At The Ceramic Studio

I’ve still been making spooky ceramics even though Halloween is quickly approaching. Witch mugs are never out of season! My friend and I decorated the studio store for Halloween with some black contact paper cut outs, and some honeycomb paper decorations. Feels downright festive!

Halloween Swap continued

The first package that arrived most recently was one all the way from Scotland. Laura sent all kinds of fun candy, one little guy filled with smarties was damaged during transit, but still tasted just as good. Some spooky spider socks, light up jack o’lantern balloons, and two pouches that she made. One even contains glitter, but glitter sealed up inside a pouch (which is so fun!).
The next package was from Keetha in Mississippi. She created the little Fall Daybook with recipes, some of her watercolor paintings, and essays on autumn. A cute little bracelet, some Jim Holtz Halloween ephemera, a little newspaper flag, and a wooden pumpkin sign.
I am still expecting two more Halloween parcels in the mail so I’ll have one more post when those arrive! I hope everyone who took part in the swap is having as much fun as I am.


Just some photos from the month…. October has been all about pumpkins, apples, baking baking baking! Discovered a good big double pie crust recipe that really makes enough for both crusts. You can find that here.
Have made this cinnamon chip scone recipe twice this month, it takes extra time because you need to make homemade cinnamon chips but they are so worth it! Really amazing and got high reviews from everyone who had one.
Did some Halloween thrift shopping, and trying to wear something festive every day! I hope you too are enjoying this wonderful time of year.