Free Swatch Day

It’s free swatch day over at Spoonflower!! Spoonflower will be having a Free Swatch Day featuring Poly Crepe de Chine starting at 12:00 noon Eastern Time. I forgot to even ever post about the technicolor Halloween fabric collection I made, so this seems a good time to do that! I’m dreaming of sewing myself up a couple of dresses. One covered in candy and one with bats. You can see all my fabrics here.

August Plush Of The Month Club Boxes

Plush Of the Month Club for August was crinkly bags of chips, they came with a junk food pin set, some junk food themed candy, and french fry tissue paper. I was pretty excited when I found that paper! Since we are already onto the second day of September the boxes for this month have all been shipped. I have turned my attention to October’s Halloween boxes, which might just be the most fun I have all year, planning out what kind of tricks and treats I might include.


Just a head’s up for Yummy collectors out there that I finally begun the huge task of cleaning out my attic and selling off a lot of my artist royalties from Kidrobot over on eBay. I have so much to get to that its going to take months, but I will try to list a little bit each day. If you miss out on something, fear not I probably have more. I just won’t be able to say for certain when and how many things will be up there, but currently there is a BUNCH! You might notice some books and vintage stuff too…you know once you start clearing things out it is a bit addictive. Time to sell some books and knick knacks too, so if you’re into that you might like to look also.

I know I have not been a very consistent blogger this Summer, but I kind of feel like Summer is the perfect time for that kind of slacking. School starts for my guy next week, so I’m aiming to get back into a little bit more of a regular blogging schedule. Of course Halloween is coming up and you know I have to get some DIY’s up on the blog for my most favorite holiday!