Easter Boxes

I love beautiful packaging, the top box I found a few years ago at an antique shop. The box below is something I bought at the grocery store last week. I love how The Professor’s box is so adorable and has a great vintage look. Lots of the Palmer chocolate has really cute packaging. Their foil wrapped bunnies are also charming with pastel colors, and that old fashion look to them.
Here are a few more current candy companies based out of Pennsylvania that still have vintage style packaging.
Zitners: Their butter krak eggs are delicious, and their bunny mascot is the cutest.
Lerro- was started in 1800, and have really cute boxes for their decorated eggs.
Peeps are also a Pennsylvania company, check out some of their old packaging from 1953 here. I wish they still made whatever the sprinkled things in the middle are, they look quite colorful.
If you know of any other candy companies that still offer classic packaging and graphics I’d love to hear about them!

February’s Bag Of The Month

February’s bag of the month all sewn up in my toy fabric. This bag was called The Hyacinth Bag, and was a smaller cross body type of bag. Although I liked the interesting flap feature on this bag, from the bag description- One of the main features of the bag is that underneath the flap is space to store credit cards and cash in the zippered pocket. I thought it might be handy for, say, if you were going to a quilt show (maybe QuiltCon) and needed to quickly take out cash to pay for all of your fabric purchases.
I found myself not using the feature for an everyday bag. I like to keep everything in my wallet because I change purses so often, so if I made this bag again I would just add a few zippered sections under the pouch instead. Ive already started on my March bag, I am just waiting on some hardware to arrive so I can finish it up.

March Plush Of The Month Club

I was quite pleased to check shipping notifications and see that even all of the overseas packages were delivered by March 12th. That is the fastest that POMboxes have ever arrived. For March I wanted something that would be a small nod to Saint Patrick’s Day, but also something cheerful & colorful. At first I was going to do rainbows with faces with small clouds at the bottom, but after making them a few different ways I just did not like the way they were looking. So I changed directions and decided on a happy cloud/rainbow combination. I added a loop to the top so they can be hung from the ceiling, or flat against a wall to brighten up a room. I sent little black plastic “pots of gold” with each box with a mixture of bubble gum & chocolate coins inside. Then I wrapped them all in a rainbow of tissue paper, topped each one with a sun pin. I have to say that March’s Plush Of The Month Club was the most colorful one yet.

The Paper Pieced Home

When Penny asked if I’d like to review a copy of her new book The Paper Pieced Home, I was thrilled. Penny’s patterns are some of the first paper piecing designs I found when I discovered the technique. Her patterns have always been clear, and easy to understand even for a beginner. Penny has such a fun sense of humor and style when it comes to creating fresh designs. Check out her undies tutorial here. Can you imagine a whole quilt of cute undies?
Her playful designs carry over to her book, you can see she has this adorable viewfinder, and whimsical cakes that you can turn into a curtain.
The book is beautiful with color photos of every paper piecing pattern (the book includes 40 different designs), and also instructions for ten finished projects you can make using the designs. My favorite feature is the book comes with a disc for printing all the paper piecing patterns, so no need for scanning or photo copies.
I decided to make the saucepan pattern from the book first and turn it into a hot pad for my pots. I think my next project is going to be the sewing machine & sewing machine caddy you can see above.
If you’ve never tried paper piecing I urge you to give it a try. You don’t need any experience besides knowing sewing basics on your machine. You can get beautifully complicated looking designs without fussing with matching up and sewing bits of fabric.
The Paper-Pieced Home: Quilting a Household One Block at a Time
By Penny Layman
Interweave/F+W; $26.99