I’m ready…promotion…

These will also be added to the shop on Friday. At this point it looks like just cabbages, pins, and yarn for the update (sorry cinnamon roll seeking people) I just didn’t get a chance to get more sewn. Hopefully next week though.
Today is busy with fun errands like the library, spinning shop, and even a trip to the movies to see Doogal. Now that B does so well with movies we have been going much more often. This morning felt (not weather wise) like summer, and reminded me of what fun that will be. Sure the heat will suck, but there is so much fun to be had when we don’t have to worry about school.
A couple weeks ago M. Patrizio posted about these books I ordered three of them from amazon.jp because they looked really nice. I got them a few days ago and can’t stop pouring over them. When I first looked through them I felt like my head would explode due to all the amazing-ness! I’ll post a few photos and the USB codes later today.

Tea Parties + Such..

This was the table pre-party. Sadly my camera batteries died before I could get any more shots, and then I forgot to go retrieve them from the charger later in the evening. Luckily lots of people had cameras on hand, so we will have plenty of party pictures. The party was for my youngest son, who turned three years old yesterday (though he insists that he is still two) I can’t believe three years have flown by. Three years since Tom and I were in the hospital watching Girls Just Want To Have Fun on the tv waiting for our little B to arrive. Its weird to think it has really been that long!

Many thanks to all our friends and family who came out to celebrate with us!

Party People

Sometimes I feel like preparing for a party, is almost as much fun as having it. Today B and I are hard at work packing up orders and then getting things ready for the party. I hung these white paper flowers and huge oversized paper cranes (about 8 inches wide each) from the ceiling above the table.

Now we have to make a last minute dash to the candy shop to try and find rock candy on sticks. Then to the grocery store to gather all the ingredients for the food! I am going to try my hand at making tiny tea cakes, and for the first time scones. Tea parties are quite exciting!

Here are half of the goodie bags already done. Of course you will notice we do not follow any sort of “gender biases” when it comes to colors. Everyone gets pink, everyone gets blue…because they are both awesome colors regardless of what equipment you might have between your legs.

We had quite the busy weekend. Friday night I took both of the kids to see The Sound Of Music being performed locally, and they were both so good the entire time. I had worried that parts might seem a bit boring for the wee one, but he did so well. The rest of the weekend it was just the youngest one and I, while my older son spent time with aunts + uncles + grandparents, oh my! So we met up with Sean and Amanda for some playground fun, and then out to lunch. Sunday was spent enjoying the warm weather and then dinner out with Tom (you know to the place we love with chewed chips sometimes in the mix!) Dinner was really good though and always nice to end with fried ice cream for dessert.

As for any of you who may have missed out on cabbages/cauliflowers/or cinnamon rolls I am working on another batch. I plan to do another large update on Friday (with more yarn too, since that sold out as well) I’ll try and make the update later in the day this time too to give everyone a chance. I might even have a new plushie to sell as well if I have time to work on them.