Rainy Weekend

This weekend we had plans to go to the Zoo, plant some new flowers, and have a picnic in the woods. Unfortunately the rainy weekend sort of disrupted those plans. Instead we had games of Battleship, went to a used book sale, sewing, and had a nice baking fail.

I tried making a pineapple coconut bundt cake, which stuck to the pan and fell apart during flipping. I salvaged it by creating a trifle with chunks of broken cake and a homemade vanilla pudding.

While the used book sale was fun (I love searching-looking through piles of old books) It wasn’t very fruitful. I found 2 novels for my self, but mostly came away with kid’s book. It was the last day of the sale though, which meant fill a bag for $5, so things were a bit picked over.

I also got some good sewing going. I started to work on a design for a graduation cap plushie. I will be doing a big big update next month, and plan to have a handful of new designs.