one corner

While cleaning out the attic yesterday and going through things I realized I have never really posted photos of the studio. I am going to try over the next week or two to take some photos and make a couple post about the place I spend so much of my time.

I am starting with this one corner, in the back alcove of the room. This is where I have a lot of my fabrics I use all the time. The bulk of my fabric is in the “attic” portion in bins still waiting to be shelved. This is the table where all my cutting and planning take place.

tag sales + hot hot weather

So I may be slightly insane, but I have begun to clean out the attic this morning, and plan to get back in there and do more as soon as I finish this post. Today it is said to get up to 98 degrees, and it is already feeling pretty hot. The reason for the big “summer” clean is the family yard sale I am planning for Saturday.

My sisters (this of course includes Amanda as well), and my mom are all hauling stuff together so we can have a big yard sale, and hopefully each get rid of lots of stuff. Most of my unwated items are in the attic, crowded in boxes, and gathering dust.

The third floor of our house has been split in half. The studio half is a finished room, with lots of windows, and real walls + carpet. The other half is an actual attic with slanted ceilings, one window, and not very much light. Don’t worry I have plenty of fans going, plenty of water to drink, and the kids are living it up downstairs in the air conditioned rooms. What I could really use right now is a super large iced coffee, and the wonderful companionship of another adult, hint hint to my lovelies living nearby ;)

Oh and the little drawing above is just an experiment with fabric + drawings…just practice for other projects to come….its back to the heat + dust for me!
**eta, I am still sweating and going through boxes…but Amanda came, and brought me a large iced coffee….woohoo!


I feel very fortunate that Bean has a built in playmate with his cousin who is just a mere six months younger. It never fails when we go out, someone will ask if they are twins. It is not even that they look very much alike, because they really have their own cutie pies looks. However they are about the same height, they somedays end up both wearing green shirts, and they do share a passion for playdoh + Star Wars.

Here is the stitching from the 4th of July. Neither are finished yet..but you get the idea. A little lamb and Rip Van Winkle. Sean said that I should make Rip have a beard full of birds, so I did. I saw a sign driving a little bit ago that was for Rip Van Winkle reality, and I thought about how much I loved that story. I think I’d still like to work on a plush, or paint version of old Rip. Perhaps one where he is still indeed sleeping and his beard turns into tree roots, or some such thing.

Donutcha know?

I just got the new donut t-shirts from Kidrobot in the mail yesterday and thought I should have some photos done. Amanda came over and set up a photo shoot, along with “real” donuts, yum!

The kid’s shirts were my favorite thing that came in the box…the frosting is puffed up a little off the shirts for a “real” frosting feel! By the way I cut off all my hair, in case you can tell. I suppose in heart I am just a short hair kind of gal.


Yesterday was filled with sewing, packing orders, and mailing (like most days).

Then consisted of (not exactly in order photo-wise) -a trip to the farmer’s market with Amanda, -a cookout with Thomas involving some pretty amzing BBQ vegan-ribs, -and fawning like a mother over the tomatos and peppers that I actually grew! (prior to this summer I would have sworn myself to have a brown thumb.) I feel so proud to have finally embraced working with plants. This summer I have grown flowers from seed, nurtured my sister’s sad brown daisies back to life, and rescued two lifeless hydrangas and turned them into blooming beautiful mini-bushes…woohoo just one more type of “sowing” to enjoy ;)

I attribute my newly discovered gardening nature to my dad and his side of the family. My dad has always grown things and spends a great deal of time working in his yard. For Father’s day + birthdays instead of ties or shaving kits my father gets seeds, and gardening tools. His father (who also knits and crochets in addition to gardening) has always had big fruit + vegetables gardens that sadly I never appreciated as much as I do now. Quite sad how that always seems to happen…