How to spend a rainy afternoon

#1 Drive to an area with several thrift shops all in walking distance.
#2 Thrift shop and walk and thrift shop some more.
#3 Pop into the used bookstore and spend over an hour looking through all the good stuff.
#4 Take a break for an ice cream cone, maybe even eat it outside if the rain is taking a break.
#5 Head home and admire your new treasure.
Lucky for me the kids liked the plan as well. We had a fun afternoon, mostly avoided being soaked, and did tons of walking. I’m amazed by this funny tray I found. It was tucked in behind one of those 3D puzzles and I almost didn’t see it. Plus I am so in love with these daisy hooks, and kind of like them even more because they don’t match. I’m thinking they will be good hung in our upstairs bathroom. I also got a few books, but I’ll save those for later.

camera case….or sock monkey backpack?

The other day I received an email with a photo of a camera case that someone made using my fabric. It’s awesome and I’ll share photos of it soon. Actually if you have photos of anything you’ve made using my fabric I would love to use it in a post I’m making. The post will link your blog, shop, or whatever you’d like…so please send photos!

Okay so back to my camera case. I decided to try and make one modeled after the ugly black camera case I have now. It was difficult at times sewing something so small, but I felt like maybe it was still too big. Turns out, it is far too big. My camera will almost fit into the small pocket of my pouch. So, back to the drawing board. I am thinking of making a simpler design this time, or perhaps I should just buy the pattern for a case and quit trying to configure my own ;)

But my little creation did find another use….it makes the most perfect sock monkey backpack! My youngest son has a collection of sock monkeys that all began at Bizarre Bazaar two years ago when he bought this bumble bee like monkey from Monkey Shine Studio.

Today is looking like it is going to be a rainy Saturday…so the kids and I are making plans to get out of the house, but stay dry.

first try zip-up

You probably have seen photos all over the blogs of amazing handmade kid’s clothing. Here is where it comes from. You might remember from the lab coat post that I am not a clothing maker….but after seeing just so many amazing things people made for their children, I had to give it a try. I didn’t make something for my oldest, because seriously he is 6 foot tall and adult clothing is very intimidating. Plus if the clothing could fit an adult does that even count as kid’s clothes ;)

I made this zip up jacket/sweatshirt type thing using all items that I had in my stash. The neck area is a little weird because I should of just sewn the hood so it went all the way to the zipper. The trouble was the only zipper I had for a jacket like this was too long, so I cut it. Then I wanted to sew little tab areas over each end to ensure the zipper would not fall off the tracks. I should of done that at the bottom instead, since that would be less noticeable.

The material is a cotton knit, slightly thicker then a t-shirt. I used a sweatshirt he currently owns for reference, but had to just figure out the pockets myself because the model sweatshirt didn’t have any, and he loves pockets. Over all it was an interesting experiment which I may have to try again. I am thinking a pull over to get around the whole zipper thing :)