September Birthday Crafternoon

September Crafternoon was a mix of crafternoon & a birthday party to ring in the final year of my 30’s. My friend Lesley made me a red velvet cake, and we made little needle felted things. This was my first time needle felting and I love it! It was so much easier then I ever imagined, and I have made a few more items since then. I made the Little My and still plan on making a little felted Moomin to go with her some time soon.
I made slow cooker pumpkin spice lattes (really excited about the whole yummy coffee drinks for a crowd in the slow cooker and plan to do it more!) It was a lovely afternoon crafting and eating treats, a perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Gran’s Sewing Basket Fabric with Robert Kaufman

I am very excited (after keeping it a secret for the last year) to announce that I have a small fabric line called Gran’s Sewing Basket coming out in October with Robert Kaufman. Inspired by my love of vintage sewing notions, this fabric is bursting with vintage style goodies. Ask your favorite quilt shops now to stock it, as its coming soon in October. My hope is that is does well, and can be just the start of an adventure of licensing fabrics.
You can see all the fabrics below and at Robert Kaufman here.

I created a special sewing pattern using my fabrics which will be available to download for free on the Robert Kaufman website in January, but I’ll be sure to share more of that soon. I cannot wait to see what people end up making with my fabrics. I am planning a dress for myself right now.

Weekly Ceramics update

As you might be able to tell drawing with underglaze pencils are one of my favorite things to do. I use the Amaco Underglaze Pencil which I find is the best price on Amazon Prime when you compare it to other website (and adding in other places shipping charges).
The yarn bowl and stitch marker bowl are both things I made a few weeks after I started throwing. I carved knit stitches into my greenware, and actually handled my yarn bowl a little too roughly and broke off that swirl area before it was even fired. A lady at the studio said I should try this glue they had for broken greenware instead of throwing away all that time spent carving, and I think in the end you can’t really tell so much that it was ever broken. That is the funny thing about working with clay vs. plush. There are so many steps and even if everything goes perfectly you could take your new finished piece home, drop and break it.
I’ve also experimented with underglaze paints (and have ordered some experimental glazes to try out) but mostly the pencil is my favorite thing to use.
I’ve been trying to experiment with mug shapes, as I think these will make nice gifts this Christmas, but I have also started playing with the porcelain clay to make some pendants and pins. I love the way the black underglaze pencil takes on this blueish hue after its fired.