Come down from your fences, open the gate

Yesterday was the Pile Of Craft show, and I have to say a nice big crowd cae out for it. It was in an amazing church…but sadly I forgot my camera! Once I see someone else with some photos up, I will link it for you. The whole Charm City Craft Mafia was pretty awesome. I forgot a table ( was one of those days) and they found one for me. They also provided free lunch to all the vendors, and free bottles of water.

I did a lot of new stitchey folks through-out the day. I am going to save these guys for the next show I do. I sold the others I made at Renegade, and that worked out well. Don’t mind all the blue marking in the photos…it is my dissapering pen and will be gone soon! My mom went with me (and the kiddos) and she was a big help all day. She even helped me out with my french knots (thanks mom!)

Per the title of this post you might have guessed, but our fence is finally up! We had to go through a lot of different things to get our backyard fenced. Over six hours of surveyor work (and if you know about these things you will know they charge per hour, and that sucks) to find th corners or our property. Once that was done we paid for the fence on the 4th of this month. They just finished this fence this morning, and I could not be happier!

It took such a long time because when they went to drill they had a little trouble. A few places required a jack hammer, some other holes ran into trouble with an underground wall (perhaps a brick walkway isn’t the only thing buried under the grass!) They also drilled longside of what appears to be an old well, and lots of other random brickness. In the end it is done, and now a 6 foot tall fence will be surrounding our next cookout, and providing some much wanted privacy to our backyard (you know, so I can lounge around on the hammock all day without my neighbors wondering if I ever work)

As you can tell from the photo lots of the grass was ripped up in the process, but we had planting plans for the backyard anyway so soon we will set to work!

You’re my cuppycake gumdrop…

This little cutie-pie-cake-face turned 29 today! We celebrated a little early yesterday (since he has wednesdays off) These photos are mostly food related, sorry. Thomas is vegan and so sometimes fun food can be quite exciting! I love this boy, and it is fun that we are both 29…although I won’t be for too much longer.

Breakfast was blueberry coffee cake which I found in Vegan With A Vengence cookbook. Turned out really good! Then for dinner that night I made up un-meatloaf cupcakes since he had enjoyed his faux meatloaf cake so much last year. I veganised the recipe, cooked them in cupcake tins, and topped each with a cherry tomato.

In place of a cake, he had requested boston cream donuts. I did find a vegan recipe through google, but I was a little sad that the chocolate frosting came out so thin. I’d have to try out different chocolate toppings first next time. The recipe was neat though because the donut part had 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes in it. The cream was a mixture of sugars and tofu. I love the magical way tofu gets so smooth and creamy in the blender!

Anyhow, his acual birthday is today and while he is working now…we have a date planned for tonight! Happy Birthday sugar-plum-sweet-cheek-cherry-bon-bon-bean-head. Your are 29 years old, and oh so lovely!

Dotted Swiss

These little strawberries have all found new homes, in and around New York. This photo was taen before my trip out to Renegade. I am working on another little batch to bring this Saturday to Pile Of Craft in Baltimore MD. If you are nearby please stop by and say hello!

Thanks for all the kind comments + requests to see K’s embriodery work. Sadly (and I dont know how I could of forgotten this) but I didn’t get a photo! I am sure Miss Emily will be happy to post a photo once she gets home, but until then….some other crafty kid-ness. Above are the dolls each of the boys drew of themselves. Then we sewed them into little dolls for Tom for Father’s day. He seemed quite smitten with them.

I’ve got to get back to sewing. There is the show this weekend, but also Tom’s birthday is Thursday…which means a lot of fun going on, so work must be finished!

You Renegade!

I am back from New York, and had a fantastic time. Thomas, the kids, and I all went north for Renegade. It was in the McCarren Park Pool this year. A beautiful old pool, that I heard they are going to be restoring to its former glory in the near future. That makes me pretty darn happy, its going to be amazing.

The weather was pretty great both days. Saturday was cooler, and had a rainstorm later in the day. Luckily it didn’t last too long, and cleared up again before we had to pack up and head out for the day. Sunday was warmer, but not a drop of rain.

I had wonderful booth neighbors..Kate Black + Emily Blackapple. While there I taught my older son how to embrioder and he worked on a few peices of his own design. Kate offered that he could ship her some and she would make them into buttons, bottle openers etc (for free because she is so sweet) and then he could sell them.
K had put two of his works out on the table and had kept going up and marking down the prices throughout the day. Well Miss Blackapple comes over with her money in hand and told him she wanted to buy both of them, and insisted that she pay the full asking price, not his mark downs. She is so sweet it made me want to cry. Then of course with his new profits he promply ran off to buy another monster from Jenny.

I have far too many photos to post (something like 50 or so) but you can check out my flickr account here to see them all. Thanks to everyone who came out, said hello, shopped, etc. It was a wonderful weekend! I have some more to post a little later perhaps but I have lots going on back here in PA. Our yard is finally being fenced today, and I need to get sewing on more plush for this weekends show in Baltimore!