Maker Faire and all that jazz…

Well we are back from the west coast, and we certainly had a good time! There is so much to talk about so I will try and start from the very beginning, but must warn you the photos are not exactly in order. So…Thomas and I left pretty late Thursday night to head to Baltimore for our flight. We arrived in San Francisco early on Friday morning. We rented a car for the first time, and I am happy to say that went very smoothly.

We headed to Haight street because I had an appointment with Holly at Idle Hand. She had drawn up an amazing banana spilt tattoo for me (if your looking for an artist in the area she is highly reccomended!) Afterwards we explored Haight st some, and then made our way back to the car.

I have to stop and say a major thank you to my sister for the GPS (Martha we call her) that she bought me this past Christmas. We used Martha everywhere and it made driving around the city pretty easy. It also made finding parking a breeze. Anyhow, then we headed to San Mateo to check in and get some dinner.

The next day was spent at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. We had such great booth neighbors and got to see old friends from Felt Club as well. We spent some time walking around before the gates opened and oh my there was some amazing stuff. My favorites included the marker car, cupcake cars, and odd building car that looked as though it was a chunk of Howl’s Moving Castle.

For lunch we had really good sunflower burgers and now I am looking all over for a recipe so I can remake them at home. Tom bought me this crazy bavarian funnel cake that was pretty much the best thing I ever tasted, and sickning at the same time.

After the day ended we headed to a BBQ with Jenny + Alison. The BBQ was at the home of Jenna who makes these adorable little girl dresses and was so sweet and kind to invite us into her home even though she had never met Tom and I. She had two cute little girls who made us a bit homesick, but at home too.

The next day we headed back for day two. Not much to say about it except I used Sunday to shop around and get myself some goodies like a Dori + Lori doll, prints, books, and a plushie from our neighbor behind us Lauren. Her and her boyfriend are really so sweet, andit was a pleasure to meet them both.

Maker Faire was lots of fun, and very entertaining! I am so glad we went.

On Monday we drove all about (thanks to Martha) and explored the area. In the evening we took one of the boat tours to Alcatraz for fun. I like that they let you walk around and explore on your own there.

We also drove around + over the Golden Gate bridge, the weather was nice and cool, actually cooler then it is back home. We saw all the pretty pastel houses, the roads that make me feel squimish driving up, and the seals (sea lions? not sure) near the boat docks.

On Tuesday we drove up to Mill Valley and headed over the Muir Woods. The roads to the forest are filled with curves and amazing views down into the valleys. It was such a nice relaxed way to end our trip. We actually arrived just as the park was opening and on ourhike we didn’t even see any other people until we came back out. We did however see some beautiful huge trees, and one large banana slug. I have uploaded lots more photos on my flickr and will have even more to add once Tom downloads all of his to the computer too.

For now it feels nice to be back home with the kids and our own bed!

The San Francisco Treat

Thomas and I are pretty much set + ready to go. Tomorrow we will end up in California in the morning. We have lots planned, and the Maker Faire Sat. + Sun. If you are local you should buy tickets now, or at the door. It is going to be amazing!

Not only will the Bazaar Bizarre be there (this is where I am selling) but they have Swap-O-Rama-Rama, Make play-day., and so much more. I am going to update the “nws” section of my website next with more info.

While we have some fun things planned for the trip such as a visit to the redwood forest, checking out kidrobot, and even a new tattoo by the talented Holly at Idlehand. I am still open to any suggestions for places we should go or see. Please do tell!!

the week alphabet

The Mother’s Day mix! I hope everyone had a lovely day…Thomas and the kids took me back to the booksale in the morning for the fill a bag for $5. I found some fantastic stuff! Then we had my parents, Tom’s parents, Sean/Amanda family all over for a cookout. Then we all did some family gardening in the evening until it started to get dark. The weather was beautful + crispy perfect sweatshirt weather.

A. A photo of the table all set up forthe cook-out. The “tablecloth” is a screened fabric that I found at the fabric fair for $1.00 a yard!

B. Mugs that Thomas bought me from our favorite diner. We always commented on how smooth and heavy the mugs for a Mother’s Day gift he had stopped in and asked if he could buy a pair. They sold him two right out of the dishwasher.

C. Flowers given to me for Mother’s Day, I also received Cake Mania for my DS, woo!

D. The kids playing in the yard, B and E being silly.

E. Fruit Monster that I made for the day. Just a watermelon cut up. Limes and berry slices for the eyes, part of a banana for the nose, and pineapple chunks for his hair. I connect all the face part with toothpicks.

F. Smores (even with some choc/toffee for those who wanted to get fancy) from yesterday.

I will make post about the Art Mart (Sat.) as soon as Ican. I didn’t ed up selling very much at all, which was perhaps a blessing in the long run. It makes this week a little less stressful in the sewing dept. more soon!

Teachers + Thrifting (aka addiction)

This week was teacher appreciation week and I hope everyone remembered to tell all the lovely teachers out there just how appreciated they are. We made up a batch of magic cookie bars for K’s teachers. Thanks of course to Martha for the packing supplies!

And just because I am dedicated to fabric (not to mention a little bit crazy) I got up at 6am (after staying up working on show plush till 1:30am) so my mom and I could check out the last weekend of the fabric fair. Now I did go two times last weekend. The first time on opening day (super early and stood in a long line to get in) and then once the following day during a slow afternoon. This was nice for going back over everything making sure i left no table unsearched!

This morning was also slow and pretty uncrowded…but, get this bit of goodness…they put more fabric out! So I came away with two more amazing boxes of fabric goodness. I promise I am going to post photos of these once my trips are over. I also am going to cut some of the larger peices down and might sell some on etsy. Its too hard to go through my stash when the piles are large, i work better with fat quarter sizes.

After the fabric sale we went out to breakfast and then headed over to Wilson college for their annual booksale. You have to park pretty far away for this, and we walked and walked but it was really lovely outside. I was able to fill up one grocery bag with amazing books (I’ll have to photograph some of these too) and it cost me under $20. The room was so hot though, everyone kept commenting on that (and I remember that from last year too). When we left the building we felt as though we had been in a sauna! We ended up taking the free shuttle back to our car snce we had all the heavy books, but it was such nice morning.

I came home and got the car all packed for tomorrow. Now its just a little plush to finish up, lunch to pack, and all the little details. I am going to try and sneak in a nap too…that is if I can convince my four year old that a nap would be super duper (he also woke up at 6 and shared the whole adventure with us).

Happy Happy Mother’s day and I will be back with more news and photogrpahs on Monday. Sheesh, was I “talky” today or what?