out looking for signs of Spring…

Yesterday was a good day for poking frozen lakes with sticks, eating lunch outside, and doing a little hiking. Yesterday was not a good day for letter boxing because there was still just too much snow all over, also not good for a lot of hiking because the trails were covered in snow and it made it very slippery. I was kind of surprised by the amount of snow there still was out there. I thought with the warmer days we have been having that even the woods would be pretty clear, but not yet. I was equally as surprised with the frozen lake, come on Spring! I am jealous of all of you with trees in bloom :)

Kind of in a bit of a rush today with so much on my “to do” list….but tomorrow I will have some very Spring-like photos for you. It might still be icy outside, but we have the pastels everywhere indoors!


Today I am taking a break from hand sewing and heading outside with the kids. It is time for the first picnic of the season, and there might even be a little letterboxing as well. I can’t thank you all enough for all the kind comments on my terrariums. I’ll have lots more photos to show once the show opens, and can’t wait to share it all with you.

working in miniature…

Sorry I have been a bit of a bad blogger, I’ve slipped away from daily blogging a bit. It is just March is so busy, and the weather is finally warming up a bit. All things combined makes for not much time at the computer.

I wanted to share with you something I have been working on for my Chicago show. This is really just a small peek, because there are some not pictured…but I really wanted to share. It has been such a joy hand sewing and working so small. There is just nothing like it.