won’t you please come to my party?

Today I am adding the finishing touches. Sewing little plastic rings to the backof the plush for hanging, and going over and over ways to install it all. Tomorrow morning Katie and I head to Philly to hang everything. Thomas will meet us there the next morning and will be bringing 70 donuts with him (the kind you can eat!) They are packed flat (because of the faces) and that means quite a few boxes!

Please come out Saturday night to 1030 N. 2nd st. unit 301 (Art Star) Philadelphia PA for the opening…from 5-9pm. Please feel free to repost, tell your friends, pass it on…that would be wonderful!!!

ETA: my funny interview through AIM

Happy St. Valentines

I promise my blog (and email responses) will return to normal after this weekend. Well, maybe I should say email response times will improve…ahem. I hope everyone had a lovely day, with lots of hugs + kisses from all your loved ones.

I was surrounded by all three of my boys, snowed in + happy as can be.

weekend rewind

I know I have been pretty quiet the past couple of days. My mom had a birthday, my mom and sister both got their first tattoos, and I have been hold up in the studio trying to get everything done for the show this weekend.

For my mom’s birthday we spent the day flea marketing, then at the used bookstore, saw ice sculptures, and then she and my sister both were tattooed by Tom.

This entry is going to be short because the kids are dying to go out in the snow (which by the way is still falling steadily) but I will probably make another little entry later tonight with more show info..and a few more sneak peeks.

Show Girls

I am feeling very impatient about waiting to post photos of all the stuff I am working on for the show. However, I want it to be a surprise for the people coming to the opening..so I am trying to force myself. Maybe a few peeks + previews will have people excited about coming.

The other day I had an interview with The Philly City Paper (which comes out on the 15th, if anyone can save + bring me a copy I would be ever so grateful) regarding the show, and she asked if I was nervous formy first solo show. Of course I really am and said so. It is a bit unerving almost like a birthday party in some ways. You invite people, make all the plans, and only hope everyone will come. The bad part being this “party” is three hours away from my home….so its asking a lot of close friends + family to please come out and support.

Anyhow here is another little peek peek for now. These littl girls are very “muppetish”, and that pleases me somehow.

Today is my Mother’s birthday (happy bday mom!) But we have big plans for tomorrow so I will go on and on about her in a post tomorrow night, lest she think I love Heather more! ;) That way I should have some photos for you as well.

Snow Day

Today is a snow day and school has been cancelled. The morning was filled with playing out in the snow and then coming in for hot chocolate with marshmellow eyes floating inside (the only marshmellows we had in the house) Next is a trip to the post office and grocery store. We have a new kids cookbook to make lunch from and need to gather all the things needed.

The photos above are just a mix of things that have gone on the past week or so. Still working on a little embriodery here and there. These great egg toys we found at the thrift shop, and experimenting with various candy eyes for the show donuts. These are the largest candy eyes I can seem to find, so I am going to try making some instead this afternoon. These are much too small….so hopefully homemade ones will work out!