not ottoman

I have had this foot stool (for some reason I don’t care for the word ottoman) I’d perfer to call it a foot stool, even though it has the word “stool” in it, which means: Fecal matter from a single bowel movement. Ahh gotta love “Ottoman” just gives me bad vibes.

I love finding textiles at Goodwill (come on warm weather, I am READY for yardsales!) I found a big piece of green velour like fabric that will make really great plant life plush. I also couldn’t resist this heart fabric (which they had less of and cost more then the green stuff) It matches the heart fabric napkins I found at Target after Valentines day for something like a dollar for two.

Now I am about to go make some bread because I am making homemade spilt pea soup for dinner tonight with fake ham too. Since the cold weather will be gone before we know it (here’s hoping) I have been making lots and lots of soup. The other day I made veggie fake chicken soup and it was quite the hit. Tom even took the leftovers to work, and we are not usually good at leftovers kind of people. Mostly leftovers tend to sit and sit till I feel bad and throw them out.

The Cupcake Eater

I have been working on a bunch of stuff so I can do a big huge shop update. Its been so very long since I sent out a newsletter declaring new items that people may wonder if I will ever update again! Don’t fear…I am working on it.
I want to get some houses completed, some new prints made, a brand new plushie, and a bunch of yarn. I spun two yarns tonight while the kids and I watched Millennium Actress and oh I really loved it. Made me cry a little too, but I am quite the sap like that. The good thing about the yarns I was spinning didn’t require much looking down on my part, so I could read all the subtitles without missing a thing. Both kids really liked it, even B who doesn’t know how to read yet. Its that good I suppose.

I was telling Tom I wanted to see Millennium Actress, and he pointed out that we owned a copy of Perfect Blue on VHS up in the attic. I think I will drag it out for him and I to watch sometime soon (he said that one is rated R) I also added Tokyo Godfathers to my Netflix queue. I first saw a copy at the bookstore the other day when browsing the anime and made a mental note to netflix it…then I saw scenes from Millennium on someone’s journal and it brought everything round full circle (all three movies are directed by Satoshi Kon)

Today my sister Heather came over and let me cut and dye her hair. She has always been a blonde, and she trusted my suggestion of dying her hair brown, and cutting it off a bit (it was actually pretty darn long) She was a little scared at first, but in the end she really seemed to like it. Here she is, just one of my beautiful sisters! I can’t get over how very much she looks like our youngest sister Noelle in this picture.

Zippers and Kids

Some people were asking where I found the deal on the zippers. Here is a glimpse of the colorful zippers to give you an idea. I actually found them on ebay, 100 for $20. Even though I can’t seem to find the exact deal I got (my zippers range from 4-8 inches) They do have other lots for sale, or you can pick the zippers you need (some as cheap as .15 a zipper) Here is the link. I’m not entirley sure of the best price for zippers (since i don’t use a lot of them myself) But I do know compared to the $1.00 and up prices I’ve seen in seems like a good deal to me.

Almost everyday my son brings home these drawings he made for me. They are usually on transparent tracing paper, and most always monsters. My favorite is the two headed shaggy haired yeti in the middle. He has this amazing style of his own, and doesn’t even realize it. He is always saying stuff like “I can’t draw very well” and I’m not sure where the feelings come from..I guess just part of growing up and comparing yourself to other people. The thing that makes me very happy is despite how he feels about his finished drawings, he continues to draw. I just hope someday he will realize how very perfect they are.

When I was his age I had a friend named Ana. We both used to draw the most hideous beasts we could think of. With giant wounds and scars. Green blood dripping down their faces. The worse, the better. I remember my fifth grade teacher asking us why we couldn’t just draw something nice. Ha! Something nice? and now I sew giant tampon dolls, and moldy slices of bread…I wonder how Mrs. Sawyer would feel about those?