My youngest son (being two almost three years old) is very much into pretend play. I had been looking online and in local resale shops for a cute vintage play kitchen, or even just a stove. I’d been having no luck (Ebay seems to have a lot of little metal stoves that are doll size, not kid sized) So I found instructions to make this kitchen online and gave it a try.

Its not completely done, but its fine for him to go ahead and play with. As you can see from the instructions the sink was suppose to be cut out and down into the hole. We need a new blade for our jigsaw (and since I am not a very patient person) I went ahead and glued down a pan for the sink. I plan to pull it up when we buy new blades and replace it with a metal bowl like the photo. But for now, it works well.

I am also not finished with the burners. They say yo use cds…but I wanted something that looked more like a real burner. On you can download a font called Distro Bats (under shapes, 2nd page) the + sign makes a great burner when blown up. I am trying to find black contact paper so I can print the shape on the reverse side and cut it out. I had already cut out a stencil and tried using that, but it didn’t work well with paint. So I cleane dit off and will give the contact paper a try before I give up and go with the cds.


So hopefully it will look like this!


I want to make a new curtain for the bottom too. Right now the largest peice of fabric that I liked was the black with tiny white polka dots, but my friend katie suggested I try and find an old curtain topper with ruffles! Such a great idea!

Anyhow both kids love it, and its gotten lots of use so far..even without burners! Our trip this weekend was great. We went to Philidelphia. It was the tattoo convetion weekend, so Katie and I took the kids to different musuems, and then out to the Crayloa factory and Pez Musuem in Easton PA. I’ll upload some photos later to my flickr account.

And we’re dirty little shirts!

This weekend I am taking a road trip with my friend Katie and all the kids (which just means 3 kids). Tom and her husband and going also, but a little later (due to work) and in another car. Tom + her husband Chris are going for business…Katie and I for pleasure. I’ll be back Monday with photos and stories from the road. Have a super weekend!
I’ll be bringing some knitting, and the advanced reading copy of This Book Will Save Your Life…though I’m not sure how much time I might get to do either. Katie is driving, which means knitting in the car!
I leave you with these photos of my plushie totes. I am planning on buying more of the same totes and seperating everything, to make it easier to get out for orders. Also to be able to tell with a quick glance how many plush I have left.
For now they are free to mingle!

Feast Your Eyes Someone made a gallery of photos from the opening at SCENE Metrospace. Some really neat stuff, wish i could have gone.

Sketchdump Brandon Reese’s blog. I actually found out through emails with him that he used to live really close by. He still does work for the local paper here, such a small world. And he is an amazing artist. Check out the yarn cat :)

The Anticraft I found out about this gothic knitting pattern site from one of the podcasts I have been listening to. I likeSnowball’s Chance In Hell

Coffee + Donuts


A lot of mornings around here start off the same…with coffee. This morning I worked on finishing up some donuts (can’t even remember the last time I had a real donut!) I also took part in a tea party with imaginary tea, cream, and of course lots of sugar! In addition to being a part time super hero, my two year old is also quite the culinary master. High tea, soup made of teenage mutant ninja turtles, and broccoli (which is actually a green brain shaped eraser).

The Buzz Lightyear pajamas are still all he wants to wear. We get away with the top tucked under sweaters and sweatshirts. He is always willing to give up one piece for the day (When we wash the shirt, he wears the pants under his jeans with a hole in the knee) All day you can see him stop and peek in at the pajama pants. Sometimes you even hear him say “Oh buzz!”. But sometimes when we are out playing on playgrounds he decides the Buzz shirt must be seen. Yes, that is my child running around in what is clearly a pajama shirt, and thats ok.

The poor pajama top is getting more wear then was meant. A small hole has started on the collar. It has been washed so many times (with a great amount of protesting too) that the colors are faded, and the fabric is a bit pilly. I suppose its a security blanket of sorts, but more like his uniform. When he wears that shirt, his hands go to his hips, and he stands up super tall. You can just see his magic powers!

My older son (ten) on the other hand, never had a security item. Instead now he always has his books. They pile up on his side of the car, until I threaten that he brings them in, or no more go out. He is the kid that cheers when I say we are going to the library (you’d think I had said Chuck E Cheeses!) He insists that he needs to bring a book to go grocery shopping, even though the car ride is less than 5 miles.

He will get down and play restaurant with his two year old brother. He has a huge handmade toy collection, and while most of them were made by me, a lot he has purchased himself at the crafty shows I do. He gets straight A’s, yet he will be the first to dance like a maniac. This is the kid that volunteered to do a dance by himself in front of his entire class, just this year. He’ll talk about poop (while cracking up) and say “mom, I get that from you!” (which is true) He reads books about facts for fun, and even asked for a set of encylcopedias for his 6th birthday.

My kids are crazy and wild, and silly, and tiring, and mind boggling, and wonderful. The funny thing I have noticed about kids (and not even just my kids) Is how when they are born you are so amazed by how awesome they are, and you think they are just so wonderful…But the older they get, they just get better and better! Like you don’t even think about it as its happening, but your like..Wow, they are little people. With little personalitites, and damn these kids are pretty cool.


And to end with potty humor, here is the giant sized toilet paper roll. Fit for a king, or giant, or ten year old boy who thinks the word “ca-ca” is hilarious (guess what, I do too)