mini roadtrip

The other week we decided to take a mini road trip through Hanover and onto the the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania. We stopped in at the Utz shop in Hanover, some antique malls, and a place that makes things like peanut butter & jelly cinnamon rolls. In the end my only purchase from antique places were these little Alice ornaments, but I am very happy to have found them.

Book Club

I am part of a book club that rotates giving each member a chance to pick a book and host a meeting. During my meeting I decided we could ready anything from The Paper Magician series. I loved these books and knew the newest book The Plastic Magician was coming out before my bookclub meeting and meant I could read that one.
We had a good time with lots of treats to eat, and general book discussion. I can’t wait for the next meeting as it is one of my favorite things to sit around and talk about books with other people face to face.
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Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fabric Sale

Back in May as I do every year I attended the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fabric Sale. This one was in a new location that apparently was secured rather quickly after the sale of their previous spot. Things were a little more crowded then usual in this set up, and I probably purchased the least amount of stuff I ever have. I still had lots of fun looking through goodies, and I am in no danger of running out of craft supplies as is it, but I still managed to come away with some treasure pictured above. My best buy was the two vintage dress forms for $5 each. Now on display in my living room.