and off all morning long. On Tuesday evening it was so warm that we were out in t-shirts. Today the heat is back on and I am dressed in a sweatshirt, wool socks, and feel like I could use a pairof mittens right now.

None the less I keep hoping the spring weather will soon be here to stay, without the little flashbacks of Winter. Don’t get me wrong I love Winter very much, just not in April. Yesterdays weather was rainy, and a little cold..but not too bad. We made a little trip over to Mister Ed’s to see what Easter candy we could find, and of course to visit the elephants.

Then a bit of egg dying goodness (which made me miss dying wool) Then we got out of new ice cream maker (totally inspired by Jenny + Johnny and their amazing ice cream concotions) We had stopped at the store and wondered about what kind of ice cream to make. The kids seemed a little grossed out by our suggestions so we decided to make a coffee ice cream, and let them finish off the last of the “store bought” stuff we had in the freezer.

We decided on “Coffee + Donuts”, and sortof made things up along the way. We started by making some coffee via french press, and then added the sugar to melt + mix. We then put it into the fridge to chill (you want to make sure all your add-ins are cold as can be) When everything was ready we made a basic vanilla ice cream recipe minus the milk portion and added the coffee/sugar mix instead. Got the ice cream maker going, and waited the 20 mins.

Meanwhile we cut up boxed donuts to add in. We opted for boxed donuts over the bakery style because we figured these would work better, almost like cake. Where as the bakery kind seems like they would get chewy. Although chewy could make for a good ice cream, we were going for a “dunk your donut in coffee” kind of mix.

Once the ice cream was made we scraped it into a tupperware and stirred in half a box of donuts (chopped) Then we froze it for about 2 more hours. It was really good, nice rich coffee flavor without being too sweet. The different donuts mixed well, and was quite fun!

the spring fever

The weather has been just amazing lately and I am finding it harder and harder to stay indoors. Loads of the seeds we planting are springing up and soon we can start our garden plot and work on fencing the yard in. This morning I worked on those big wholesale orders, packed website orders, and took one large load to the post office.

I feel like the kids must feel sitting in school, hoping vacation hurries up. I feel like once the wholesale orders are done that I will be on a vacation of sorts! I have so many new things I want to make and my fingers feel oh so impatient.

After my work was complete I drove the kids out to the library that is on the outskirts of town. It is an old railway building and one of my most favorites to visit. Then on our way to the Hagerstown City Park we stopped at Debbie’s Soft Serve. Now I had only found out about this place this past winter when I ended up driving down a road I don’t travel very often. The thing about it that caught my eye was the sign boasting 24 flavors of soft serve.

They just opened up for the spring season on April 1st, so we stoppd in to try this soft serve delight for ourselves. It was hard to pick since they had flavors like Pistachio, Tutti Fruiti, Coffee, Peanutbutter, etc. etc(24 is a lot to remember) I ended up with coffee, K got Peanutbutter, and B went for Blueberry because the photo was of a blue ice cream cone (his favorite color). Of course he was a little let down when the cone they handed him was really a pale pale purple in color, but he seemed to like the ice cream just the same.

The other excitment in my life right now is planning Easter. This year it will be at our abode, complete with egg hunt and big family lunch! The “Martha” in me is so damn excited! More on that soon…

Monstrous Snails!

I was asked to create a monstery plush for the Monser Burp show coming up on Friday the 13th at Lazy Oaf in London. While monsters are not my normal forte, it was fun to stretch my creative arms a bit and work on something new.

The snail wasn’t a plan at first, the first thing I worked on actally was the big yellow teeth (mostly because I knew it was going to be an armless monster, and therfor would have a great deal of trouble when it came to holding a toothbrush). I suppose he might be able to wrap his long tounge around the brush, but really he is an unruley type and could care less about dental hygiene.

He perfers his bread moldy, and never ever ever says “excuse me” when he burps. He will be flying out in a box tomorrow as quickly as can be to get to London.

Today is a day filled with stitching and sewing (gotta get those wholesale orders complete and shipped) You would not believe what a relief it is, like a weight off my mind to think about sewng again for the sheer enjoyment of it. It makes me feel like skipping, seriously.

Oh! and about comments on my blog. Over the past year or so the spam comments I get has grown to about 500 a day. I used to get notified va email whenever a comment was poted (this means wading through the spam to find the real ones) So time consuming and annoying. Most of the spam comes from comments made on old posts, so I changed it up so I don’t get the emails anymore but simply have to log in and look under the new entries to screen comments. When i did this recently I noticed that for some odd reason wordpress had not always been emailing me all the comments. So many “real” comments had been sitting there unapproved and never seen by my eyes. So please forgive me if you was one of them. I never even knew this happened!

the week alphabet

A. I have a soft spot for beautiful paper, especially if it comes in roll form!

B. Deedee Pickles, Earthworm Jim, and their love child (a random lego dog) I love Deedee so much, her hair has always been awesome. I’d like to find a Marge doll hr size so I can make them best pals. Together they are my favorite cartoon mothers. Earthworm Jim—well seriously what is not to love “I am a blind cave salamander..wiggle wiggle”

C. Amazing cat fabric that I bought today at the Pig Sanctuary. We went to the annual egg hunt and they had a little yardsale going on as well.

D. One of my most cherised glasses. Found thrifting awhile back, and pretty cheap as well. Girl on one side, boy on the other. I keep pencils in it upstairs.

E. Cute pie little doll that I saw at the yardsale, but resisted her charms. I just had to get a photo though. I love the circle cheeks the most!

F. Once again amazing donuts from the local grocery store bakery. They always have such fun things! I love the dead clown face.

A shorty pie weekly alphabet today because my camera is most assuredly dead. I think I have a record now of going through one digital camera a year. I can’t get myself to go for a more expensive model though because I use it constantly, take it everywhere, and I do not always treat it as nicely as I should.

I have been borrowing Tom’s camera the past couple of days and its a little bigger, and harder to get used to. Like I said above we went to the Easter hunt this morning, and got to love on all the beautiful rescued animals the snctuary takes in. The food is always a nice change to, from the normal festival food in that it is all vegetarian! They also host a vegetarian/vegan potluck so if your in the area you might want to check their website for more info.