What is the old saying regarding collections…is it two or more and you’ve got a collection. I’m never really sure what implys collecting. If it is indeed the “two or more” then I have a small collection of vintage curtains on my hands. The first curtain you see (and yep we do have one window that has a view of a brick wall) Our neighbors on one side are only a small alley’s jump away. I feel the brick wall view though is better then a look into one of their windows! This curtain was a gift from Katie a little while back and I love it oh so much.

The second two curtains were thrifted finds. I grabbed the pink ones (set of two) at first for the fabric. Later when I arrived home and found they were adorable curtains with pom-pom trim, I knew I would keep them that way.

The third pair is a fun circus/town mix and came with three large bottom panels, and two small toppers. I love them all!

Today was a busy day spent at my sister’s house over an hour away. We baked a special birthday cake together and spent roughly about 7 hours in each other’s company. A fun day to say the least, but also quite tiring…so I leave you with this little posty (with photos I took yesterday) for now.

the week alphabet (a day early)

Today’s Weekly Alphabet is a day early because tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I’m afraid I might not be able to make a post….This morning after I got dressed and started to take a few photos I realized that I am really into the red+ green lately. You can maybe tell even by looking at the photos of my bedroom again (green bedding, red curtains). Anyhow, here ya go!

A. Vintage canisters that I bought thrifting about a week ago. I saw these awhile back and they were still there when I returned. Then of course Thomas the enabler talked me into it.

B. I noticed how nice the leftover red valentine stamps looked on the green polk dot envelopes the other day when I was sending out photos to relatives.

C. An apple pillow I sewed up last week. I was going through older fabric and pulled out a big piece of screened fruit fabric (the fruit is nice + big, pillow sized) So I made a apple + banana pillow.

D. Lime scented wrapping paper. I actually got this on the clearance rack for .25, smells devine!

E. Thomas even has the red + green going on over on his desk!

F. Grass growing in the window sill. This was actually meant for Easter, but the grass had not grown enough to do anything fun with it (so I made those odd-ball Easter hills instead)

G. What I am wearing today, and what got me started thinking about red + green in the first place. The skirt I have had for awhile, the apron vintage thrifty find, tshirt from Go-Outside
H. Moldy breads….which will be back up in the shop soon!

I. Vintage mugs that were actually thrifted at two different places and with about two years in between. They seem to go together though. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” followed by “The Devil made me do it!” Makes sense.

hodge podge

This is kind of going to be a post about lots of stuff, just to warn you…im all over the place. I still feel blah and sick, and achey and everything else that comes with a cold. I can’t remember the last time I was sick, it seems like a long time ago though.

Above you can see two things, #1 a frilly apron I am working on for an upcoming cupcakey photo shoot (just for fun) and #2 my new, but old dress form that Thomas bought for me yesterday. As much as I love my other dress form, it was not very fuctional. This new one is adjustable, and I can actually pin fabric to her. She still needs a name.

Some little crossianty guys..I am trying to work on lots of stuff for the shows I have coming up. Just to let you know these are the ones I have been accepted to:

Squidfire’s Spring Art Mart Sat. May 12th Baltimore MD

Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco CA(part of the Maker Faire Sat. May 19th and Sunday May 20th

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn NY Sat. June 16th and Sun. June 17th

Now I have also applied for Pile Of Craft (baltimore MD) but it is still open for applications, so go apply!

I think thats all for now, the craft events list over at MyMy is jut amazing, an slightly overwhelming!

Last but not least I was very sorry to read this morning that Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday at age 84. …. so it goes …..Go read his books, you won’t be sorry!

sick in bed

This is what I would like to be doing today…. I caught a cold and feel all blah and slow, like I am walking through ocean water. However what I will be doing today is finishing and submitting our taxes + payment (gotta love being self employed….very sarcastic voice here) Make a big pot of vegetable soup, and packing + mailing orders.

I told you our bedroom is of the minimalist variety. I kind of like it like that for now though. When we moved we decided to give up our bed and opt for the mattress on the floor instead. It drives my mom a little nuts, and she is always pointing our bed frames whenever we go out. :)

Oh, and ifyour wondering about clothes..we have a big closet on the other side of the bed. We each use open top totes to house our socks + undies.

Easter rewind

Easter was really lovely. The kids woke us up pretty early, it was still a little dark outside and I figured it was more overcast then early. By the time I realized we were already up, and so we went down to see what the Easter bunny had left us.

My bunny hunny had given me two potted hycinthias (showing support for my green thumb projects), a vintage fruit with faces bank (that boasts it is scented too, but after all the years I suppose has lost any scent), a cute little plastic girl + boy figure also vintage, and too much candy. He had some veggie jerky, new coffee mug, kermit doll, and various candy as well.

The kids of course had random Easter goodess and sadly none of the morning photos turned out so well, due to low light. You’ll have to invision it all!

My parents, Tom’s parents, and Sean Amanda + E all came over around noon. We had lunch then…way too much food, and even far too much more dessert. You can see both sets of parents around the table at dessert time..and a small smidge of Amanda.

We had over 100 filled plastic eggs for the egg hunt. We decided to just do it inside since it was so cold and windy out, and ending up hiding a lot of them in the book shelves. All together it was just a nice cozy relaxed sort of day. Everyone left in the evening and we settled down with the kids and watched a movie for awhile. Just kind of nice to chill out and be together with nothing going on.